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  1. Your pack earns the ribbon just by planning events. I verified this with National a few years ago. I have a screenshot of the email in this blog post. https://cubscoutideas.com/6273/cub-scout-national-summertime-pack-award/ One note: the post only references boys—it’s on the list of ones that need to be updated.
  2. I have a post on my blog with 75 ideas. Hope it’s helpful! https://cubscoutideas.com/6276/75-pack-activities-for-summertime-pack-award/
  3. I have a blog post with lots of ideas. https://cubscoutideas.com/2334/pinewood-derby-award-ideas/ Hope that helps!
  4. bbender, this is awesome material! Would you mind if I share your 50 Ways document on my blog, Cub Scout Ideas (giving you credit, of course)?
  5. Like all of the ranks, Tigers are expected to complete 7 adventures, and each adventure will take 2 or 3 den meetings. In my opinion, the boys won't be able to complete all the requirements meeting only once a month. If your den leader is new to Cub Scouts, it's likely that he's a bit overwhelmed. I know I was as a Tiger leader! My suggestion is to pick one of the required adventures and tell your leader that you would be willing to lead the adventure for him. You can download one of the den meeting plans here. https://cubscouts.org/library/welcome-to-tiger-cub-scouting/ I woul
  6. I've been involved with our pack since 2009. At first, the boys just voted for best design using a slip of paper as a ballot, and that was the only award other than speed. Then for a few years, we had certificates for a bunch of different awards (best paint, most patriotic, etc.), and our den leaders voted on them. Last year, we put a plastic cup in front of each car with that car's number on it. Boys were given tickets (I can't remember how many--3 or 5, I think), and they voted for their favorite car by dropped them into the corresponding cup. They were told that they could put all
  7. That sounds so fun! Could you give me a few more details about it?
  8. I've been involved with our Cub Scout day camp as an instructor or director since 2009. Our camp's policy has always been closed toed shoes--even when the fire department comes to hose down the boys. This one is just plain ole good common sense!
  9. Thought you would all get a chuckle out of this. I found it on the BSA website: "There's no guarantee that you will be selected for a leadership position right away. The selection process is fairly competitive, and you may be competing with a large number of candidates for a small number of positions. But packs and councils are always grateful for volunteers and should be able to find a place where you can help out until the exact position you're interested in comes open." Seriously?!?
  10. So, that's why everyone looks down when I'm trying to get them to do something--they are stunned by my fame & fortune!
  11. That's a really great idea! I agree with the other folks--have your parents take Youth Protection Training. To expand on what ScoutNut said, in addition to asking the parents what their interests are, ask them if they know somebody who is an engineer or scientist or geologist, etc. who would be willing to come help out.
  12. One of the readers of my website, CubScoutIdeas.com, asked how to recruit parents into leadership roles. Another reader asked how to recruit boys into her pack whose parents are willing to help out. What ideas do you have?
  13. I forget the exact wording, but I've heard it said that busy boys don't get in trouble. The other folks who've commented have some great suggestions, but if you need to stay with that den, help the den leader keep the boys busy. Have a very full plan/schedule for each meeting starting with some kind of gathering activity. And have supplies in your den bucket for games/activities that can be done if a couple of the boys finish a task early. Like Blw2 said, getting the boys out of their chairs is important. There will be some passive activities that need to be done, but make sure that they
  14. I love the crumple up idea! I'm the pack committee chair, and it can be difficult to get the parents to take charge of events. I think you have a very valid point about not doing something just because we've always done it.
  15. Christineka, I am so inspired by your dedication! Do LDS packs have a pack committee? If so, do you think the committee chair could help you? I do like Dedkad's idea of meeting once a month with each rank then once with all ranks. Would that work for you?
  16. Our pack is really not happy with popcorn sales. We used our extra show & sell to fill orders, but we had extras even beyond that! I didn't think we would EVER get rid of the cheese popcorn. Our pack sales have been dropping over the last few years. There are a lot of reasons for that--timing of our Council's sale (beginning of the school year), expensive popcorn, not an impulse buy, etc. Although our pack will sell again this fall, we plan to have another fundraiser for most of our expenses.
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