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Partnership Opportunities Between BSA and AHG

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Like BSA units, individual Girl Scout Troops might decide that they will only take members who are of a particular faith, who attend a particular school, who are female, etc. Like individual BSA units, an individual GSUSA Troop can not be forced to accept a specific member.


Yah, ScoutNut, I'm not sure this is true, eh?


I'm pretty sure ndividual units have to follow the GSUSA's membership policies, especially for youth. They aren't separate organization's, they are part of the GSUSA.


Do yeh have a citation on that, or a publicly available example?



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Girl Scout Troops can not be forced to accept members.


Many Troops set a limit on the number of girls they will take. Others will only take girls from a single class at a school. Others are made up of only girls from the local (insert denomination here) church. Still others will only take adult applications from females.


While the organization as a whole has broader policies, an individual Troop can set their their own limits based on what the leader, is comfortable with. If a council tried to force a Troop to accept specific members, the Troop Leader can simply quit, and disband the Troop.


If one Troop is not to their liking, girls can just shop around, or they can form a new Troop that meets their own specific needs.


As for something in writing from GSUSA to that effect - not that I have seen.


All I can do is to tell you what I know from personal experience of over 16 years as an adult member of GSUSA. The above does happen all of the time. I have seen it. It is common practice. The local councils allow it to happen.



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The old Beav....is incorrect on this one.....I have first hand knowledge and experience...



Local GS troop folded the leaders daughter had been out a number of years no big deal we will find another.....


First troop folded three weeks after daughter joined. Fighting among the ladies. BTW where did all that cookie money go?????


Second troop my daughter was too old and they wouldn't let her join


Third troop she didn't attend the same school as the other girls.


Four she was too young


Fifth we were from the inside of the belt way, besides she wouldn't fit in.....


Tried to form a troop, I am a man and they would rather a man not be the main leader....



So GS troops have the ability to say no to a girl for any or no reason.

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So GS troops have the ability to say no to a girl for any or no reason.


What about the troop in Denver that was told they were wrong not to accept the boy who dressed like a girl? Oh, I see, they only have the ability to say no to girls for whatever reason. ;-)

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So, is it possible, that Scouting, whether Boy or Girl, actualy comes down to the premise, paraphaing a tad, that all scouting is local? That just because something is done in your neck of the woods, does not make it National Policy?


Think of the thouands of scouters who do not visit our forum, I wonder what their views would be on the topics we cover. Could they be expressing a different viewpoint? Bet some would

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