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  1. Has anyone used thermal heat insoles for camping?
  2. Yeah, you are right but they should get training on that. Because it is always good to take precaution. It is said that over a ten thousand women on a campus, about 350 are victims of a sexual assault per year. It is such a sad to hear. So each woman should need to know the tools and skills that are required for her personal safety. Students need to be aware of some safety tips. We can see that most of the students are roaming and walking with earphones in their ears, they never know what is happening around them. Be careful while walking alone at night. While you are at the campus, utilize the emergency system placed at your campus when something comes ups. Also, it is good to have personal safety apps installed on your phones that you could get help whenever needed. Keeping the emergency numbers in your contact list also helps you while you are in danger. Also, carry pepper spray or whistle with you, this can be a lifesaver in harmful situations.
  3. Yeah, you can choose outdoor camping. Because it builds girls of courage, confidence, and give her the foundation for leadership.
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