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  1. I keep reading these thread on scouts being too young to be Eagle. I just don't get it. Over the last few years I have started to write this response several times and told myself to wait, since I did not know my son would stick with scouts. Well I did know but it was not proved out yet. My son is "one of those" Eagles. He finished his Eagle when he was 13 had his board a few days after he turned 14 (because the district made him wait because he was too young, so they pushed it off a month and a half after he turned in his application. He is now 17+ years old and still very active. Since
  2. Common sense tells you that it is all under the auspices of BSA. It is a scouting award after all. Under the auspices includes troop run activities, patrol activities, OA activities, Jamborees, High adventure etc.... it does not include going camping with the family. As SM I know who attends what outings. I know who is doing what activities at said outings. For activities I did not attend (Ex Jambo) I have the scout log what they did. I keep it all in a spreadsheet (TM is not very useful for tracking riding and aquatics time.) I also know what Mbs and awards (such as mile swim) they have earn
  3. I think blaming video games is kind of a copout. When I was younger we did all kinds of violent stuff. We had to do it for real since we had no video games. Games and activities included: - Shoot an arrow straight up, whoever stood closest to where in landed won. (never claimed we were smart ) - Bottle rocket wars. Build a fortification and defend it and try to blow your opponets of of thier fort. Each participant had a 1000-2000 bottle rockets or so, real mess to clean up after. - Blood ball - basically basketball with hockey checking rules. - Sword fighting.
  4. So, councils will be merged, districts will be merged....so what? I know my scouts don't care what district or council they are in. The only reasoin they know, kind of, what district they are in is because they have to write it on a blue card. As far as the council goes if they read their shoulder patch they will remember. The district and council offer next to nothing the scouts in my troop are interested in. I can name them on one hand: National Jamboree (1 or 2 are going) Philmont (2 of our guys went this year, but with another troop, not council run) Seabase
  5. I thought this was kind of funny (in a sad sort of way) Our council has no registered mentors for the newish Supernova award. So I figured what the heck someone needs to do it, and signed up. That was like 6 or more months ago. I kind of forgot about it since I had not heard anything. Well yesterday I received an email from a venture scout wanting to work on the award. Here is the content of his email that I found pretty funny. "I am interested in doing the SuperNOVA award and contacted the Council Exec. a few months ago to obtain contact information. They told me there was an appl
  6. Dean, HIPAA does not apply to scout volunteers. It applises to health plans, health care providers, health care clearinghouses and business associates (as applied to companies that provide services to the previous three). The only categories that might remotely apply is health care clearing house or business associates(as we gather health information on forms) and that is a weak connection at best. Now if the camp nurse was to lose the forms you might have a case as she is a health care provider. If Joe the ASM who is a plumber in his day job were to lose them it is not a com
  7. We camp (in tents) all year round and we do 2 nights each outing. We are in northern MA and often camp in the Whites in NH. This past winter there sadly really was no winter so I will mention what we did in 2011. December 2010: 10 mile historic trail hike. Temps in the 20-30s, no snow January: Klondike Derby, 2-3 feet of snow on the ground. In setting up camp it made for natural fortifications. After the activities of the day a massive multi-troop snowball battle broke out. The kids had a great time. Temp was in the teens and twenties. February: Snowshoing in Franconia N
  8. Meet the intent of the requirements not the letter of the requirements. Intent (IMO) = Master the skills, participate for real, do not expect anything in return for doing nothing, ability to take care of yourself and others in the outdoors, have learned to lead by(good)example, be willing to teach, understand the value of service to others, have pride in your unit, be respectful, do your best. Letter (IMO) = One and done, lawyer your way through participation, expect something for doing nothing, be a liability on an outing, attempt (and normally fail) to lead but only if it serves
  9. Guy was in the troop a year or so before me. Shortly after I joined I was asked to take over as AC. I said sure, what do I need to do? I tossed lots of wrenches in the works because I expected scouts to actually do the POR, not just hold a title. I asked the committee and got a "ok, thats fine, whatever" until it was actually enfored. Then there were some fire works. I asked if we were a cub scout pack and taking the summer off again or a boy scout troop that would meet and do things over the summer. I am definitely subtle. Guy definitly had ideas about the troop and cautiously queried me on m
  10. Hi everyone, I am the SM in question. A not so brief history of this mess: The scout contacted me in May 2011 (I was the AC at the time) to say he was wrapping up his requirements for Eagle. We had not seen this scout in almost 2 years, he dropped from the radar a couple months after his Life BoR (May 2009). I looked at his records and gave him a detailed list of what the record says he needed to complete: Eagle Project PoR 5 MBs Be active I suggested we meet to discuss. 3 months go by, no scout. I receive an email in August 2011 Can the t
  11. We have a few scout that have earned one to many of the segments. We have 2 with the camping segment 1 has 2 gold and 1 has 3. I expect both will get silvers pretty easily. 4 with the aquatics segement 2 of them have multiple golds. 2 with cycling 1 has almost finished the hiking segments, still needs the orienteering MB 2 will finish the adventure segment when they get back from Philmont. The hard part of these is getting the scouts to get the related MBs since they are not required for Eagle and there are alot more that are easier than cyc
  12. I have sat on many an EBOR over the last 18 months. In our council they make a point of telling each scout two things: 1) Congratulations, you are an Eagle scout 2) Use the date of the EBOR when asked (or for college apps etc) when they earned Eagle. (not the date the paperwork comes back from national) So, that said, if he were in my troop I would say go sew it on. Chris
  13. Hi, I have been lurking for a while. I am amazed at the amount of 13 year old bashing that goes on. There are so many threads and posts that is was hard to decide which one to post on. I joined scouts after cub scouts. I, with my patrol, went camping every month with the troop. We rarely did patrol only outings. I went to summer camps with the troop, then provisionals. I went on high adventure trips, canoeing trips in Northern Maine, backpacking trips in the White and Green Mountains. I moved through the ranks like clockwork. I finished all the Eagle requirements at 14 and got around t
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