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It's ok NJ, we all make those goofs. I'm sure I confuse some Europeans when I do tax returns for our company, because I know I've mixed up the commas and decimals for them (just in case some don't know, commas are used like we use decimals, and decimals like we use commas, just about everywhere else in the world when it comes to numbers).

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Vigil: Plus they write dates funny over there. I mean how are you supposed to know whether 4/5 is April 5 or May 4? When it's 20/9 then its pretty obvious, but for the lower date-numbers its impossible. Though I suppose I'd have to admit that date-month-year is probably a more logical order than month-date-year, since it's in, um, order.

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"Day-month-year" IS more logical (and we use it verbally all the time - as in "Camp starts the 5th of April."). Everybody in the world except U. S. civilians use that format, so it is easy to remember: If it's not U.S. civilians talking, then the first number is the day. (As a ham operator, all my records and logs are in that format, as well as in UTC time. It's when I have to convert from DMY that I get confused......)

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