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Uniform Prices going up.....

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A parent at the troop meeting tonight verified that the prices went up TODAY, including for shirts and pants, at our council scout shop. He said he was there buying his son a new uniform when the clerk started re-pricing everything. Sigh.

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I do wish we'd stop comparing the price of scouting against the price of organized sports. It's comparing apples vs oranges.


The cost of sporting uniforms, etc. has no bearing on price changes at the scout store.


Scouting is a completely different type of program than Little League or Pop Warner - with completely different goals. And to be honest, many parents sign their kids up for scouts for fun/adventure/camping, not for the "lofty ideals" that define scouting for some of us (and allow us to justify whatever price the BSA charges).



NC(This message has been edited by novice_cubmaster)

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Well I bought a new long sleeve shirt befoer the price hike and a few pacthes. YIKES on the price. Grant you i knew what to expect as a former supply guy and getting the supplex, but it's still shocked me. $53 for a shirt, 4 knots, and a trained strip.


Well I am buying bits and pieces of my son's CS uniform now so that when Aug hits, it won't be sticker shock. Ebay is my friend, and I am glad my mom was abel to rescue a few of my CS items from Katrina. My boys WILL be wearing two of my neckers. :)

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Nice try, but Cubs now has a different color necker, different slide, different cap and different belt buckle for EACH level, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos. If I were a parent, I would "just say no". When I was a cub back in the dark ages, we bought one yellow necker and slide and cap and wore it all the way through. Only when we got to Webelos did we change our Den patch to the big W. I seem to have grown up without permanent emotional scarring.

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Depending on Eagle92's age, those may be the neckerchiefs he was talking about. I had the multiple neckers when I went through Cubs in the '80s, and I'm now a parent.


If I had a son, though, I'd definitely buy all-new neckerchiefs nowadays rather than try to dig my old ones out of my mother's attic!(This message has been edited by shortridge)

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I'm a tad bit younger than you. i was the last CS group to have 3 years as TC came out the same year I joined Wolves, and the first group to wear the BS uniform with WEB modifications. So I have the yellow and blue neckers.


Yep I think it's a money maker for national to make you buy new uniform items every year. Except the slides. I know how easy those suckers are to lose, and recommended that folks buy 2 from the get go.


Good thing about BSA policy, once uniform, always uniform :) Heck if the wife can wear a 1950s den mom uniform, sons can wear vintage 1980s uniform. THANK YOU EBAY!


Thinking about it, maybe I should try and squeeze into my 1970's leader's uniform I got.


PS Wife didn't realize that TC wear blue uniform now, so she got the 1980's TC t-shirt and hat without consulting me. Now if I can get into the 70s uniform, we can be a true retro family :)(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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I dislike that saying: Comparing Apples to Oranges...


"//Joking on//"


Both are grown on trees,

Both are sold individually,

Both are sold in bags,

Both are sold by the pound,

Both can be hand picked,

Both can be eaten after falling from tree for certain amount of time,

Both have vitamins,

Both are/have been shipped in crates,

Both are made into juice,

Both can rott,



Are those enough comparisons or do we need more?


"//Joking off//"


Just kinda had to, you know....(This message has been edited by ghermanno)

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I turned in my Uniform Police badge a while ago, so I really don't care ;-). I was in cubs early 60's, Eagle 1970. My sons, now 27 and 30 were cubs in the early 80's, but neither one was a Tiger. As to the metal slides, I never bought more than one. We preferred the handmade variety and had several to choose from at any given time. The metal ones never stayed on.

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At the time my son was a cub, they went from having different neckers but the same hat for all cubs, to different neckers AND different hats. They also moved the Tigers into the uniform stream (as opposed to just the T shirts). Seems clear that it is a money-driven decision to me.


It is true that the little guys like the uniforms and they sure are cute. But I think if I had a group of cubs these days, I'd offer the parents an option of simply not wearing the hats at all, and going for a pack ball cap instead if people want head gear. 12 or 15 bucks for a hat that is only "good" for a year and probably won't get worn that much anyway, is nuts. And the neckers? Boys had them on for all of 5 minutes at most meetings. Skip 'em.

Special cub scout socks? Forget it! They won't be harmed by wearing ordinary socks to their den meetings. Another $8 or so saved.


Then, having saved about $30 on cub hats, neckers, and socks, MAYBE some parents will be more inclined to buy the kids a uniform shirt!


Of course, maybe I'm just feeling stingy today. I'm for uniforming, really, but part of the point of uniforming is to bring people together, no matter their background (economic and otherwise). That's not going to happen if the uniform gets to be so expensive that parents need to get a loan to purchase the darn thing. I worry it is increasingly becoming an economic status symbol instead - the very opposite of what it should be.

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Let's see - a new scout needing a handbook and a new uniform. There are those that insist on a full uniform. Let's go to ScoutStuffl.org and go shopping. Here is the shopping list:


33105 Handbook $8.99

00601 Neckerchief Slide $3.99

64017 Shoulder Loops $2.49

64020 Cap $12.99

65391 Sensura Crew Sock $5.99

64032 Belt $10.99

62991 Cotton Shirt $24.99

50112 Canvas Convertible Pants $34.99

18070 Unit Numerals (3) $3.57

16165 Council Shoulder Patch $2.15

00647 Neckerchief $7.99


Product Total: $119.13


And that is for a small scout. Bigger boys (especially some scouters!) would cost more. Does not include any camping gear he may need to get.


Every couple years he will outgrow it and need a new shirt and pants.

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I bought the XL LS spplex shirt on Tuesday for $39.99 b/c I heard that prices were going up on Wedneday. When I checked the online prices on WED, the shirt was $49.99. I called some supply friends and the local council shop to see if the prices going up was true. One said somethngs were, but wasn't sure what. The other said they didn't hear anything about prices going up, but they go by what's in the computer.



Thanks for the heads up!!!!!


My opinion is that with the $120 price tag for the meeting's essential, let's not even discuss camping equipment at this time, the BSA is going to price out alot of boys. And if they keep focusing on SCOUTREACH and keep prices going up, we will not be able to attract some of those kids. Further with the economic climate as it is, more an more people cannot afford luxuries like scouting. If it's a choice between food on the table or a uniform, the food wins. At least in my household growing up.



Has the exchange rate between the yen and dollar changed drastically in the past few weeks? Maybe another reason to go back to American Made products.

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OK Neal, I went to scoutstuff.org and priced an adult-sized uniform (many boy scouts can't fit into the cheaper youth sizes by the time they're 13 or so) with all required items/patches and a boy scout handbook. Total price came to $159.09 (not including shipping). Shirt and pants were $49.99 each, accounting for the bulk of the cost. Admittedly that's using the supplex shirt and switchback pants instead of the cotton shirt and canvas pants, which are a bit cheaper (but less functional). I could save $20-30 by purchasing the cotton/canvas versions. So - we're asking brand new boy scouting families to drop $130-$160 just on basic clothes & a book. Ouch.





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As a commissioner, I've always worn and promoted the uniform. However,

in my area, south central Kentucky, most of the scouts couldn't afford the old uniforms. How can I expect proper uniforms that cost what most familys pay here for two weeks groceries.

I guess the best I can expect is for the boys to wear troop/pack t-shirts and somewhat matching blue jeans.




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