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  1. Greetings. Question. Yesterday I joined my first blog-the Souter forum....asked questions about Eagles...learned that there was a change in the BSA in 1973....the blog entitled "what happened in 1973" had not been used since 2008...I was a 12 year old Eagle...noted a difference-I was required to pass the lifesaving MB...noted that an 11 year old Eagle was not possible in my eara...apparently this hit a nerve with some...all of a sudden the forum ended--"topic locked"...please explain...what's up with that?

    1. Hawkwin


      I don't know any more than you on that. My guess is that the forum has discussed that topic ad nauseum in the past and the result was not positive. Mods probably locked it to avoid that happening again.

    2. roljers


      Thanks..I'm not familiar with mods...

    3. Hawkwin


      Moderators - those that maintain civility on the message board.

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