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As a Dist Training Chairman, I did the majority of my training on weeknights, simply because all the other districts were doing all day Saturdays. The weeknight courses were very popular, and I ended up training more people from other districts than I did my own. If you need training at other times, contact your DTC...it's within his/her discretion to schedule training whenever needed. I agree with a lot of the comments above, and I hope National is lurking. It is very frustrating to Units, Scouters and training chairmen to get all these Cubbers trained, only to have them move up in the program and become "Untrained" again. Couple that with a highly transient military community, and I could not get my training stats above 35% at any given time, even with a throughput of hundreds. 100% trained leadership is a nice goal, but it's not reality any more. I like the idea of annual updates...perhaps on-line a la Youth Protection training, where the Scouter can get the information at his/her own leisure and automatically update the training record at Council.


Character Connection??? Never heard of it. You'd think as trainers and District Committee people, we would be the first to get information on new program changes. I just purchased some old copies of "Scouting Magazine" from 1967-68. For several months, there was a program insert detailing the new "Webelos" program (when the Lion rank was discontinued and the Webelos Badge, "colors" and activity pins were introduced). Perhaps this new info is in Scouting and Boys' Life, and we just don't pay close attention to it? I'm guilty, too ...

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