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  1. People (you, me, parents, just about everybody on this site) still want the BSA org to go back to what it once was. I concluded that ain't gonna happen, maybe a year ago. Not trying to be my usual negative self here, just going to share what I've done to keep moving forward. I'm still the Cub Scout enthusiast, but now I'm a Unit Commissioner for anybody who wants me. I've helped a group of students in a homeschooling pod two doors down, gave my neighbor's kids wood to assemble a toolbox, lent out my PWD tracks several times, along with my balloon launcher. I'm also making how-to video
  2. While I seem to be super negative all the time, let me say that I truly appreciate this site and all your inputs. This is the only truly free forum about Scouting I've ever seen. Thank you for that. All the best friends. Julian
  3. In a year or two, scouting may be a thing of the past. For me, I've given up and adapted. I bring all my old Cub Scout equipment to pods of regular kids doing group home-schooling. Kids are kids, weather they're in Scouting or not. I get to bring magic into their lives (one of three PWD tracks, space derby rig, balloon launcher, activities, etc), and I'll never have to deal with another belligerent "I was an EAGLE SCOUT!" dad ever again. -Their jedi mind tricks don't work any more. Ya I copped out, but now that I don't ever have to deal with a little monster ever again, there's
  4. Noble of you. Some thoughts of my own, if you don't mind. 1) In society, even in modern more-secular society, we sometimes call a few people "angels" or "saints" due to their exceptional grace and kindness. That said, the universe needs to balance itself by building humans void of those qualities. Those unholy spawn tend to end up being the Den Leader's brat, or the son of a large donor to the Council. 2) My mother was a child psychologist. She literally went where angels feared to tread, and saved many children from a life of darkness and limited expectations. Even knowing tha
  5. Eagle. I never thought in a million years I would have ever heard that said from a BSA Pro, current or former. I commend you for having the courage to lay it out here for all of us. I also commend the exceptional environment Scouter.com gives us in order to share, support and learn from each other's experiences in BSA's many micro climates and pockets of alternate realities. David CO, I do agree with you about executives only really caring about their livelihoods as an employee of Scouts BSA. Luckily, I been able to work with a handful of exceptional (now laid off) Scout Professionals
  6. Practicing kindness through Scouting ...  or at least trying to.

  7. Multiple letters to CEO, Area who sent it to Regional, a certified 14 page report to Irving TX. Three responses by my attorney to shut down lies that came from the district. Whistle Blower policy not applicaple to volunteers. No retaliation prevention policy in play. The Council Commissioner knows and he's trying to help from his side. "Your actions sound as if they are possibly illegal." What the heck? Nothing I've done is illegal or outside of Scouts BSA guidelines. They have. I have submitted emails, screen shots, letters. "Or did you just decide to go your own way?"
  8. I already did. Your right. But they did. So the question I have to ask now is this? People with money buy power and use it for their own personal emotional enjoyment, all at the cost of average youth. This is nothing new in the history of mankind. So, in a light heated way here, can you articulate why my saying so is bad. The civil rights movement is all about calling thing like they are, not by how we want to see them. BTW I am a middle aged white guy, who's technically upper middle class. If I can't call it, who else can?
  9. I realized about 6 years ago that district functionally is a product of volunteer effort. So when a small, and shrinking, group of angry white folks ignore the units in the district, expect their for their own, there is plenty of opportunity to help packs go. So yes CS, I fully know the legals about district and council relationships. What I found is that kindness, and supportive aspects of scouting can, in theory, be provided by a group of caring, currently youth protection trained, adults, outside of the district. The nut I haven't been able to crack is the look of legitimacy.
  10. It happened to us a few years back. My birth council was dog droppings, and the other was Swiss watch good. -They were funded by Boeing who left for TX and they had no revenue all of a sudden. Long story short, our messed up council had more people (most of them were messed up) and within 3 years the, crap folks drove all the excellent people out. But kept their camps, which they sold, and now laid-off everyone else.... At times I think my dog can do a better job running a council. Sorry, I digress. There are great councils, but National dictates their terms to every one and e
  11. At least in your Council they ask if someone wants to be chairman. In our communistic horror show, it's only through private appointment, and only to wealthy POS. My efforts to build a private district, is having little success. With no units being supported, there's no idea who's still participating, much less how to reach them and offer them any help.
  12. So, in 2016 our Council merged with another to save money. That Council sold Campmasters, and the quality was worlds better. Trail's End tasted stale. The other council also had better organization, and discipline. Long story short is that BSA popcorn is a very hot topic, and two years later, went back to Trail's End, which my family won't eat (they love Kirkland movie popcorn). I hoped someone from this decade had experience with the two, and if they could agree with my opinions on taste, or not. Bottom line is that people won't buy Trail"s End. I have to sell to strangers outs
  13. That's so harsh, but there's so much truth to it. I'm sad a hell, but I have to agree with you David CO. -I'm kinda positioning myself to be in that space when the walls come tumbling down. Now that I'm thinking about it, it would be the same about of work as I'm doing now, just without the lies and slander. And the stress. And the kids would have as good of a time because they don't know or care about any district/council structure.
  14. I like to give my cubs the chance to make any sized PWD car they want. You're only 7 once my friend. *it's actually the length of the blade, so maybe an 8" depth. -but don't tell the kids that 😉
  15. Maybe this thread has gotten off topic and I feel I'm partially to blame. Retaliation is a very important topic and may need to be expanded on even more if visitors have their own questions or experiences to share. However, here's some feelings to some earlier comments Thank you for the kind words. -Those never get old when you're a volunteer. Pay-To-Rule (where wealthy Type A, or Karens, or their employers, make donations to a council and buy top leadership positions) sucks. Royally. I've always invited the District and Council to join my events and advertise camps or sell
  16. That is possibly the nicest thing a fellow scouter has ever said to me. Forgive me if I print that and hang it on my wall. The DIY district thing is holding steady. I'm in the midst of sending out emails to the last known Packs and asking them if they need some positive energy. I've got one totally new interactive/virtual/distance/Zoom activity figured out. If I can some up with three more I can host my very own carnival. And host it for FREE. I am almost done working out the bugs of a virtual, open invitation, pinewood derby event. Basically, if you've ever made a car, we can
  17. DAMN that's harsh! Hearing that said by another person that is. But I know it to be true.
  18. Wow! Great thread. Great conversations... about a lousy topic. About 8 years ago I concluded that BSA wanted to make money selling camps. In those 8 years, our Council merged, and 5 properties were liquidated. I've made up a list of sneaky ways Councils sell properties, one of them is closing a camp for a year, or not listing it for a season, and then complaining that it lost money that year. I've met a regional stooge before. They make politicians look humane. This one didn't give a rat's arse about the kids or us volunteers. To be in that high of a tier of the BSA you need t
  19. So many good points. So much good experience in this forum. Here's my two cents & worry. We know that bad scouters make for a bad experience, both adult or youth. In dysfunctional units, boys can learn to control an environment through their actions. I pulled my son out of a toxic Pack after 11 months because of the habitual hitting. The following day we joined a pack 3 miles away and had the best time there. That Pack is why I became a UC and am still a volunteer to this day. So, telling a parent it is okay to look for a better fit, without any guilt, is huge. Howev
  20. CChairman: I'm late to this, but just in case it's still is an issue, I have a few thoughts. qwazse is right, the Charter Org Rep is the person that needs to get involved. While this may not be to their liking, it does fall under their jurisdiction. Get a few parents to draft their list of incidents that the adult in question has done. Include dates, a brief description, and how it made them feel afterward. Having one list from you is okay, but three different perspectives hold more weight. Make a cover letter, as a leader, with the other reports, and send that to the
  21. Kindness sells

    Youth only get one shot to be touched by the magic of Cub Scouting.  It is wrong that adult-children weasel their way back into BSA activities and pervert the program to shine back on them, robbing the next generation of their opportunity.  Bullying is a serious problem in Scouts BSA and the decimated numbers of Scouts in the US shows that.  I've chosen to stand up to the bullies, and they've done everything they can think of to hold on to their empire of dirt. 

    While I won't ever get a single silver anything, the appreciation that single moms show me more than make up for it.

    Long live us stubborn idealists!

  22. ALL of us here have this problem qwazse! That's why we're STILL in Scouting. All jokes aside, reading the following posts actually caused me to tear up for a sec. Fighting for democracy in a private club has been awful, many times. I have huge respect for this site, and I thank you all for being honest, informative, knowledgeable, and passionate. It feels good to be chatting with like dedicated individuals. I have found that kindness sells in Scouting. People stick around where they feel welcomed, and helpful. On the flip side, bad scouters have perfected gentrification; dr
  23. The referred Whistle blower policy is only for employees. A volunteer who does it will only have their report sent back down the chain of command and the volunteer will find themselves out of the Council by the next year. There's no protections for volunteers re retaliation. Even worse if the violator is a District level volunteer. They can do all kind of wrongs, and as long as their employer is willing to donate a few grand to the Council, the bad scouter will keep getting promoted. -From first hand knowledge. National is so deep in the red that only green counts. If your area
  24. I'm finding that there's a generational issue contributing to the decline of Scouting. I broadly refer to it as the "Me" generation. These adult-children run the program mainly for themselves, their kids, and their friends. They create a class structure of haves vs havenots. A new scout parent will probably leave after being yelled at (by a parent they hardly know) because they did something wrong (usually trivial), because they didn't know (no training given to them). On the other hand.. My boy will turn off the game console when it's time to go to Scouts. His choice. (His Tr
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