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  1. bpilati

    Scouting's Real Gay Policy

    I thought the BSA policy was that homosexuals could not serve in leadership positions. When did they add that homosexuals could not be members?
  2. bpilati

    BSA as a right-wing political organization?

    Ann Coulter (who I like) is an inappropriate speaker at any Boy Scout event. Ollie North is an appropriate speaker at any Boy Scout event because he has an association with the organization. Any speaker at a Boy Scout event should be speaking about scouting issues, and any related current events. They should not be discussing world politics in a way unrelated to the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America are a non-partisan organization that happens to embrace values and beliefs that are also supported by conservative politicians. Since the Boy Scouts of America adhere to values also supported by a large portion of Americans, it is not unusual that there are politicians with the same beliefs. This is not bad; in fact it is good, this is how politics should work.(This message has been edited by bpilati)
  3. bpilati

    OK Bob (subtitled, Bumper Sticker Politics)

    Gee Be_Prepared, I guess Ronald Reagan just doesn't like the Boy Scouts. Does it really matter that much? Rumsfeld is probably the highest ranking Government official with an Eagle, shouldn't we expect him to show at these things? I think if the President sends someone in his place, that is sufficient.
  4. bpilati

    BDU and Uniforms

    I hereby order you all to wear pink polka-dotted pajamas with your tan shirt and official green belt. Enough said!
  5. bpilati

    Uniform Inspections

    I agree with Bob White. He makes sense. We've had these discussions in our troop as well. I believe there is NO requirement to wear a uniform. If one is worn it must comply with BSA guidelines in sofar as it can. No unauthorized patches, and patches must be sown on in the correct location. You must be neat in your appearance. Our policy (and maybe BSA's) is that no camo pants maybe worn. Military solid colors (green) may be worn. Although not strictly enforced, we say either solid dark green pants or blue jeans should be worn. Uniforms are very expensive. An adult tan shirt is $38 at the Scout shop. I purchased mine on ebay for much less (slightly used). Our troop has its own hat and scarf. The hat is purchased ($5), the scarf if given to the scout upon receiving his scout rank. Sometimes the troop even gives you the troop number. All rank, leadership and merit badges are given by the troop.
  6. Hey Bob, tell you friend to ask his Russian friends if they know who Jesus Christ was. If they say yes, then they know what volunteerism is.
  7. bpilati

    Parents and Camping trips

    Parents are allowed on our campouts, but must camp in the adult area. Of course, cub scouts that come with a parent to a Boy Scout campout may sleep with their parent; following youth protection guidelines. Each patrol has its own campsite. The boys may not enter the adult area without their patrol leader. This is to encourage the scouts to go through their chain of command to solve problems or ask questions prior to asking an adult. This does not preclude a boy from seeking an adult if problems are not addressed. Parents are asked to encourage this approach, but are not forbidden from speaking to their children, of course. Parents can go to the patrol site where their children are to visit, instead of children coming to them. We love having parents along, we put them to work! Any troop that discourage parental involvement needs to be examined by their local council.
  8. bpilati

    Military Type Equipment

    Our troop does not allow camo clothing. If you can find solid green or other solid color military pants thats fine.
  9. How do you partner with a troop from another country?
  10. Where do I begin? KoreanScouter: How dare you even type the question asking whether aluminum dutch ovens compare to cast iron dutch ovens! Blasphemy!! May our founders ears be shielded. Jerry: Nice profile, really informative. Acco40: Are you in the same class as Annalisa? You could co-write a paper on women's and racial issues in BSA simultaneously. What kind of really interesting things would we find out, in your opinion? Now no pros and cons, but here's an opinion: There is no need for girls in Boy Scouts because they have Girl Scouts. Go there and make IT better. I've heard how boring it is from my wife who was in it as a youth, and wished she could have done some neat Boy Scout stuff. Well, go in there a fix it! Women in BSA as volunteers or paid is great IMHO, because the women leaders I'm associated with help to instill good traditional values into the boys according to BSA objectives. Maybe this sounds sexist, but they have a positive influence on the boys that seems sometimes unique to female leaders. Call me crazy, but I believe men and women are different (no I didn't read the Time article). Many people are trying to teardown the BSA, not because they want to join...but because they hate its values. It's natural to be suspicious of topics like Annalisa's, and she should have expected it.
  11. bpilati

    Virginia Park now taken over by gay sex

    Dan & littlebillie, Sorry, I didn't pickup on the sarcasm.
  12. bpilati

    Virginia Park now taken over by gay sex

    littlebillie, I disagree. He lied to a federal judge. He had sex...oral sex.
  13. bpilati

    assistant scout master

    I believe I agree scomman. My wife finds a lot of good Scout stuff on ebay. Check it out.
  14. bpilati

    Virginia Park now taken over by gay sex

    NJCubScouter, why did you put quotation marks around the word "orientation"? What does this mean?
  15. bpilati

    assistant scout master

    Under no circumstances should any Troop, Leader or Scout stray away from BSA or Troop policy. We are supported by the 1st Amendment right to free speech and association. My sons have never had a negative experience wearing their uniforms to school, selling POPCORN or anything else. And if they had, I wouldn't change a thing. Do you think anyone participating in the Gay Pride Parade stopped being gay, because anyone objected? I doubt it.