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  1. I would like to personally thank everyone who has participated in all the discussions in this forum and others. As I sat in Court today reflecting on the three-year journey we have all been through I thought about all of the passion that has been displayed. Regardless of whether I agreed with any opinion it helped to inform my thinking by understanding the views of others, and recognizing the amount of education the TCC needed to undertake. The nine of us on the TCC sought to do what was best for ALL Survivors and be agnostic about the BSA. We recognized that Survivors fell into three camp
  2. Thanks ThenNow. You and me both. Want to frustrate the hell out of a university professor? Tell him he can't speak freely. That day will come. Survivor patience has been coming in handy. I'm looking forward to the next Town Hall. Back to the cave for me....
  3. Thanks for mentioning that. Probably a good time for me to pop back up. I just want to say thanks to everyone who participates on this and other forums (Fora?). I take my role on the TCC seriously and try to take in opinions on all sides. Like you, the TCC is waiting on the Judge's ruling and anything I'd say about that, or anyone else would say, is pure speculation. As well, while this is ongoing the handcuffs of "Mediation Confidentiality" prohibit my saying too much about the process. I'm grateful to have participated in the confirmation hearing at the beginning and offer some final w
  4. This is Doug Kennedy, a member of the TCC. First, I want to thank all of you for your comments over the past 18 months. Your comments and those in other forums, whether I disagree with them or not, have helped inform me as I work to represent all Survivors. As many of you know, the Coalition has made some statements both in the hearing yesterday and in a press release this morning. I find them horrible and the rest of the TCC does as well. Tonight is a TCC Town Hall and I invite you to attend so that you can hear directly how we feel about several issues. As well, we are going to hold mo
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