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Devine Retribution?

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For OldGrayEagle, The F-Troop theme...


The end of the Civil War was near

When quite accidentally,

A hero who sneezed abruptly seized

Retreat and reversed it to victory.


His medal of honor pleased and thrilled

his proud little family group.

While pinning it on some blood was spilled

And so it was planned he'd command F Troop.


Where Indian fights are colorful sights

and nobody takes a lickin'

Where pale face and redskin

Both turn chicken.


When killing and fighting get them down,

They know their morale can't droop.

As long as they all relax in town

Before they resume with a bang and a boom

F Troop.


As for old radio shows, I was too young (I'm only 50) to hear them first hand, but listen to alot of the old SciFi shows on Live365. My favorite, X-Minus One!

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Most of the radio is before my time but I used to enjoy listening to CBS Mystery Radio at night in the 70's as a kid. I had to turn it down when my mom came up to the door to see if I was really asleep. Occasionally it would really freak me out.


My earliest TV theme song memory:


"It's about time, it's about space,

About two men in the strangest place.

It's about time, it's about flight -

Traveling faster than the speed of light."


Not a very good show but I was 5.

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Others I sort of miss; "Lost in Space", "Twelve-o-clock High", "Twentymule Team Days (Yes, it was Reagan)", and a crazy serial called "Topper" that had these crazy ghosts and their ghost St. Bernard.


Of course there also were the staples such as "Dragnet", "Car 54", and "Highway Patrol", and "Disneyland, later The Wonderful World of Disney". Who remembers Sheriff John (think I read he eventually was convicted of perversion), and of course "Howdy Doody". So many seemingly simplistic programs that somehow are nostalgic, such as "Ozzie and Harriet", or "Beaver or "Life with Father". I was madly in love with Annette Funicello in 1957, until I realized she was too old; then I decided I liked Karen Pendleton instead; that was the first Mickey Mouse Club of course. Remember while sick the summer of 56 watching the Republican convention and counting Ike's "and, uh's"; I was captive to my grandmother.



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Tampa Turtle,


This should bring you a happy memory:



It only had about 25 or so episodes and if I remember, the cavemen somehow came to the present (the then 60's). It was cool in it's time.




There's a hold up in the Bronx,

Brooklyn's broken out in fights.

There's a traffic jam in Harlem

That's backed up to Jackson Heights.

There's a scout troup short a child,

Kruschev's due at Idlewild

Car 54, Where Are You?


Thankfully Netflix let's me relive my childhood with several of our favorite 60's TV series'. I am a big fan of Adam 12 and Emergency. And Brodwick in Highway patrol still is great.


Are we showing our age?






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Whiplash. Though it was meant to portray the American West, it's filming location in Australia didn't quite match the American West so it was qickly re-visioned as "Americanized Australian Western" set and filmed in Australia but still looking remarkably American rather than Asutralian - except, of course, when the show featured Australian Aborigines and Australian Rangers.


It starred Peter Graves (who was a brother of Gunsmoke's James Arness). One of the writers went on to write and produce one of the most famous westerns ever (though most would say it was science fiction and not a western) - Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek (his Wagon Train to the Stars).

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