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  1. I tried to post a generic post about the legal profession, but it was blanked by a moderator. I will try again. Every client hates their opponent's attorney and loves their attorney. Most attorneys are quiet, competent nerds, who are compassionate, and do good work, largely silently. Mass Tort cases apparently bring out the worst of the worst. I have read the pleadings about Century's request for Discovery. It is well-founded. Comments by some members bear this out.
  2. This post simply says it all. Sadly. I find I have little sympathy for the BSA, or the future of the program. And my life, and that of my 3 sons has been Scouting. My Scouting resume is 4 pages long, single spaced. And most positions I have held for over 20 years. Scouting is what I do, and I am disgusted. (And if Scouting survives this in some form, what survives? A program managed by the same people who got us into this mess, and they, then, only compelled to "fess up?") (I tried to sign off on this site, but I don't think I can let this go. It is simply too important. I s
  3. I want to thank all of you for your patient answers to my questions. I shall pass on what I have learned to my scouting friends. I have decided to pull the plug on my 50+ years in the program with the possible exception of camp maintenance work (for so long as that might last.) Adios.
  4. Well, I thought your post sought insight into his resort to safety into the BSA program to perhaps give insight into your situation. And as I work through the timeline of his life relative to mine, I may have been his only friend of any significance during all that time. And so little did I know that was the case. I am so new to this forum that I have not had a chance to work backward into prior comments, nor your specific history, though I shall do so.
  5. Just caught this on a re-read of posts and should respond.. I truly recognize that these posts are "highly one-sided." My take is lightly one-sided. Mostly, they are extraordinarily polite and balanced and not one has given me pause to consider the poster as ranting or raving. (I guess "flaming" is the web term. but I am pretty old school, feeling myself pretty successful in get a few posts sent up successfully on this site.) I have read many files posted on account of the Oregon Case. they are replete with newspaper clippings of criminal cases, letters from Council Executives, an
  6. This post is of particular interest. I can understand the prohibition on making general derogatory comments about lawyers generally, so as to discourage the proliferation of meaningless posts ranting and raving against lawyers. Permitting specific comments about the motivations of specific attorneys, well, that seems to be another matter, as derogatory comments, proven to be untrue, would be libel, would they not? Why would anyone want to tread that shaky ground especially with respect to attorneys whose daily life is litigation? "Neither a libelor nor a defendant be." (I believe a
  7. After 8 or 10 hours of research the other day, (read most of the 3rd amended plan and the critical parts of 4th amended plan and other stuff, including this forum) I told a friend that the ONLY number of importance was the LC contribution our council. And that was not available. Which raises the question why are those numbers not of record? National's determination of the amount each council should donate is not dependent on the LC's agreement to pay it, yet they are not available.. This entire process is a master case of selective revealment. "Just what we want to show, just w
  8. "A non-binding letter of intent." And just to what purpose is that? Meaning something like "we've reviewed it, not screaming yet, just might do it, but we want to see more?"
  9. To my way of thinking, "long-term investments" is an artificial designation or determination by the owner of those funds, essentially meaning, "We don't want to spend those but to rely on the interest generated by them." But the owner retains control of the funds. In a bankruptcy, by a council, any funds the council has signature authority over is an assets of the bankruptcy estate. "Endowment funds," to my way of thinking, are funds donated by third parties, and subject to some measure of restrictions on use. A council is not likely to have signature authority over the principal, but o
  10. So, from 1% to 75% of non-legally enforceable claims are on tap to be compensated. What is the basis of the "Gray" system of classifying states (and thereby the claims arising in that state)?
  11. So, if a camp is sacrificed, and cash retained, for what purpose is that cash retained? To buy another camp, perhaps smaller and less expensive to maintain? To pay staff salaries? (Isn't that largely what it is for anyway?) In years past, in my council, all of the United Way monies, popcorn sale profit, and Friends of Scouting contributions were not enough to cover payroll. That is, all of the major sources of revenue were not enough. Part of the fees scouts paid to attend events also were used to pay salaries. Appallingly top heavy, in my estimation. How much of a "sell the camp" de
  12. So, as I understand this, the settlement will compensate the "Unique and Timely" abuse claims even though not legally enforceable?
  13. I have never found labels to be useful or explanatory. Liberal, conservative, well, they mean nothing to me. I am much more interested in the opinion of A on issue X. That I can meaningful respond to.
  14. 30 years. It is how it ends that counts.
  15. I have never been terribly impressed with the level of training offered by BSA-at every level. The concept is sound: "Let Boys Lead." But there is no level of guidance/instruction to the boys who are to lead. (Just spent last Sunday reading an Eagle Court of Honor ceremony script, translating on the fly, "he" to "the scout" to adjust for female scouts.) How does one "lead?" Well, there are skills and techniques, establish your role as leader, gain the attention of the audience, control the agenda/meeting schedule stick to the schedule, delegate, encourage others, etc. That is taug
  16. Where would I find the BSA review process rules or BSA patch design requirements? I've designed about half a dozen patches over the years, all through my council, and professional staff never made mention of rules, other than the flour-de-lis had to appear on an official patch. Thanks.
  17. A few procedural questions-perhaps someone can enlighten me: 1. Does a council have to accept the amount National has set for that council's contribution or can that amount be negotiated? That is, is it a "take it or leave it" proposition? 2. Do real estate assets need to be liquidated by October, 2021, or is there some other date (i.e., are they to be sold at a "fire sale?" Distress sales always yield low prices.) 3. Is there any mechanism for a council's volunteers to attempt to raise the funds for the contribution amount and save a camp or scout office? 4. Are restr
  18. Regarding your comment that "the councils are voting" just who in the council governing structure is voting? You don't think the SE makes a unilateral decision, so that leaves the Council Key Three, the Council Executive Committee (perhaps 4 or 5 folks), the entire Executive Board, and then, I guess, would be the Chartering Organization Representatives. I have not heard a word in my council about the bankruptcy. Its seems like the questions put to the councils are "Does the council participate in contributing to the settlement?" and if so, "What assets are used-cash and/or liquidate re
  19. Been mulling your comment looking for a response. I met him when he was old enough to work on camp staff and we worked together for several years. He was no longer affiliated with a troop, but only the Council camp, and was clear of the abuse he experienced at the unit level. He fit in well with staff, had an engaging personality, and nothing seemed amiss. He worked tirelessly at camp, preferring commissary work requiring physical exertion to counseling merit badges and such. He had earned Eagle, and was a top student. He preferred being outdoors and camp work put him in his element. It
  20. Thanks for the Welcome. I doubt any measure of rebranding will improve the status of BSA. This whole situation is a horrible hit.
  21. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to this forum. I'd really rather never need to be here. My life has been Scouting. Worked at the local camp and Philmont a number of years. Three Eagle Scout sons. Multiple Philmont Treks. I care not about awards and knots and such. I've qualified for many knots, but won't apply. I care about what scouts see and do and what they learn. Other than earning Eagle, and my Philmont staff years, I have been blessed with 7 Mentor Pins (and perhaps another tomorrow, so I have been informed) and making a positive difference in the life
  22. He has tangentially unpacked the abuse he was subjected to. It is more than I care to discuss, not feeling at liberty to do so, even concealing identifying details, and don't even care to contemplate, except to help me wrap my own mind around the degree and depths of the damage done. I believe that children remember most negative comments directed their way for life and those comments have some hanging presence or at least ghost-like shadows that surface from time to time and haunt them.. Inappropriate sexual activities-well, I cannot imagine the depths to which one who has been sub
  23. Hello All. New here-first post. I read these forums for hours and hours, and signed up to post this. So, as I understand the upshot of it all: 1. That National initially indicated that Local Councils would pay nothing and be protected but now the Local Councils are expected to pay $600 million which will result in the sale of hundreds of Local Council Camps and Council offices, though the National High Adventure Camps will be protected and survive. 2. That National initially indicated that Chartering Organizations would pay nothing and be protected but now Chartering Org
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