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Palins Alaska?

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Gern, You are right and that is where a started to realize that you were talking about Obama who has clearly demonstrated along wit your favorite president, G.W. Bush, that an Ivy league education may open doors but it does not lead to success in their job as Obama has most clearly shown.

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W has a degree but I doubt that he has an Ivy League 'education'. Like he said during his commencement address and acceptance of his honorary Doctorate, he has clearly demonstrated that someone can be a 'C' student and still become President.

That said, I long for his presence in the Oval Office. I wish there could have been a way for him and his toadies to continue command and take full responsibility for this mess - and continue to demonstrate their strategic genius. Oh well...that's just wishing.

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"someone can be a 'C' student and still become President."


Well, of course! (And a "C" proves that he DID "get an education" and was academically average - with just as many below him as above).


There are many more attributes that affect the qualifications and ability to do a job (any job, from sweeper to President) than simply academic proficiency.


(As an aside: I have long maintained that the qualities reguired to win a campaign for President bear no relationship to the qualities required to successfully do the job of President. That's one of our problems and I believe the reason the Electoral College was originally set up; as a recruiting team.)

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Former President George W. Bush earned a Bachelor's degree from Yale and then was accepted into the MBA program at Harvard which he completed. He is the only president to have earned an MBA for whatever that is worth. So Harvard must have thought that he had received an Ivy League education. Otherwise, you are saying that an Ivy League education is not what it is touted in a learning sense (attending an Ivy League school clearly opens doors that others do no have opened). It was Al Gore that had academic problems - not former President Bush.

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The reason Ivy League educations are notable is that there are really only two ways to get into them. Be exceptionally smart, or exceptionally connected.


Consider the tale of three men, one is the son of a prominent politician, nationally known, family extremely well off and very influential. He's the product of the best private prep schools money can buy.


The other two men are the sons of single mothers with absolutely no family influence. Their only chance at an Ivy League education is to stand out academically. Be real smart and do well on their scholastic testing. Hope for scholarships as their families can't afford the high cost. Live the American dream. Rags to riches.


So yes, I think an Ivy League education is notable.

I also think its notable to go through five institutes of higher learning to earn one bachelors degree. Remarkable actually.


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Come on Gern,


You really think that Obama is not connected? He may be smart, but he is also really connected. Reasoning; in 1983-84 Obama attended several Socialist Scholars Conferences. He then became and activist and worked in NYC and Chicago. After that he enrolled at Harvard and eventually became a member of the Harvard Law Review in 1989. That is a pretty fast rise, don'tcha think? He only worked for Sidley-Austin in Chicago for about a year. Nope, no connections there...


I am not saying that Obama isn't smart, he is, but it is naive to think that he didn't use connections to get into Harvard Law. He may not be old money, but he certainly didn't get to where he is today because he is a good 'ol boy who made good. He is as connected to the "liberal machine" as anyone, including the Clinton's and the Gore's.


Ironic though, is that Sarah Palin is none of the things that you're going on about. She got her degree from the University of Idaho. As for the show though, I still think that she's doing a wonderful job promoting Alaska and while there is self-promotion going on, she is not be pretentious about it. She's very down to earth and I don't think that anyone can complain about that.(This message has been edited by camilam42)

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Palin's Alaska -


As a gun-freak and ethical hunting proponent, I was un-impressed with Sarah Palin's caribou hunting display on last night's episode of Palin's Alaska.

Her father fell down a slope onto his rifle, which Sarah then used to shoot at a caribou. The badly off-zero scope resulted in 5 misses. Sarah swapped rifles and nailed the critter, first shot.

Anyone who travels for hunting should know to check zero in camp. That rifle had been through one truck ride, two small airplanes, and under a falling 180 pound man.

I'm really relived that one of the misses didn't result in a wounded animal.


I had to say it first.


My wife pointed out that Palin is probably losing a ot of liberal recruits with all the footage of meat processing. The wife is always right!



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Yes, of course Obama's connected, to terrorists. He's always paling around with them. So I heard.


I too saw the faux pas with the gun, sorry, firearm. Why would such a seasoned hunter use a firearm so clearly out of alignment when another firearm was zeroed in and available? Seems that she might not be the outdoorsman some might portray her at. Dare I say, she may use store bought moose meat in her famous stew.


May I use a description Mitt Romney used for Sarah, she's remarkable!

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