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New Parent/Boy guide suggestions needed

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I was put in charge of helping a Scout Troop type and print a guide sort of like "So you're new here------well, here's some helpful advice" type stuff for new parents/boys. Aside from the actual Troop policies, phone lists, merit badge counselor's lists, and all that........what do you wish someone had told you up front? What would you include that might not be "customary/usual/obvious"?


So far, I'm typing: phone lists, discipline/substance policy, MBs available with local counselors, uniform guidelines, meeting place/time, SM/ASM contacts, advancement guidelines, fundraising policies, camp info, and general council/district/troop stuff.


Thanks for all suggestions.

MollieD and committee

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When my oldest first joined, I would have liked a short write-up describing:

- What happens on a typical campout

- What happens in a typical meeting

- What happens at a SM conference

- What happens at a BOR



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