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  1. I disagree the mere presence of adults changes a groups dynamics and how they interact everyones an angel when mom and dads around its how they act when they are not around that determines their character
  2. this has me thinking of legal issues aside from BSA guidelines and PM, cant find specifics in my state regs but curious, can minor hike/camp alone in various state/fed lands? developed campgrounds require an adult+18 to sign, permits for large groups +10 or more and for stays longer than 3 nights require a permit and adult in my state lands (NY and PA)
  3. $1000/yr sounds like a bargain for the amount of activities involved yes can save some bucks here and there, if a family was to try to give a kid similar outdoor exposure on their own as a family cost would be way more than $1000/yr
  4. Dont think there is an easy solution we spend years encouraging families to help their cubs encouraging parent sibling participation then do a turnaround and head in a different direction i think scouts should be exposed to more independence earlier on allow parent/sibling participation but dont encourage it Explain to the parents from the statt the purpose of cub scouting is to get them ready for boy scouts and explain the gradual transition to more independent scouting with every year in cub scouts have less and less parent direct involvement in individual
  5. yea, just finished wolf scout, have had about all I can handle with arts and crafts if I had to do a 3rd year of arts and crafts I would probably skip the meetings and just show up for camp, to heck with the badge,
  6. didn't know that about LDS curious as to what their reasoning is for that? with what you said, does make a little more sense, as for myself(non-lds) we highly encourage camping, whether camping with the pack, or family camping on their own
  7. I am part of an urban pack(nyc) even in nyc we have ample opportunities to camp, 18 kids in our rank, 5 camp regularly, +10 have not camped yet, first year we had 4 camping trips, second year we upped it to 6 trips, we also rent cabins on most trips to try to entice more to camp, we coordinate and provide rides for those who don't drive, have plenty of gear to borrow, lack of opportunity is not a reason why so many don't camp,
  8. my gripe with AOL requirements and cub scouting in general is a cub can go through 5 yrs of cubs and obtain AOL without ever going camping at some point overnight camping should have been a requirement to earn such badge,
  9. The expected change in policy by BSA is a major inflection point (one long overdue in my opinion, though I respect that some may disagree based on their religious beliefs —————- thats one of the moat biased comments i have read on the issue my opposition to it has absolutely nothing to do with religion all to do with raising 2 girls through girl scouts and seeing how boys group dynamics changes with presence of girls You talk about decorum then make ignorant comment linking oppostion to religion you should apologize for your statement
  10. A bsa file https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/membership/pdf/522-500_web.pdf
  11. Bsa has changed wording recently to be pc meritbadge still has old wording https://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Cubmaster i know mb isnt official but they still have old definition as of 2 yrs ago Can also find older bsa files but takes a bit of work by older only referring to 1-2 yrs ago
  12. Maintain good relationships with parents and guardians. Seek their support and include them in activities. Involve male relatives such as uncles and grandfathers so that Cub Scouts will have additional male role models. this male role midel part is often overlooked in cubmaster responsibilities
  13. Camps have been coed activities have not even siblings had their iwn program at camp to keep them seperate From rank level activities we never associated with venture/crew or other scout programs at council camp even boy scouts interaction was limited in cub camp they did not eat together and slept at their own camp only assisted cubs wirh specific tasks like wood gathering for camp fire as for 1936 that was a war time need No need for such post war time and den mothers were just that den mothers not leaders in charge of programming scouts is n
  14. I see it alot scoutmaster pounding his chest over all his years of experience look at me mentality scoutmaster i prefer is lounging in his hammock unnoticed while the boys are out doing their thing
  15. I am looking for alternatives everyday now other orgs are swamped with request nearest alternative to me is over an hour away yet may join them anyway 2 breaking points for me had discuss duty to god in a hallway where no one could hear us even though we are an all boy pack our council camp is forcing us to integrate at camp all camp activities are coed
  16. Bsa scout camps are now coed so even having all boy pack you are forced to integrate at bsa camps i have helped 2 girls through girl scouts Am not squeamish at all i am 100% against having girls in boy scouts even having siblings at camp changes the dynamics of the group of boys the mommy and me approach of bsa is a failure
  17. by little shelters, referring to those mini leantos? have seen those leantos, I would agree that area has been neglected, sites closer to cabins/main area are generally much nicer, as for trash, summer camp time would agree bit of trash left behind, with little time between summer camp sessions I don't blame the camp, I blame the scouts and their leaders, we always do a LNT walk about before/during and after our camping, in fall/winter/spring camping we find less trash, most of it usually quite old also after every camp session, camp supervisor inspects our site f
  18. have camped at alpine approximately 6 times so far, really not sure what the complaint is, have had no problem with the trails, to/from campsites, only trails that are questionable are those that connect cabins to camp sites, as don't think those are designed trails, just used out of convenience, haven't been to other BSA camps so cant compare to those, but are equivilant to most other large camps I have been to, only complaint would be old wooden platforms require some leveling,
  19. alpine on the NY/NJ border is indeed in NJ, but owned by greater NY council, Alpine is the NYC councils cub scout camp, Ten Mile River is their Boy scout camp
  20. our pack is currently boy only, but committee is trying to change that, also spoke with our council camp, all camp activities are being integrated to coed activities, they are revising cope games to eliminate all contact activities, see your NJ, camp I am referring to is Alpine
  21. Thank you for the welcomes I am 2 yrs into cub scouts but not new to the outdoors, couple of the reasons I had my son join scouts, was 1 for the age appropriate activities, also to share the experiences with other boys his age, we do plenty of family camping, car camping and prinitive camping but his relatives are all girls, hoping to keep his scouting boy oriented but having a hard time with it now
  22. 2 year scout leader and scout dad hope to contribute to the forum
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