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  1. Historically, Scouts drew directly from and was formed around military traditions and structure. The merit badges frequently had either direct correlation or applicable though that has softened somewhat. There is a reason there is a wide range of commands, formations and activities that echo this. Likewise, the traditional development attributes from scouting up to very recently if not still so allowed enlisting members to have one upgrade rank on coming in. it seems modern parents may not be cognizant of these facts and in some cases bitterly refute or resent it. Be that as it may,
  2. I set out the experience from the 80’s that seems a little different than what I’ve been reading.
  3. The two pronged approach you discuss came after me In ‘87 or I have no memory of it. Historically, Scouts drew directly from and was formed around military traditions and structure. The merit badges frequently had either direct correlation or applicable though that has softened somewhat. There is a reason there is a wide range of commands, formations and activities that echo this. Likewise, the traditional development attributes from scouting up to very recently if not still so allowed enlisting members to have one upgrade rank on coming in. it seems modern parents may not be cognizan
  4. It’s good to appreciate our own country. I’m not sure where the money is going to come from for a lot of needs on the National wish list. This year hasn’t helped for an already runaway spending habit. But let’s hope for the best
  5. I agree with your statements. There are complications to it however with the last 4 upheavals (sex abuse aside) and how content and changes are made and enforced. Once bureaucracies get involved with changes a lot can happen that isn’t good. This is especially worrisome In determining policing young scouts in their attitudes, comments and behaviors among themselves. The scope of prohibitions and sensitivity has ballooned and will be subjective based on any one adult or child’s sentiments. The scope and breadth of potential proof of determined training and content may well mushroom to havi
  6. I appreciate your feedback. I understand your idea better. I was, instead, addressing the theoretical and thorny issue of how to balance any group’s influence and dominance over a system and how to manage that. From that particular perspective, it is a balancing act and can take sinister turns either way. But I get that isn’t really what you were addressing. It was really the description of “allowing a single religious group to run a shadow program,’ that motivated my response. There was no real criticism of your observations but rather an expansion of one area that struck a cord with me
  7. What you say is in some respects true but there are factors that cannot be overlooked that make the problems difficult to overcome. It seems to me, that when bringing up the Dominance of a religious group, you get into really hot water. Protected class from discrimination aside, the scouts would be in the unsavory position of having to convene committees or Star chambers to adjudicate persons on these sorts Of beliefs and undertaking purges to maintain some desired effect. The idea that one or more people could decide state by state, region by region or nationally on this basis sends
  8. Indeed that is correct. A slightly different approach is that progress is not always forward. Sometimes lateral and indeed backtracking to an effective format. Another one of those bitter ironies of history that people have trouble accepting is that the more people are equal, the less free they become. It’s inverse is true. These objectives do not work in tendency with what people seek to achieve. Communism. That, of course, goes to the lowest possible common denominator where everyone socially is officially equal but only has the freedom to do what they are told and even th
  9. Scouts has obviously changed. It has gone through convulsion after convulsion with no end in sight. It has seen two world wars, Korean, Vietnam, Cold War and modern wars. It has rumbled through boom and bust with dignity, pride, bearing, respect and a vital element in the social fabric. it’s ranks have produced many leaders and men of character and its programs instrumental in shaping countless lives in positive ways. My father, uncle and I got our eagles and supported others in our troop. The men I knew were of good caliber, respected, ethical and had a genuine interest in seei
  10. You validate what should be obvious. But there will be apologists for groups that have become a masquerade for every conceivable action imaginable. The apologists will never concede the reality. You’re wasting your time. As you can see and has been the case, no amount of evidence will ever shake loose the narratives that must be maintained at all costs no matter how ridiculous to the contrary. Nothing would shaken the scales from their eyes and if thousands burned businesses and looted the acts would be conceded as wrong, but the organization still valid. The forum has outlive
  11. That video says a lot. Actions taken leave zero question for intent. Fortunately, they were not particularly skilled and no doubt will come up with all sorts of mitigating ideas. I really can’t think of any reason to take those particular steps except to burn human beings alive. Police aside, burning law abiding parents, civil servants and Individuals to an agonizing death. I’m so weary of apologists excising these people and claiming it’s outsiders and a few radicals not sanctioned. There is a point when making such arguments moves beyond embarrassing but insulting.
  12. Well, everything you just mentioned describes a tailor made justification for stand your ground laws, expanded castle doctrine and a host of other defense of self and others from agents of unrepentant chaos. It’s a fast track to being labeled a domestic terrorist organization and legitimizing repression and even martial law on an unprecedented scale. There will be evaporating support and a trail of destroyed businesses and lives that will be brought on by their own choice. im not sure what such people expect to accomplish by this advocacy but it will not bring about impr
  13. It should go without saying that any claims left, right or center of an entitlement to ‘redistribute assets’ from any source for any reason without due process is a non-starter. Do actually do such things is yo invite the grim reaper - always especially delighted to have help -come and settle matters. As we know, Advocating such positions is inciting violence and chaos which is not tolerated at all. it is, in my view, incumbent upon those who are associated With , a part of or claiming to be part of an organization that espouses such views to suppress them, denounce them, expel t
  14. A lesson for every young person in scouts and beyond is how to think. Not what to think, but how to take in information and evaluate it using critical thinking. Logic, reasoning, careful scrutinizing and weighing a host of factors is a good habit and a lifelong skill. The older I get, the more I don’t like or agree with some of the conclusions and am forced to reevaluate. Sometimes I arrive at a new understanding, sometimes I’m not convinced. But it’s a skill well worth making sure scouts, at least, Have as a basis for coming to well reasoned conclusions and choices. How they choose to ap
  15. I do agree with you squarely on one point you raise despite any disagreements on perspective or history. And this doesn’t distract or lessen anyone else here for trying to get at the substance of the matter. Bias does play a role in reporting. It always has. The ability of people to play games, cut and paste selectively, and fabricate in a thousand different ways simultaneously. Information overload and confusion is a problem. The site Bias check is vital. It’s vital since they seem to get things right a great majority of the time and it’s important to have people do it. in a
  16. This is a repugnant argument on its face as we know. The very idea that businesses can afford it so I’ll get my share mocks rule of law and a binding social contract against chaos. Some, of course, will inevitable and smugly point out that the social co tract has not been met. That may be true in many general instances, but that is why legislative bodies, advocacy and the courts are there. That is why education, self improvement, focus and cooperative attitudes have enabled so many other groups to rise in the continued face of discrimination and persecution. Since violence and t
  17. Yeah...all the people supporting the movement and it’s collective seem rather quiet on this issue. Inevitably, I suppose once again it’s the stale, very disingenuous , and quite revolting claim that it was a few bad actors that shouldn’t reflect on the whole. But maybe we should just refer to those as silly guys who got rambunctious. Seems to me that war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocides have similar behaviors. Clearly I do not and would not mean to even suggest cheapening the seriousness and magnitude those sorts of events. Yet, when people are herded into barns or churche
  18. This is the reason this forum is good. Yo clear up disinformation
  19. Left? I was thinking back to WW1 when politicians and generals were moving people about. Lol, though I am a libertarian. Not only that, the word liberal is one I would gladly embrace but from the very specific meaning of classical liberalism as a product of the enlightenment. That is the basis our founders used and believed. It wasn’t til recently that ‘liberal and conservative became almost slurs. Those modern definitions are useless. But insofar as modern ideals go, fighting fanaticism, bigotry, ignorance are fundamentals along with strong separation of powers and separation of church
  20. I guess I was thinking of the breakup by the church in DC and thought I’d read that had been the case again. If they are wearing Unit insignia, then that’s a good thing.
  21. It’s made infinitely worse by deploying units with no insignia and continued Unapologetic overtures to authoritarianism. I did riot police training in the guard when I was with an MP unit. Just training in a realistic fashion ;minus bricks, bags of urine, and Molotov cocktails) was bad enough. People got hurt and reason flew out the window. And this was all just with fellow soldiers. Things definitely get out of hand very quickly. How much more so with true anger and violence. The units rely on each other because there is NO ONE else between them and people would are so riled up that the
  22. The purpose of these posts includes the opportunity to flesh out background problems in society as a whole as it might indirectly affect scouting, it’s mission, the need to determine an understanding of the parameters the traditional scouting program should take. people here enjoy a little sparring and weed out provocateurs and trolls to blow off steam in the changes that are taking place. Expanding understanding and the scope of change and having a forum to respond to it is important. The forum is a healthy place to do this and needed for the sake of its members who otherwise fee
  23. I never said it was an excuse. It is an aggravating factor. Many things manipulate human reason and behavior ranging from inflamed passions, intoxicants, starvation, group rage, fear, etc. Even climate starts to make a difference, it’s a known observation that the more a place is hot and the more crowded it becomes, the more irritable and hostile people get. If humans were cyborgs or Vulcans we wouldn’t have these variations in behaviors. As it is, we recognize a wide range of behaviors for all sorts of situations and have many science, social science, history, art and philosophy to demon
  24. Covid is making things 100x worse. Job uncertainty, spending down savings, rent/mortgage/business collapse/ constant defcon 5 alerts and fb plenty of time to sit around frustrated soaking up social strife. I can’t even think of a good analogy except a furnace of a kitchen with nowhere to move but crowded with ill tempered people trying to work. politics was already appalling with its social strife, but Covid makes it intolerable.
  25. Basically, the answers have the same goal in mind. Socially, there are changes that are problematic but not insurmountable. In an example that has an interesting but not squarely applicable idea is what I discovered while in Kenya. I was really surprised when I was taking selfies with the local kids at a farming community. One teen girl came up behind me and flung hate arms round me to pose. It was later explained that this was their habit and those who went to the US had to be admonished not to do this. They said that in the local villages, each family looked out for their neighbors fa
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