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  1. Beavah....sinch you started this thread...I would like to add... 1. Not all members here have yet to attain the 1000+ plus posting status or read all of the posts on the board. How about not slamming folks for posting something that may have been discussed a year or two ago? 2. Keep in mind that not everyone is as perfect at scout as the senior group of posters out there. I could name name, but you can think back and see if you have ever "corrected" someone...especially newbies to the forums. 3. What is the point in arguing about stuff on here on a personal basis? Take it offlin
  2. I was at an event recently and had an UCK come up to me and flat out tell me that I was not allowed to wear Eagle Palms on my Eagle knot. He was really addamit about it. He would not leave me alone until I took them off too! Right there and then in front of a whole bunch of scouts. Ranting and raving that I could NOT wear youth "Insignia" on my uniform. He went as far as to holler out if I thought I was some sort of "Adult Scout" or something. Well I gotta tell ya that his uniform looked like he was a Major General in the army. I don't know about that but he sure was a major something els
  3. I was wondering which council that is all about. Svendoid PMed me to see what my motives were. Nothing...just curious is all. I believe it is the Yankee Clipper Council based on previous posts. http://www.yccbsa.org/ BB
  4. #45 - Eagles Scout Knot (NESA Lifetime Member) - Just released to the general public June 1st, 2008. I seem to have heard something about a Doctor of Commissioner's Science Knot too. Anyone know anything about that one?
  5. Technology ...At the speed of light...at its best =-) (Ironically as I post a reply from my Treo as I am waiting for something while out shopping). BB P.S. ...and then use my Garmin GPS to find my way back home. (Not really, but I do use that also often as I travel). LOL
  6. Svendzoid - I admire the interest in participating at that level and admire your spunk, but if you are looking for an in, I don't think ya got a snowballs chance in ...well you know. No offense intended. Good luck to your campaign to get on your CEB. Let us know how it goes. BB
  7. Svendzoid, Which council are you a member of? BB
  8. As a scout...I just kept sewing them on the back. Granted you can't see 'em from the front, but neither can you if you have a 2nd one over the top of the 1st. Not sure what the insignia guide says about that, but that's what I did. I must have had the shorter sash as I could only get 46 to a side. BB
  9. This website might be of interest... http://www.mninter.net/~blkeagle/uniform.htm
  10. Proper spacing? No idea, but I do know personally for a fact that you can fit 46 merit badges on each side if you squeeze them close enough. (I have a number of Eagle Palms.) [Note - As far as sewing them on...that's another matter, but I will agree that a stapler works great for keeping 'em in place in a pinch or while you are sewing 'em on. My mom did not sew, so I learned early that if I wanted my patches on...I had to do it.]
  11. In an economy like this...it really makes you look hard at what is a necessity and what is a luxury. My family is a single income family with a stay at home mom and 5 children under 9. Things don't go half as far as they did even 6 years ago. I was paying $0.99 a gallon then for gas. Groceries...? Not entirely sure except I know it was a lot less. My wife has been the CFO (Chief Family Office in charge of finances) also until recently. She said the stress was getting to her trying to make it all work. So I took it over. I will tell you that 1 1/2 lbs of grapes and 4 lbs of apples = $10! Y
  12. Natasha...? I am not sure. I think the last I heard that she got married to Ponsonby Britt.
  13. Greetings! New to the forum from the midwest. BB
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