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  1. I went as a scout, my first one, first time being away for 17 days. I'm not sure how other troops do it, but our council, or district, not sure, sent 4 troops. Scouts were for the most part, randomly placed into one of the 4 troops. My home scoutmaster was one of the leaders, and I was a bit dissapointed I wasn't going to be in his troop. However, it was definately a blessing in disguise, and I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun had I been in his troop. Meeting people was great, making new friends, and hanging out with old ones while walking down the roads as we saw patch traders all over the place was definately something I'll remember. Seeing younger scouts grow up was something I'll never forget. But my best Jamboree moment was the last night. The 4 troops our council sent had a mach campfire, we used lights because fires were illegal, or so the leaders said. Anyways, there had to have been about 150 of us in all. As Scouts performed skits, I was laying in the back along with friends old and new, making jokes, laughing, and just reflecting on what we had gone through, and the things we were going to do when we returned home. And that night, we returned to our campsites, and slept under the stars, I could hardly sleep as I was eager to return home. Moments like that are ones that have defined me as a scout.
  2. C-BOLT

    Eagle COH ceremony

    Your ceremony sounds different from ours. Alot of the scouts sit in the audience. The rest are either part of the ceremony, meaning guys who light the candles, flag ceremony, etc etc.
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    Cooking Disasters

    Our leaders regulate or cooking so much that we never have any problems with things going wrong. However, our troop has a very bad habit of over purchasing and we ALWAYS end up with extra stuff that we just end up giving out.
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    What should BSA change?

    Maybe not something the BSA can "regulate" but I think Troops should be more boy led.
  5. C-BOLT

    What's Happening?

    They are indoors, either too scared to go outside because of fear of predators, or they are playing video games, watching TV, etc. I do a bit of all of that, well except the band, I don't think you'd want me in any band after me attempting to bugle one summercamp.
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    PLs and SPL - How do you do it?

    Our terms are for six months, the required amount to fulfill the leadership requirment for Eagle. We do Troop elections for all of the "lesser" positions like scribe, quartermaster, etc etc. The scouts are elected by their peers. For the SPL position, our SM will nominate 2-3 (usually 3) scouts who he believes are best qualified to run for the position, and its usually the life scouts who are on their way to Eagle. In the past, the troop has voted for the SPL, and the SPL then got to choose his ASPL personally. The chosen ASPL was almost always the person who was also running for SPL. Well, when it was my turn to run for SPL, I also ran against a friend, and another scout. Well, our SM knew that if one of us were to win, we would choose the other as ASPL, so he made it so that the second place scout gets ASPL. Well that fell through, as I won by a blowout and my friend got second place, making him ASPL. After our term, the second place vote wasn't used again. As far as duties go, its pretty simple. You show up to the meetings, lead the flag ceremonies etc, etc. Pretty standard stuff. Oh, and if there is an Eagle Court of Honor during the term, you get to MC the ECOH, something I've been able to do. As far as planing goes, we have our SPL meeting at the end of the month, where we go over and discuss the current month, and get ready for the next one. The SPL always runs it, but basically the PLs and all the other leadership positions do all the talking. I've gotten an earful at one of these meetings for something stupid that I'd rather not get into, but thats about the only trouble I've encountered. Now I also got to be SPL for summer camp, and I'd say I did a pretty darn good job. The upcoming first years were in a word, babies. Its probably because most of their parents are over protective, so they weren't ready for some of the things that we all love about summercamp. I knew that these scouts were going to get picked apart by some of our older scouts. Its not that we have bullies in our troop, no, but they just like to tease, and sometimes teasing can go too far. So when the first years were off to get medical checks or something, I gathered the troop and basically told them "Remember what it was like when you were a first year" and something along the lines of "if you want to pick on them, you have to go through me first." I guess that worked, because we didn't have any problems. I left out some stuff, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  7. The adults in my troop carry a Totin Chit. As for knife legnth, like others have stated, it varies and alot of times debated. As a scout whose owned more than enough that were not "scout legal" I just made sure that none of the staffers/leaders saw me with said knives. I think that the counselor cutting of the corner for that is a little harsh, but I guess you can't get rid of every rat.
  8. C-BOLT

    Scout Drivers

    Well, I don't know about the first question, there are probably a thousand legal reasons. As for leaving early, why don't you just ask the scout at the next meeting why they left. Sure, its not courteous to just take off, but maybe they had homework to finish, things of that nature. For one reason or another, cars have never really been a problem in our troop.
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    Punishments - How far is too far?

    Well in our Troop, behavior usually isn't a problem. If it is, the Scouts usually get a talking to, which can range from a "hey, just don't do it again" to a "one more time and I'll send you home" (although the leader who said that wouldn't have the gana to do it). As for punishment, its usually in good fun. A scoutmaster will make a scout pick up trash, collect firewood, clean, etc. The real problem is, some scouts not listening to certain leaders in our troop.
  10. In all honesty, it seems that our troop cares more about being serious than anything else. What do I mean by this? Our leaders get after our guys all the time, sure, not all the leaders, but most of them. If we have something wrong with our uniforms, we usually meet after and get lectured for it, and no, I'm not joking. I understand that our leaders are "overachievers" and always want to look the best, but at what point should you just ease up and let the scouts have fun. It doesn't help that our head scoutmaster was a marine either. Now, I have had the blessing to be able to participate in the 2005 Jamboree. It was there that I experienced what leaders should be like. They were laid back, but the leadership and credentials were there. They joked around, had fun, and not once did they ever have to lecture anyone, and we had some trouble makers in our troop. I know this is going to sound like a rant, but I just needed to get it off my chest. I am an Eagle Scout of 1 month, and I have experienced alot, I just don't want scouts in our already dying troop to become discouraged.
  11. C-BOLT

    Eagle Scout Rank

    After the BOR. The public can careless about who signs what papers.
  12. In all honesty, our Jamboree Troop was made up of "troublemakers." What do I mean by that? Our head scoutmaster was also SM of his home troop. Our District (or council) sent 4 troops to the Jamboree. Well our SM took alot of the more "active" scouts from his hometroop and put them in his jambo troop. I found that interesting, because it was the exact opposite of what the SM of my home troop did. He took all of his "golden boys" and put them in his troop. Sure, it could have been a coincidence too, but I doubt that. And as a leader, I understand what you say. I know that you have to be responsible for scouts, because you don't want them to misbehave too much, and of course that is totally acceptable. My dad is also a leader, so I see some of it from his point. He agrees with me sometimes, that the leaders can get too "intense." But how to get our Troop to ease up on things is a tough one. Thinking back, my OP might have been more of a rant, because we have alot of old fashioned leaders in our troop who probably won't change their ways. But in other news. I actually contacted my old Jambo leader, and talked to him about it. He talked to me about joining his home troops venture crew, so I'll probably end up doing that. I made friends with a bunch of people on the jambo that are actually in that troop, so that is definately a positive.
  13. How did our unit get like this? Overprotective parents. At parent meetings (i dont know why i was in there to begin with) a leader brought up a camping trip. The first things that were asked were IS IT GOING TO BE COLD, things to that extent. The parents want the leaders to do everything for their kids, well the majority for that matter. And at first, I just thought I was getting paranoid, etc, singled out. But I began to ask other scouts, and they seemed to agree that some of the leaders were a bit too aggresive. I realize now, that its not so much that they yell, but like you said the volume. The constant nagging is really what it is. And about the boy led troop comment. My Jamboree troop was a boy led troop, I was a PL for a bunch of guys who didn't get along at first, yet in the end, they were all friends. If you're going to take a shot at me, look elsewhere.
  14. I couldnt for the life of me figure out how to edit posts. I read some guys post about a cubscout seeing a troop wearing jeans etc. Its not so much the fact that I don't like wearing the uniform (at scout outings), its the fact that our leaders have a cow if one little thing is wrong. And there is a difference between letting scouts have fun, and letting scouts swear at eachother. You don't always have to be a rah rah type leader. Although this board, and scouts for that matter don't seem to be big sports fans, look at the Colts, more importantly their coach Tony Dungy. He is a man of God, not the typical coach who yells at his guys, a calm man at that. Well last month his team won the superbowl. What I'm trying to say is that as a leader, yes there are times for discipline, bu t you dont have to constantly get on your scouts about the smallest thing. I'm sure alot of people read my OP and took it the wrong way, its understandable, I do it alot too. But again, I am not complaining about having to wear the uniform, or the lack of "phantom" swearing in our troop. No, I am just saying that sometimes the leaders in our troop need to back off a little, not too many scouts respond positively to yelling. And to the person who brought up leaders who are too laid back, and almost lazy. As stated earlier, those were our Jamboree leaders, in fact, they even admitted that they were laid back guys. Guess what, we didn't have any incidents, and our troop was composed of alot of the guys who were somewhat troublemakers in their home troops. Not everyone likes to get yelled at, and usually, it has a negative effect.
  15. Look I know that you think I'm coming off as a complainer, but our troop is too strict. And its not just me, I go to summer camp every year and see other troops having fun, I talk to scouts of those troops and compare leaders, and we always have the strictest ones. Is it nice being a "disciplined" troop, sure, but at some point you just have to let your scouts have fun. I get yelled at enough at football and basketball practices, I don't need it at Boy Scouts.
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    Video Game Addiction

    I read the article. I was surprised that it was objective. I expected to read another "Video Games are the Devil" type thing.
  17. C-BOLT

    Video Game Addiction

    Well, I see your point. I just get sick of people always trying to blame video games (not talkinb about people on this forum). But why did you guys allow them to bring them? Of course there are going to be a few who would still bring them, but if they are so bad, talk to the SM about this.
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    My methods as an SPL

    I am now an Eagle Scout, but I recently discovered this place. Last year I was an SPL, and rather than being a typical cookie cutter SPL, I tried things a little different, at summer camp especially. As soon as we settled into camp, I had the troop gather up. I told all of our leaders, but 1, to head down to the waterfront/medical hub. This one leader was one who I could trust. I got up, and told our scouts this, or something similar. "For alot of us, we've been to summercamp before, we know what to expect of ourselves and others. This week, I want you guys to take advantage of everything, you guys might be thinking your parents just wanted to get rid of you for a week, but you guys are here for your own good. Now as you all know, I play football. Well let me start off by saying this, I get yelled at, and yell enough during practice, that I don't want to have to do it here. You guys are all scouts, you're here to be men, and I don't want to discipline you. Remember, that what you do, good, or bad, will leave a lasting impression on me, others, but more importantly, yourself. The decisions are yours to make, the advantages are yours to take, so lets be men out here this week." My reasoning behind that speech. I've dealt with leaders who think that yelling is the only way to fix things long enough, I'm sick of it. Rather than do what they do, I put it on the scouts to not only represent themselves, but their troop. I prefer to run the troop much like Pete Carroll, the head coach of USC runs his team. A laid back atmosphere, but the discipline are there. There was one incident however. A scout refused to report to server duty that night. Rather than yell, I just asked him "how do you want to be remembered man? How do you want to be remembered?" It was enough to send the guy on his way to the mess hall.
  19. C-BOLT

    Video Game Addiction

    I wouldn't like the idea of a shakedown. Although there are probably a ton of scouts that are sneaking video games with them, it would give the scouts another reason to complain about the troop. But back to the topic, VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT BAD!! It's the addiction that is!!! Like i said before, I play like them, but I also make sure not to get too caught up in games, or anything for that matter. Its all about balance, but you can't solely use video games as a scapegoat for everything that is wrong in scouting.
  20. C-BOLT

    Video Game Addiction

    I'm an avid gamer, but I also do alot of other stuff. The trick is to not get obsessed with one thing. And believe me, scouts playing games after a meeting is alot better than these idiots in Korea who end up dying because of sleep deprivation. Just don't go on the warpath and try to eliminate games completely, like some have tried in the past.
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    'Magnificent Seven' make Eagle

    Thats a good story. Our Troop produces a ton of Eagles, and this year is no exception, but I like how they all made a pact and stuck with it.
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    how far to do we let boy-led go?

    You should let the boys go spelunking. If you were to deviate from the original plan, it may cause some scouts to be unhappy, and ultimately, would defeat the purpose of a boy led troop. All I know is that if I was looking forward to a cave trip for several months, and found out we had to go on a campout instead, I'd be unhappy.
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    I sure got screwed by the ides of march today
  24. On the topic of Eagle and how it will help you in life, I just got rejected from a college. Not the end of the world, as a scout is always prepared etc. Oh well, from a scouting POV, I probably would have broken quite a few of the scout laws had I ended up going to said school. =]
  25. I've heard the driver license thing before, it wasnt used on me but people in the troop. And as for the new car, I asked just for kicks, but unfortunately it didn't work.