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  1. I'm not sure if you misunderstood me or I'm reading the replies wrong but I would like to say that my daughter does TAKE her jacket to the camps, it's just that she tends to leave it in her tent. Anyway, I can not get my Ford Focus to start so it's not a good start to our easter weekend :(.
  2. How do I get her to zip it up though Tampa, do I do it myself?
  3. Sometimes I do just tell her she has to wear AND do up her jacket.
  4. First things first, yes, I am using "guides" as a general term and no, she is in Brownies not Rainbows :). Next thing, no, it's just my daughter that I tuck into bed which the leaders have no problem with! And finally, the nights get below 0C.
  5. :(, I am already being called a Troll after my first post in the girl scouting section of the forum but I am not a Troll!
  6. Eh, I have not been on any other site, think you have the wrong person!
  7. Hi all, I have an issue I'd like resolved regarding my daughter Charlotte .She goes on numerous guides camping trips mainly to get to know the other guides from other areas and, due to the fact it can get cold, especially at night when they are around the camp fire singing songs and generally interacting, I always try to ensure she is wearing her warm jacket and has it done up but she refuses point blank to wear it so I leave her to her own choice but she then complains to me whilst I'm tucking her in bed, that she is frozen.Any tips?
  8. Northern part Tampa Turtle :).
  9. Hi guys/girls, I am new to this forum. I am in Scotland and have 1 daughter, 6yr old Charlotte who attends Brownies here, I am one of the assistants at that group and really enjoy volunteering there :).
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