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5 month old Class A shirt coming apart?!?!?

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Well, the shop did give me another cotton shirt for the one that said "Bo Scouts of Amer ca". They didn't have the new shirts in, and sais it was "like item replacement", meaning I would get the new wool shirt *if* the cotton shirt was no longer available.


In any case, I can get buttonholes made off post for a $1.50 each, I sew patches on myself, and the shop that does buttonholes can replace the iron-on letters with embroidered ones pretty reasonably, as well.



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You know your wife loves you, and tolerates your Scouting addiction, when she embroiders "Boy Scouts of America" on your uniform shirt over the ironed on letters. :)


As soon as I got the the new uniform shirt, I had modifcations done to it, i.e. made button hole and redid the button on the right pocket, altered the sleeve buttons, and had wife do the embroidery. If I only went to an alteration shop and had the "smokes pocket" and Swiss tab moved up, I'd be 100% happy.


On a different note, has anyone else seen Webelos wearing their ranks on the right pocket in the plastic holders b/c that is the only one with a button on it?




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