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  1. I never wore all 12 knots until I was told I couldn't wear the five I had on. Now I have shirts with zero knots, three knots and 12 knots. I never earned the best one, Eagle Scout. If I ever buy another shirt, it will probably include the STA I earned at age 21, the SB and DAM because my fellow Scouters thought me worthy, and the International Scouter's Award because it allows me opportunities to remind others that Scouting is a worldwide brotherhood.
  2. The story of the 2005 Jambo Staff Cap is correct. The error was made by the company in Bangladesh that made the hats. The now-retired "John Jones" is a longtime friend of mine and has autographed my copy of his "memorial hat". Let's hope this year's staff headgear is a little more breathable.
  3. Help! I can't find any livery stables or balcksmith shops around here!
  4. Dino

    Interpreter Strips

    If it is not a standard available strip, National Supply will have it custom-made for you...those Scouts from Puerto Rico do get double-takes with English strips--quite legit, since their primary tongue is Spanish.
  5. My old district has a patch that was developed about 40 years ago. It is worn on the right pocket. As for the right sleeve, volunteers are not suppposed to wear anything below the U.S. flag, except Regional Jamboree patches. Standard Regional patches are supposed to be restricted to professionals and Regional volunteers. (Yeah, "Look what I got, and I'm going to wear it.")
  6. A friend with contact "inside" confirmed the death of the new Jambo Director had caused things to be "a little fouled up". I had not heard anything since November, and that wasn't difinitive. A couple of calls and e-mails elicted a response that what we all have been waiting for had been e-mailed in early February, and that I shoulld have signed it and returned it immediately(?). I was e-mailed the generic Jambo website. I was informally invited back on the staff in late 2005, but to-date have only a patch to show for it. Obviously my medical exam will be a mite late, since I don't have one
  7. Until we got the "Oscars", the long sleeved "winter" shirt had a collar that was turned under to mimic the short sleeved "summer" shirt with its V-neck. Adults, in long sleeves, had the option of wearing the appropriate necktie, of course with the collar out. When I reached the point of needing new shirts, I continued to turn the collar under, but the Scouts with whom I was associated preferred to wear the neckerchief under the collar and complain that the collar covered part of the identification on the necker. Last week my grandson got his first Cub Scout uniform and complained about th
  8. Just got off Col. Walton's (blackeagle) website. It's working okay for me. He has not been too active on it, probably because he's on active duty in Central Europe, and may not have his archives at hand.
  9. The over zealousness had no shortage of lunacy. One of my Scouts was suspended for three days for possession of a piece of a pink plastic pistol he found in a school trash can. My son was suspended for possession of a cell phone, but students from outside the school district were not, and were allowdd to use them on campus. To the poster who frequents court buildings, I'm sorry for you. I was refused admission to a court building because my the "weapon"--a BSA lapel pin. They also asked if I could show them the metal implanted in my chest. At another court building, men are not allowed
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