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  1. Are Frisbees lead free? My reason for asking is that the colored plastic around electrical wire contains lead to maintain the color. Electricians who can't smoke on the job anymore are sometimes known to chew on pieces of scrap insulation. After a couple years of doing this they seem to lose their mathematical ability. So, since Frisbees are also brightly colored plastic, have they ever been tested for food use?
  2. You have asked whether issuing a Form 1099 for each Scout receiving such benefits would negate the private benefit question. In this case, you would treat all income the Scout receives through the earmarked account as compensation for tax purposes. An exempt organization can, of course, pay reasonable compensation for services. Treating the receipts as income to the individual, however, may raise additional issues for the Pack. In particular, the fundraising activity may, if conducted by paid labor rather than volunteers, be characterized as unrelated business income taxab
  3. (I don't know which council this is) To: Unit Leaders Re: Unit Scout Accounts We have received word today on the first, of what we expect to be several, IRS rulings that impact unit finances. Many units give Scouts a percentage of the profit of unit fundraisers. Normally the unit holds those funds in their checking account reserved for each Scout. The IRS has ruled that Scouts receiving a percentage of any fundraiser is a commission and as such is taxable income. For over a year, the Boy Scouts of America, National Council has been studying the issue of private benefit. In
  4. Question I am involved with a Boy Scout Troop that is chartered by a Church that is a 501©(3, making use also responsible to follow the Tax Laws of a 501©(3). Our only Fundraiser is selling Christmas Trees every year. The Scouts work with a parent at the Tree Lot and the profits are distributed into Individual Scout Accounts based on the number of hours that a Scout and his Parent works. We understand that this practice may not be legal with the IRS. Suggestions have been to only put the Scouts portion into his individual Scout Account and the Parents portion into the Troops General Fund
  5. Anyone donating coin did not pay to send any individual Scout to camp. They paid to send the entire troop to camp. An exception to this is if donations were sought specifically to be used for camperships
  6. What some are trying to say, I believe, is that any money given to a non-profit cannot be used for personal gain. For instance, if a Scout is given a new uniform because he can't otherwise afford one, then that is personal gain unless the entire troop is also given a uniform (the exception being the uniform closet of donated uniforms). Tracking hours worked and sales made being used to offset camp fees seems to contradict this, but that's how life is
  7. B.B.S. is a fairly new book. Has anyone read it yet?
  8. There are different categories of growth plate fractures depending on how the break runs. While the cast may come off in a month or two, physical therapy may last a year. Going down the hall on crutches is a lot different than the pounding of a five miler. In my mind, this is one time alternate requirements should be used. Hiking too soon, to win one for the Gipper, may result in a permanent deformity (bone stops growing, bone grows too long, bone curves). If the lad feels guilty about getting a pass, he can earn the hiking mb in a couple of years
  9. slightly dated, but still useful http://www.lepp.cornell.edu/~seb/philmont.html
  10. First off, I have no experience with Cubs. Anyway, you did have a parents meeting explaining the upcoming year's program, its costs, and why fundraising is now necessary? You need to have a variety of fundraisers. Many can't/won't sell stuff. Of the four yearly fundraisers, one or two could be the sales type, but the other two should be some other kind. Everyone should pay something, either in time or money. If selling is too hard, and they're cash poor, then they can sit and monitor the Scouts at the annual yard-sale. Zero buy-in means you're just being used as a babysitting f
  11. 70 shared profit? Even 60% shared profit? Most retailers would jump for joy if they could make a 40% gross profit margin. Scout Law # 13: A Scout is greedy. Sorry, but popcorn just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  12. if they slack/won't do troop fundraising, then they are not showing enough Scout spirit, and don't get that rank advancement requirement signed off. This is a reason fundraisers need to be varied, and not all sales type I don't believe individual accounts can legally be used to buy uniforms. However, if the troop gives everyone a uniform or part of, as certain criteria are met, that is probably OK
  13. be careful with individual Scout accounts. They can be used for membership fees, camp fees. The problem is if the Scout uses them for gear purchases, you may well run afoul of the law for non-profits. Since we try hard to keep us Scout led, the Scouts - at least the Patrol leaders Council - has full access to the books at any time. They know what money comes in and when. Knowing this, and passing it on to the other Scouts, helps make troop fundraisers a better success because they now have a specific need for the money to go somewhere/ do something they've all bought into
  14. addendum to sleeping bag recs: mummy cut of course - unless you can't sleep that confined synthetic fill - not down - unless you are able to absolutely, positively guarantee it won't get wet in the possible daily afternoon showers while you are still out on the trail
  15. a sleeping bag good to 30 degrees, with a full length zipper so it can be used as a blanket on warm nights. Supplement with a liner for colder than normal. Besides the gym shorts & tee to sleep in, I also carried light-wt polypro longies and a balaclava as sleeping gear.
  16. "5. If a commercial product is to be sold, will it be sold on its own merits and without reference to the needs of Scouting? All commercial products must sell on their own merits, not the benefit received by the Boy Scouts. The principle of value received is critical in choosing what to sell." So, most have admitted popcorn is not good value for the money. It would be more honest to stand on the corner with a tin cup & beg
  17. If we decide to sell popcorn at the same time as other troops, does it have to be Trail's End? I just Googled "popcorn fundraising". There are dozens of suppliers with different sized and flavored options.
  18. Brent- Have you adapted your dryice techniques for backpacking? If we are on a Philmont type trek, I can't see packing an insulated cooler chest ten or twenty miles each day
  19. when I first started thinking about camp, I did have some misconceptions about summer football camp. I thought that was just about conditioning exercises, windsprints, individual coaching; I did not realize they actually played football in the summer heat. Someone mentioned elsewhere that Girl Scout camps are themed: one year may be aquatics, the next year hiking. Since Philmont, N. Tier & Sea Base are themed camps, maybe that is a vector worth investigating. True, a camp can't be all things to all people - that will please no-one because all the efforts become diluted since too
  20. OK, guys. I'm just trying to enhance summer camp to get more participants. There have been too many gripes that Scout camp comes last when it's a choice between it and sports camp and band camp. Obviously, something has to be redesigned so Scout camp is the hands-down choice. More of the same-old, same-old may not cut it. Suggestions?
  21. Many council camps are boring, understaffed, underutilized, underfunded (well, some of yours, anyway). Plus, the boys have other, sometimes conflicting, activities. I am, here, putting forth a proposal to change most of this. Setting aside, for the moment, the extra costs and logistics, I suggest, for those who pay an extra fee, that one or two hours each day (no more) be devoted to an optional summer football camp or basketball camp. The extra fee, which is in addition to the regular camp fee, covers all the costs of the sports camp option plus a little bit extra to enhance su
  22. it has been a while since boys had to know how to hitch up the buggy so the family could go to town, or braintan a deerskin so he could have some new britches. In a similar vein, I once had to learn the exports of the Latin American countries (sixth grade social studies), but that is long forgotten. So, why bother? It depends on how you view Scouting. Let's set aside the character building aspect for a moment as other endeavors can also build character. So, why Scoutcraft? It depends on how Scouting is viewed. For some it becomes a hobby & avocation - being comfortable in the unde
  23. Board games are great. My favorite rainy day activity (for the Scouts) is to work on the woodcarving merit badge. Get a lumberyard to cut & donate small blocks of basswood. $100? Truly a miracle (last time I tried to delete a duplicate post it dumped all of them, not just the dups. So we're going to live with it this time) (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  24. Board games are great. My favorite rainy day activity (for the Scouts) is to work on the woodcarving merit badge. Get a lumberyard to cut & donate small blocks of basswood. $100? Truly a miracle
  25. Board games are great. My favorite rainy day activity (for the Scouts) is to work on the woodcarving merit badge. Get a lumberyard to cut & donate small blocks of basswood. $100? Truly a miracle
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