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  1. My sons are choosing their summer camp merit badges.  Son #1 -- Camping, Forestry, Wilderness Survival.  Son #2 -- Astronomy, Nature and one TBD.  I like their choices. Hope they get good counselors.

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    2. ItsBrian


      Astronomy is a really difficult badge to complete at summer camp FYI.

    3. WisconsinMomma


      ItsBrian, he might have to start/finish at home.  There is a MBC in our area who is very into astronomy who may be helpful.  Son #2 chose Cooking for his third summer camp merit badge.  That one may  not be great for camp either, except for the camp cooking portions?  

    4. ItsBrian


      I completed it with a friend my second year at camp, and I didn’t receive a partial. Meanwhile. 2 scouts last year received partials. Make sure your scout completes the requirement where it’s like “plan a meal for your Troop for a weekend camping trip” or something like that prior to camp. No other reason why he should get a partial if he completes the pre reqs.

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