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Homosexuals in Scouting

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Your first definition is a little on the biased side, eh, Pack? The censure? Sounds as if someone was miffed at him. He may have been a disgusting, self-serving, pig of a politician, but it seems with these files and transcripts opened up, history should evolve. Whatever his sources were he seems to have been right on target with one or two misses. These weren't people trying to change something like "Under God" from the Pledge, they were personnel in government or in the entertainment industry actively supply intelligence to and creating propaganda for the USSR. Sending money to the Sierra Club is one thing, but sending info, performing missions, and sending funds to the USSR during the Cold War is treason and should have resulted in a firing squad. McCarthy seems to have been right on target on who he identified.



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All the tents at the summer camp we attend are tattooed with "No Flames in Tent" 'nuff said.   Ed Mori Troop 1 1 Peter 4:10

Merlyn, I think what NJ was referring to was the understanding that BSA does NOT allow units to discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity (although it may have allowed them to do so in the past). Although I have not seen this policy in writing, I have heard that it exists, and I haven't heard BSA criticized for this particular kind of discrimination.

BSA does allow units to be more restrictive (or discriminatory, if you like) than the national organization in certain respects. For example, units can choose to reject female leaders, and can restrict membership to co-religionists.

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I sense a failure to communicate for some reason. McCarthy was censured by the United States Senate. Their terminology, not mine. Also the terminology applied by almost everyone else as well.

All the accounts I have read indicate that it was the other way around. Consider this account:


"In Apr., 1954, McCarthy accused Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens and his aides of attempting to conceal evidence of espionage activities that McCarthy and his staff had allegedly uncovered at Fort Monmouth, N.J."

Here, we turn to FBI records (remember J. Edgar is a good buddy):)

From some of the actual FBI files:


"Cohn stated the committee expects him to turn up six Communists in the Army, get the witnesses, stage the show and get everything ready so they can gallantly stride in and take their bows." This, from Roy Cohn himself.


But to address Trail Pounder's source, everyone please go to that page hit the button on that page marked, "Return to What Bill O'Reilly Should Have Told Ann Coulter" and you will get the whole story. Here's a quicker way to it:


By Anthony Fuentez, a Ph.D. candidate in American History at the University of Pennsylvania. He provides on that page a complete discussion of Trail Pounder's quote (whose source is a claim made by, who else? Ann Coulter).

I have to thank Trail Pounder for the source because Fuentez provides a complete and devastating repudiation of Coulter's claims and, sorry Trail Pounder, yours as well. But thanks, I might not have found it without you. ;)


Edited part: What the heck, I'll save you some time - here's the punchline:

"Hopefully, this brief history lesson is informative enough to repudiate Coulter's reappraisal of McCarthy. For McCarthy was truly a loathsome politician whose name has been associated deservedly with the phenomenon called McCarthyism. No amount of whitewashing and willful ignorance can change the central facts of this historical interpretation."(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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