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  1. "Basement ... I'm sad you've had such a bad experience with your district. I question whether the bad situation is a two way street." It's most definitely a two-way street. Some of the people here are so angry and bitter that it makes one wonder why on Earth they bother with the program. Then they have the audacity to criticize anyone who dares to help them. I guess if I were an uncooperative, angry malcontent, my DE would stay away, too.(This message has been edited by Doc Meyer)(This message has been edited by Doc Meyer)
  2. People who don't want awards secretly covet awards.
  3. Yeah, local councils sure are touchy about petty things like following the Guide to Safe Scouting or actually registering members that are participating in your unit. The nerve! But you're not doing anything wrong.
  4. Allegedly trained leaders knowingly flaunt the camping guidelines, and then wonder why the council gives them so much grief. Stunning. Your actions undermine everyone who tries to do things the right way. And before you tell more sad stories about how your district or council stinks, I stand by my comments from several months ago that there is likely more to the stories than you'll ever tell here.
  5. Unless you have a great pre-existing relationship with an executive, any executive worth their salt should have prepared a written job description for any position offered.
  6. My intent is not to get personal. I don't doubt there are problems, but logic tells me that there is more to the story. Basement has made some pretty blanket statements about his council without taking time to learn more. (Executives don't recruit volunteers, I do.) I'm sorry he is having troubles, but I can't help thinking that he has ruffled feathers somewhere. If his executive staff is stringing him along, that is wrong on many levels. I apologize if my comments were taken out of the context intended.
  7. Or a school district decides that they can't affort the membership fees, and the council is unwilling to foot the bill. But that doesn't fit your agenda.
  8. Basement, Instead of living in a bubble and dismissing my "arrogant" attitude as "rubbish," educate yourself how a District Key 3 is supposed to recruit key distric -- not unit-level -- volunteers. If all of your district's operating committee is filled, you wouldn't see your executive much at all -- the way it ought to be. Unfortunately, this is often not case. I don't doubt your passion for Scouting, but your anger is misplaced, and I suspect is a partial cause for friction in your district and council. No matter how great an idea is, a district or council would never allow a malcontent to conduct an event or represent the organization.
  9. Moose, Referring to your District Pinewood Derby example, if I were an executive, I would be reluctant to schedule too many district events. Some people would have a district event every weekend it they could. At some point, units need to plan program, not districts. By councils and districts scheduling so many events, units are weakened. Every council has their own philosophies about program. Just my hypothesis.
  10. BadenP is right. There are plenty of bad executives, but most are pretty good and many are involved for the same reasons that volunteers give their time. They recognize the benefits of the program. Most employees aren't making the big bucks that most decry. Proclaiming you spend more time Scouting than the paid staff makes you sound out of touch. Why should any member of your council staff hear your concerns if you can't keep things in perspective? That said, I know there are plenty of people like you who make the best of out bad situations. Fight the good fight, but go about it in a positive way.
  11. With some of the attitudes exhibited here, it's no wonder the executive staff ignores some of you.
  12. If an executive is doing his job recruiting volunteers, you SHOULD never see him.
  13. No SE would approve a Silver Beaver Award for an active professional. It's poor form for a DE to earn such awards.
  14. At the closing Jamboree show a montage was played of notable Scouts. I was struck that most were from years gone by -- Hank Aaron, Neil Armstrong, Gerald Ford. It's telling that there are no contemporary figures to showcase.(This message has been edited by Doc Meyer)
  15. Wow. This thread is scary. Having a discussion with a parent is harmless and ought to be welcomed.
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