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5 month old Class A shirt coming apart?!?!?

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So I had to do laundry last weekend (wife was ill) and I pull Scout's Class A shirt out of the washer and I notice a half a dozen places where the fabric is separating...


all at patch edges...


all patches are sewn on.... (Patch Magic having ruined other uniforms + collateral damage)



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I didn't check the tag, so I don't know what it's made from... felt like cotton to me, but I don't know if there are any synthetics in it.


Since his "scouting season" ends in another month or so, no point in replacing it now. He doesn't do any Scouting over the summer...by the time he gets back in August, he'll have outgrown it... then the sewing fest begins anew.

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"Does his Scouting season end by personal choice or because his troop "shuts down" for the summer?"


Scout leaves the state during the summer to visit his Dad. They don't do any Scouting during that time...


...it kind of amazes me too...since Dad, Uncle and G-pa are all Eagles/OA ... etc. and they do zip over the summer; while I'm not into Scouting, and I'm answering the MB questions...repairing gear...


Ironic, isn't it?

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Don't mean to stir contraversy, but could you send boy with patches and new shirt to dad? Teaching boy to sew is not a bad idea.


Of course, even if they do pitch in and help with the patch business, no gaurantee that the boy would remember to bring the shirt home!


But, it might help increase the family's effort. Is it worth the price of a shirt?

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"May I ask how the patches were sewn onto the shirt?"


By hand...the weird part is that while a majority of the fabric failures are near the patches...they do not extend to the stitches...it's kinda bizarre.


There are some tears near the shoulder seams too...again, not the actual seams. Just weird.


"Don't mean to stir controversy, but could you send boy with patches and new shirt to Dad?"


You know, I think we did that in Cubs one year...the shirt came back and the patches didn't....



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