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That bobblehead is out of uniform!

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I was at our Council Commissioners Conference this weekend, and saw one of the professional staff members wearing a pair of the wool slacks. I also own a pair of the wool blend shorts (which I purchased during the 70% off sale), and have to say that the slacks and shorts are a much lighter shade of "green", almost greyish in color.


I also have a couple pairs of the 100% cotton slacks, that I've worn with my cotton shirt, and for whatever reason, they're a much darker shad of "green" than the blend pants with the "cargo" pockets.

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I was at NOAC, and the National Chief and Vice-Chief were wearing the wool slacks just about every time I saw them.


I'm beginning to think that gold loops and wool slacks are sold as a set. I very rarely see a troop or district level Scouter wearing them.

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