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  1. I've been following this thread since the beginning (last Feb.). I don't have a background in law, nor have I ever been party to a bankruptcy proceeding, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone more knowledgeable than I could explain the judge's role. Isn't it her job to rule on motions and say "Yea, HA bases are both sacred and restricted" or "Nay. The HA bases are not restricted." It seems like she isn't doing much, but isn't she the one person with the authority to tell the BSA to get a move on and make some determination in who gets a seat at the mediation table? I could be
  2. I'm confused. It looks like the first statement indicates that class 100 council are the smallest, but the next statements seem to indicate that class 100 councils are the biggest. Please help unconfuse me. Thank you. Also, do you know the specific criteria, e.g. number of scouts, they use for making class designations?
  3. Thank you! I'll fill up my scouting mug as soon as I unclip it from my belt loop.
  4. Hello! Greetings from The Northeast Region (well, for as long as we continue to have regions...) I've been lurking - and thinking about posting - for close to a decade. (I feel like I've gotten to know some you of as well as Scouters I would talk to at Roundtables.) I've gotten great information and perspectives from people here. I'm not great at putting myself in front and saying, "Hey everyone! Look at me!" - unless I'm in uniform and they need someone to lead a song or skit! I have kids in the program, including boys who chose different troops. I've served as Den Leader, com
  5. Of all the things for me to comment on in my first post, and it isn't about bankruptcy... By gen z parents, do you mean the parents of gen z kids, or gen-z adults who have kids? Speaking as a member of Gen X, I don't quite agree with the ages you listed. As I understand it, Gen X is generally considered to be people born 1965-1980, and Gen Y (aka millennials) is people born 1980 through some time in the 1990s. That said (and speaking broadly), millennial parents tend to have different goals and priorities than previous generations.
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