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  1. First off, I commend you for wearing a neckerchief. These days far too many leaders opt out. If you have a son in the pack, it's customary to wear the same slide he does. I would recommend that Den Leaders wear the same slide as the boys in their den. As CM (and CA previously), I wear a 60's era grey metal "turks hear knot" slide that my Scoutmaster gave me when I was elected SPL. They're all over ebay--just search for "vintage boy scout slide". If I didn't have that one, I'd wear one of the ones I've made over the years. I really like the idea of making them and handing
  2. Thanks qwazse. I've been avoiding using my inner cop simply from the standpoint that i'm the new cubmaster, and don't want to immediately be known for being a hard-ass. There'll be plenty of time for that, I'm sure. ;-) It's a delicate balance, especially as we're trying to aggressively grow the Pack. We're going to have a meeting with the parents as part of fall "reconvening" process (of course we're remaining active over the summer)....
  3. Hawkrod

    Red Berets

    We wore the red berets in my troop back in 88-92. We voted on it and they were the overwhelming choice. We actually wanted the old style flat cap (garrison cap) but we were young and didn't know the real name for them--we referred to them as "McDonalds hats" b/c that's what they wore at McDonalds at the time. The ASM didn't understand what we wanted and really blew a gasket about us wanting "McDonalds hats". So we went with the berets over the baseball cap. We later were able to communicate (via a rather derogatory military slang name for the hat) which hats we had originally wanted
  4. I don't recall "fair" being in the Scout Law. It was announced ahead of time, it's part of the Troop Culture and it sounds like the kids were courteous about it. I see no problem with it. I agree with the person who said "why don't we just hand out Eagle to everyone?" There need to be rewards for the boys who go the extra mile (complete the task, etc), whether it's a patch, a woggle, or a tasty frozen treat. In my CS Pack, we gave all the boys a piece of leather thong as a necklace when they join the Pack and we hand out pony beads for participation at otherwise "optional" Pac
  5. Wow, lots of great ideas in this thread and lots to think about. Our pack is about 15 kids. Pretty small. This wasn't a 3 hour ceremony, it was a relatively quick one (a modified version of the "Tiger, Wolf and Bear Paws" ceremony) which followed a cookout/pot luck. I don't think it's too much to ask for the remaining boys to sit quietly for 3 minutes while a den of 4 boys is getting presented their Wolf badge, is it? One mistake was not having them sit by den. We'll make sure to make that happens next time and separate them out from their parents. That's a good idea,
  6. Thanks y'all. Clearly I'm not alone in this. If it were older Scouts (Boy Scouts), it'd be one thing. I'm dealing with Cubs here--and young ones at that, Tigers, Wolves and Bears. Like I said, a certain amount of this can (and is) attributed to "boys will be boys"--the restlessness, general silliness, etc. I was a boy once and totally understand--I can work with that, no biggie. I've "done time" in Public Education as well, and know all too well about tailoring the program to fit the kids. Mostly I'm referring to addressing the talking back, foul language, etc. We actually
  7. Greetings fellow Scouters! As this is my first post here, a little about me. I'm an Eagle Scout ('92) who took a hiatus of ~20 years as I went through college, work, starting a family, etc. I have a 6 year old who wanted to join last fall, so I became his adult partner and it was immediately apparent that our small, somewhat foundering Pack needed me, so I joined up as a Committee Member and then shortly thereafter, Assistant Cubmaster. Our Cubmaster announced earlier this year that they were moving on, so as of last night I stepped into the Cubmaster position. Talk about being "all in"!
  8. Yeah, it stinks but like a lot of others have already pointed out, there are significant benefits. A big part of why I am a leader is what it gets my boys. The extras so to speak, going to camps, helping staff events etc... The benefits to the boys extra efforts is in more and greater experiences. I doubt that I would be staffing camp every summer if the boys did not go with me. Being with them is why I do it. Other boys cut short and go home but I also know their fathers spend less time with them and many of them would rather spend more time with me. I do it and it costs my boys at times but
  9. I don't agree with you at all. In fact, I would prefer to be on the opposite side just based on your offensive position. And I am obviously offended when you say "The purpose and function of a Troop Committee is to keep a BSA Troop run by a bunch of mommies and daddies who don't go camping." as I am on my second summer campout starting today so as a committee member I do camp (as do msot of our committee but not all but the purpose is not as you say and I consider your "interpretation" a boldface lie and a Scout should never do that. The purpose of the committee is as I said it is. We make sur
  10. Why attack people for doing what they are supposed to. I have lost any respect I had for you. It isn't right to accuse people of doing wrong like you have when they are not. I think you are missing a huge part of what this program is about and why we do it. This is not supposed to Baden Powells Scouting, this is the Boy Scouts of America and from the very begining we have steadfactly ignored parts of Baden powells program. Does that mean you are condeming all BSA from the beginingg because it isn't pure and has evolved with society? If it is not the way you say it must be then it is wrong? May
  11. Yes Kudu, you are right about how it was but your way off base on the purpose of a Troop copmmittee and I am calling you out on it. I take offense that you would make such an offensive statement when you do not know me and my committee but you make an accusation like that. Yes, Baden powell did it differently but he also did it without the benefits of telephones, electronics, quick worldwide travel and all of the fundamental issues that come with "progress". He did not deal with widespread child abuse and sexual explotation, rampant drive by shootings and criminals who could dissappear easily
  12. I think too many people read stuff into what they see. The site is a retail site. It is not well organized and does not dictate policy. In fact, the official policy on headgear is that whichever headgear a unit chooses is headgear for that unit. I have said it several times before but I will say it again here, just because it is an official BSA item does not mean you are allowed to wear it in your unit. Headgear is choosen by the unit and "once a uniform, always a uniform" does not apply. From the uniform inspection sheet: All troop members must wear the headgear chosen by vote of the troop/te
  13. The program is at Helendade. They are trying to do the same thing at Emerson but they are doing with the rest of the Troops in attendance and that just does not work as well in my opinion. It is too distracting and the boys do not remain in the patrol for the entire week (unless they changed it since I last saw it there) as they regroup with their Troops in the evening and break out again in the morning. The idea of isolating them and keeping them in a patrol for the week is part of what makes it work. Also the lack of the distraction of the other things going on around them helps as well.
  14. Sorry SeattlePioneer, I could have expounded! The transition program is a weeklong camp where the boys are immersed in the patrol method and taught by a Venture crew. The entire focus is about working as a patrol and the details of it. For example (and I still laugh) during meal planning a couple of years ago, the boys decided on hamburgers so they create a list for the quartermaster: 1 pound hamburger, 1 package hamburger buns, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 bottle ketchup, 1 bottle mustanrd, 1 head of letuce, cheese. So they got what they asked for including that single slice of American cheese! LOL Y
  15. Moose, You are probably rightabout the scheduling but our Committee usually handles the calendar for the SM, it isn't that he needs reminding or that he can't do it, it has always been the committee who has done it but it does not need to be that way. It also helps having ten pairs of eyes on the calendar when things get busy becaue our SM already has a ton of stuff on his plate! LOL I know he appreciates the help so I wouldn't suggest changing it but others may have another way that works better for them.
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