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  1. I always wear my campaign hat, but I am not a real fan of pants in general. I just wear my shirts long and my stockings high. Saves money on pants, belt, and belt buckle! Sure I get complaints for other scouts and scouters, and am always being picked up by the local constabulary, but hey, I just don't like pants.
  2. I haven't been around for a few months and I check the topics to find my favorite topic-uniforms! I agree with all that the pants are the biggest problem. Personally, I prefer straight leg trousers with no pockets. Have several in my collection from the 1950-current and like them all. Guess I don;t have much of a figure. I must admit I do own a pair of the new venture pants and love them. Problem is the price. Design venture pants in dark green for scouts but cut the price in half and that might be an incentive for complete uniforms. However, there are those that don;t want to
  3. Dan, Why I do declare, I think I have been insulted !!!!
  4. My wife is expecting our fifth child in April. My wish is that we are blessed again with a healthy child. Happy Holidays to all.
  5. I have an offical BSA whistle. Usually wear it suspended from my pocket button too. What do I as a cubmaster use it for? Sports events, relay races, parade drill, and falling the boys in when they are spread out over a large area. Otherwise scout sign does the trick all the time. The other stuff described-lazer tag?? Whats up with that??
  6. I too recieved a lashing from Bob White (actually I was tag teamed by him and Eammon). However, that is the nature of the beast. This is a public forum and we are all expressing our freedom of speech, or press, or whatever you call this. Come on back Mr. Bob.
  7. Sept. 1979, my first camping trip, Alpine Scout Camp, NJ. Camp Ranger found an injured baby fox. Had it wrapped up in his coat and was showing us. Thought that this whole scouting thing would be kinda fun. Stayed around ever since.
  8. Call me vane (or is it vain??) but I like wearing my knots. I have not earned my woodbadge yet but when I see someone wearing their beads, I think it really cool. We have several scouters in the district that have a "salad bar" of four rows. Looks good to me. I know some people say that they are showing off but to me and some of my fellow scouters, it inspires me to go to training. Yes the program is for the boys but if we are not all boys (and some of us girls) at heart, then why are we still scouting? Rows of knots and beads does not mean to me a showoff-rather a person who is dedicate
  9. My cubs and webeloes try that already. Without making a big deal, I just point and say, "Fix that cap." They get the message.
  10. Fuzzy Bear, Actually, when I was a Sea Explorer, our work uniform was a white t shirt, blue jeans, and a dixie cup hat with the Sea Explorer Anchor insignia sewn on. Boots or sneakers as needed (and sometimes bear feet). Great uniform for its purpose and it is "traditional". (However, for meetings, Bridge of Honor, parades, ect. we had dress blue crackerjacks) PS-in the work uniform, we did roll a pack of cigs in the sleeve. The left brest pocket on the jumper worked well for a cig pack too. Really ticked the skipper off !
  11. ne-iv-165, dittos on the neckerchef. Scouts are supposed to wear one as a piece of equipment, not costume. Ever try to do some of the "traditonal" uses of a neckerchef with a modern one?? Funny thing happened the other day (well not really funny but I like the expression). I was going through my new scoutmaster handbook and looking at the pictures (I havn't mastered the reading part yet). I remember saying to myself how good the leaders looked in their uniforms. Now, as some of you know, 90% of the time I wear 1960's and 70's uniforms because I like the cut and color. But the c
  12. I think adding some of these requirements to the quality unit award is the way to go. That patch should really mean something, and yes, make it darn difficult to attain. Last year our district did not recieve quality district for the first time in (as the old timers old me) many year. They were really, really, really upset. talked about it for months. The district failed on recruitment and webeloes to scout transitions (not to sure if it was a numbers or paperwork mistake). Anyway, they turned around and really are correcting their mistakes. They took the quality patch (award) f
  13. My troops policy was: Uniforms at all meetings, hikes, day trips, scout Sunday, ect. Civilian outdoors type clothing (wools, flanels, ect.) for campings trips. Only the hat was required (unless wearing a knit cap-which was required along with boots, mittens, and heavy coats for cold weather camping). Our scoutmaster required every scout and leader to have a shirt (short or long), and pants (old or new style and we did mix and match). The hat and neckerchef was required but the type was up to the boys to vote on by patrol (we were still wearing overseas caps, ball caps,and beret
  14. Did you ever notice that no matter what, it always sounds really cool in French.
  15. Hi everyone, If you are inerested in hats, contact me at cubmaster137@aol.com all sizes 6 - 7, 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 1/2, but to be sure, measure you head and send me the numbers. thanks chris
  16. Sorry, no overseas caps. Guy in the Empire Scout Shop (gold loops and all) said that several leaders were looking for them and uniform neckties too. I thinjk we should write to national supply. PS-after this weekend, I will email photos of the campaign hats to those that inquire at my email Cubmaster137@aol.com. You are all better going this way since I am too computer stupid to work the Private Messaging thing. thanks Chris
  17. Welcome to the forum and most importantly, welcome to scouting. You will have many adventures ahead of you. Always do your best, always challenge yourself, always listen to those you lead and those that lead you, and never, ever, be afraid to make a mistake.
  18. Hi everyone: Hats will be 15.00 each with shipping at 5.00 (10.00 on orders of 5 or more, shipping as required) Please order/contact me at Cubmaster137@aol.com I will need the size required and your address. The sizes are 6 1/2, 6 3/4, 6 7/8, 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 1/2 I will look for some that are larger. I take a size seven and the 7 is a little loose on me (I also have a very short hair cut) All hats will be cleaned and brushed before I deliver. I will also try to press in my hat press as best if you wish. However, if you want the brim iron board flat, you sho
  19. Thanks for the comments venture. The hats really clean up well and press out overnight pretty good (ned to be steamed for perfect). some of the ones were bent into positons that the DI's wanted, like old cavalry hats. I think the scouts might like them that way. Only problem I see is that most of the sizes are a 6 3/4, 7, 7 and 1/2 and what ever is in between. If you need a large size, I don't have any. It appears that the DI wear them high so the small sizes are what we have the most. I am looking for the cheapest way to ship. UPS is crazy- 5.00 for a box and 11.00 to Wash
  20. Stealing the idea from another thread, what job or position was your favorite, both as an adult and youth. I loved being ASPL because in my troop the ASPL was the "patrol leader" of the leadership corps. As an adult, I will always remember being a Tiger Cub Den Leader as my favorate since it was here that I introduced my son to scouting.
  21. I have a large assortment of campaign hats. They are US Army issue OD campaign hats that list 108.00 brand new from Stratton hats:http://www.strattonhats.com/f40.html. They are thicker and better constructed then the offical BSA hat and with the official leather strap and pin they look great. Theya are used, and hat been worn by drill instructors. The brims are in need of a pressing overnight and I need to brush some mildew off them. I just took five minutes to clean a really mildewed hat and it looks brand new. Sizes are 6 1/2 through 7 1/2. I can look through for some larger ones if
  22. 577d5 Ditto on the "natural fibers". I try to only wear wool and/or cotton in the field exactly for the fire resistant reason. Well made wool wears like iron, although I do smell like a wet dog when wet (actually, my wife says thats my natural smell). I am all for updating the activity uniform, adding the bonnie cap (although you know the idiots at National SUpply will make it red with a yellow front or some other God awful color), pull over sweaters, ect.
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