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  1. Rick and Mike. I agree on most parts but maybe it is just terminology. The "gatekeeper" example you gave is falls more under just the SM duties to me, work with Scouts and advise and guide. Unfortunately when you say "Gatekeeper" there are those that will say (and I know some) No Scout can take a merit badge till 1st Class or you can't take that till your are 15 no matter who you are. That is not the purpose of what the SM does. So yes he needs SM approval to start a MB but the SM should guide the Scout to the right MB not restrict/ban him for doing any one. The BOR is not a rubb
  2. Our Patrols are age-based. We currently have 10 with an average of 10 scouts each (118 Total). Our NSP are usually split into Patrols (8-10) with 2 Troop Guides and an ASM of New Scouts. The goal is to go from Scout to 1st Class in one year. The first few weeks are team building, prepping for Joining Conference (square know, learning Oath and Law, etc) and "forming" the Patrol with Name, Yell, Flag and finally getting ready for first campout. The first campout is called the Skills Campout. The SPL working off of a plan he and the SM design assign certain tasks to the other Patr
  3. Reading this post there is so much wrong with what I am hearing: What is the SPL's opinion matter in this Scout's rank? Or the Troop Committee? This is a job for the Scoutmaster and Advancement Chair! The Board of Review is not a RETEST, if a requirement is signed off and he has had a Scoutmaster Conference then the Board of Review cannot ask him to tie a knot or build a fire! They can ask about skills used, Leadership done, life in Scouting but not determine that a requirement must be redone! The Scoutmaster IS NOT the gatekeeper to Merit Badges! A Scout can start a Merit Badge
  4. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson on Grandmother's side (Great, etc Uncle) Cardinal Spellman (Cousin several removed) on Dad's side.
  5. kittle, Ask your Troop Committee to show you where it says that the Scout has 1 Year to complete a Merit Badge... As a District Advancement Chair I can tell you that it is nowhere! Ask you TC to read the Red Book or Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures. But if he wants you to give him proof ask for the same from him... In the end it's all about the Scouts.
  6. Sad that these Units and Council Camps seam to thing they know better than National. And NO the Scout does not have to RESHOW a MBC completed Requirements from a Camp or other MBC. If a Scout comes to a MBC with all requirements save 1 finished then all the MBC needs to do is sign off on that one requirement. Anything else is a detriment to the Scout. Lecture the Scout if you want but you CANNOT make him redo the MB...what nonsense.
  7. As a recent Wood Badge course grad (still working my Ticket) I for one am glad I did NOT know what The Game of Life was about. It was an interesting lesson but one that was well worth it. It would have been totally different had we known the 'solution'. I think it is not about it being a secret. I can know in a heartbeat what Rosebud is but watching Citizen Kane without that knowledge gives me a whole different experience. The Game of Life is the same.
  8. We Scream We Soar We eat Critters galore! Schwoop (talons at the ready) EAGLE!!!!!!
  9. First I am an Eagle Scout and have always loved the program and felt it my duty to give back. I started when my son joined Tiger and have not stopped since (he is a star scout). second I was taught by my first scoutmaster (jack Baer, Troop 1 Flushing NY) to always do my duty. He was my SM for years even though his children were 3 and 2. Then when my family moved and the troop we joined was failing my father stepped up and was SM for years after I left... third I love it!!!! There is no better program for youth than Scouting
  10. Hello all! New to the forums here. Just saying hello. Currently ASM for Troop 199 in Fishers, IN and District Advancement Chair for DelMi District. I found the site looking for info for WoodBadge which I will be attending this August... Father of a Star Scout. Scouting History Eagle in 1988, member of Troop 1 Flushing, NY
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