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  1. NC, I'll probabl end up going for the Tinker. Seems to be the best fit in regards to features, quality, and price. I do understand that there are different sizes of the Tinker (small, reg., deluxe, etc) so I'll have to look carefully. However, thanks everyone for your great suggestions!
  2. I still can't find the Venturing/Ranger Handbooks on Scoutstuff.org, any idea when the new ones will be avaliable?
  3. Oooh yeah Eagle, sounds like a good knife, but 100 is definitely out of my price range. Tops is most likely 30 dollars, since I will have to buy it myself. Will look into the Navy Exchange, they usually have good deals.
  4. Has anyone seen Venturing green color velcro pieces? Can't seem to find a matching color, would like to try this idea.
  5. The Swiss Army knife looks good, not too many attachments to get confused or too heavy but enough to be functional. I'll have to keep an eye out for the handle though. Good to know the guarantee works. Is this only offered through the BSA Supply? I found a similar one at Target for less, but won't get it if they don't come with the warranty.
  6. Looking for a versatile pocketknife that's suitable for a 14 year old. Any suggestions on the best quality for the best value?
  7. Ok, so this sounds like a stupid question, but I'm not too familiar with Scouting. I was checking out BSA's facebook pictures, and there is one guy who has about 20 pages worth of pictures of him scouting with his son. In several of the pictures he is wearing a merit badge sash. Wondering if that's ok for adults? Also, I saw a tiger cub wearing a tan shirt, nothing changed there right? Cubs still wear blue? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, I realize that. Just wanted to post it, in case anyone wanted to know. Sometimes the vintage ones are better anyways.
  9. Just thought I'd post this. Thought it was interesting how much each costed, difference in programs, etc. All Cub/Boy Scouts include a short sleeve shirt with long pants. I used the Alameda Council, because it was first, and troop/pack/crew number 120 (random). Info from the BSA Uniform Builder: http://scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/forms.aspx Tiger Cubs: $94.68 Wolf: $96.98 Bear: $96.98 Webelos (Green/Khaki): $140.64 Boy Scout: $148.64 (includes merit badge sash) Venturing (M/F): $ 133.89
  10. Yes thanks Beavah for your explanation. I was just curious and all the replies helped. :]
  11. I think BDPT00 meant that the age group was wrong? Because from what I've read, Varsity Teams are in the age group of 14-18, cutting off at the same time as Boy Scout Troops. Just my idea?
  12. Hi, I'm joining a Venturing Crew and came across a program called Varsity Scouts on Meritbadge.org? What is the difference between those teams and Venture Patrols? Are they still around or popular? I can't join anyway, since I'm a girl, but was just curious as to what they were.
  13. Just an interesting little question. What was the first merit badge you earned (if you remember). Which one was your favorite?
  14. Can the Boy Scout Long/Short Sleeve Action Shirt be used as a Venturing uniform? Can you put insignia on it? Thanks!
  15. BadenP,click, I'm not saying the outdoor aspect is not important. I also believe it has an equal spot along with the other methods. Sorry for the confusion.
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