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  1. HI my Name Is "Zippie" - I have been free of the evil nicotine MONSTER for- Five Months, Eleven Days, 1 Hour and 4 Minutes, while extending my life and time with my children 22 Days and 15 Hours, by avoiding the use of 6522 cigarettes, while saving $869.95 toward my retirement. Scouting Helped me quit... got tired of running off in the woods at night, and from getting ugle looks from other parents.
  2. Scoutnut, Last year we lost 50% of our tigers, with one of the two dens never forming (this is when I joined as tiger Den Leader/coach). This year because of Hurricane Ivan and other unforeseen event we did not get into the schools till October. We recruited 12 tigers from two schools. School 1 had 7 tigers, school 2 had 5 tigers boys. The Den leader from school 1 quit by the end of November. I tried to get a leader out of what was left of the den, but the only thing I got was a promise to take over after Christmas. Well after Christmas, the guy that said he would take over said he
  3. I know we have covered this topic before, but here goes... Tiger Cubs, last year we lost 50% this year we lost a little more then that. I have heard that that was the national average. Ok I want to know what other have done to increase their retention of tigers. Our ideas are as followed: 1. Recruit in May before the kids can start filling up their lives with other activities. 2. In May instead of school night recruitment, we are going to have a picnic at the CO. The CO is on a small canal that has a lot of pan fish for the kids to catch. It also has a SIMI-wooded area f
  4. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting Tiger Cubs in May rather then in September? I know of another pack that recruits in May. The CM told that its helps them to retain more Tigers.
  5. I have come to realize that I am just a bad judge of people. A couple years ago when I registered as a den leader for my sons tiger den, I looked around and tried to size up the parents at a glance. We had started with six cubs. I looked at the other five parents and said to my self "Self, I would be surprised if parent 'A' is still here in a month but the others look like a go." Well parent 'A' is still with us, while 3 of the other 4 had quit by January of last year. At round-up we picked up 4 new leaders. I looked over the new leaders and said to my self, "Self, I would be surprised
  6. I'm having the same problem with our Tiger den, as cubmaster73, it's a little different situation. Our pack is a small pack also (30 after school night). 12 of the boys in our pack are Tigers. We made two tiger dens. "Den 1" had 7 boys, 2 never showed up at any meetings, 1 boy has never showed up at den meetings but shows up at pack meetings. It seems that 2 boys (and PARENTS) have quit but never called the den leader and won't answer the phone or call him back when he leaves messages. This leaves 2 boys, his and 1 other boy who has been to every meeting until last night, the boy who has
  7. The 10$ pants at Wal-Mart looks exactly like the "official Uniform" pants. Why spend the extra 20$ on pant from the scout shop? I don't agree wearing blue jeans and calling yourself in uniform. Blue jeans are too much of an everyday type thing. Wearing the uniform should be special.
  8. "1. Organized the Bear, Wolf, and Tiger Dens. 2. Solicited volunteers to be leaders. 3. Passed out papers for popcorn sells. 4. Collected popcorn orders. 5. Distributed popcorn. 6. Began work on Bobcat badge. 7. Christmas parade. 8. Distributed papers for another fund raiser." Sounds Like a good start for only being active for a month. "So I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me not to come inside the meeting so that he could work on things himself instead of me getting involved and helping him with everything (we work on the scouting stuff at home). Also, h
  9. We have never had the problem of kids not weearing the blue pants. It helps that the kid uniform for schools requiers blue pants that match the blue Cub Scout shirts. I would never buy those 30$ pants at the scout shop. You can always buy a pair at Wal-Mart for 10$.
  10. I'm looking for free (legel) downloadable kid songs. Perferable without words, just the music. If you have any site please post them.
  11. After we get the new leaders trained and the new committee members trained and appointed to thier new positions I will feel a lot better. In May I move up to CM as the webelos den leader moves up to Boy Scouts. He now has 8 Cubbies to try to start a new troop at our CO. I'm looking forward to having only two roles in our pack, CM and Web master. I'm even thinking about given up as den leader so that I can be a better CM.(but I have not found anyone to take it yet)
  12. I joined Cub Scouts last year at round up. I got home and read everything that I could get my hands on. I got trained and started having meetings. I don't know what I expected when we went to our first pack meeting, but the pack was really small. We only had three dens at the pack meeting with a total of 15-20 boys. The meeting was boring for the boy and no one did skits or anything. The next month I showed up at the committee meeting and ask a hundred questions. One of the committee member seemed to get annoyed whenever the subject of money came up (I found out later that the pack ha
  13. I've had to start having meeting at the church that charters us. Last year we had the den meetings at my home, but this year my DSW, Dear Sweet Wife, is working graveyard shift (so we dont have to put our little one in daycare) and it would be imposable for her to sleep in the evenings with a bunch of second grades have a blast in the house (can't ask them to whisper, they would never listen to that foolishness). As for the parents being at the meeting, it's all I ever knew. I pick up my nephew before each den meeting but al my other parents show up to all my meetings and to all our eve
  14. Well we can't really start camping till September-October because of the heat. We like camping from September-November and late February-Early June. Never heard of any rule that says you can only camp at certain times of the year.
  15. BW The event is a council level event but I will be leading our pack, as the CM is not going to able to attain. FScouter Yea the not nice person just called and asked if I could cover for him at work so he could go to concert with his girlfriend. When I ask him about the campout he blew me off. I'm so angry at my little brother I could spit Fire. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  16. My nephew is in my den. He is a little slower then other kids his age, and sometime has crying fits where he will refuse to listen. He has been held back a year in school (he is in first grade again) but since his cousin is a wolf we aloud him to join our den. His mom and dad are going though a divorce and this may add to his crying fits. Our Fall Encampment is coming up in three weeks. His mother and father (my brother) are to busy to make it to the campout (although my brother is not to busy to attend and all day concert this weekend). Needless to say this is the kind of kid that
  17. We registered 23 new scouts and 4 Leader. We still have 6 boy registrations still out there, I expect 4 of those back. We also have one leader registration that will be turned in tomorrow. That triples the scout that we have in our pack, now we just have to hang on to them.
  18. One more thing... I recently quit smoking>>> I have been free from the EVIL NICO-DEMON for 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 22 hours, 14 minutes and 50 seconds or since 9/8/04 (27 days). I have saved $148.00 toward my retirement. I now have 3 Days, 21 hours and 5 minutes left with my children that I would not have if I had smoked 1,117 cigarettes
  19. Last weekend we had new cub over nighter. The camp sites were right next to each other separated only by a piece of twine. Our pack setup so that we would have a sitting area toward the front left side of the camping area. The pack next to us decided to have there sitting area to the front right area of there camp site (In short, we were next to each other). The tent we had right behind our sitting area was for a new wolf family. The family had a four year old sibling on the campout and I had my three year old son (they are cousins, my brother kids). We let the little kids play in my bro
  20. We had ours schedule for the 15&16 of September but Hurricane Ivan ruin that. Now we have to reschedule. It might be in the first part of October till we can get another opening. Wish us luck.
  21. September 31 is our school cut off date. My son is six and a wolf cub. He turns 7 on the 25th of September.
  22. Eamonn "While I agree with the way you are managing the situation." Thank you. That was the main reason for the post, to see if I was doing right because this could get a little sticky. Especially if the parents are the ones feeding him the JUNK. I do think that saying that someone is filling his head with junk is not very wise." Is racism junk? Is stereotyping junk? "We see someone who looks Chinese or Japanese (Asian) and we want them to be an expert in the martial arts." No not all of us... "We want Englishmen to wear bowler hats and carry rolled umbrellas. The
  23. We have the same problem with one boy who is our den. I don't have any question about, let him go to bears with his buddies. I always take the age requierment as to where they start. BTW Welcome pull up a sit and stay for awhile. WISH ME LUCK: I have been quit for 4 Days, 46 minutes and 59 seconds (4 days). I have saved $19.35 by not smoking 161 cigarettes. I have saved 13 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 9/8/04(This message has been edited by zippie2223)
  24. (GREEN, BLUE = races) We have a little boy in our den that seems to blame or emphasize his race for everything. If he loses a game it is because of his race. If he wins it is because of his race. I have talked to his mother about the problem, but every meeting its "I won because all GREEN kids can beat you BLUE kids." or "We are using BLUE construction paper because all you guys are BLUE." or "You let him go first because you are BLUE and so is he." Hopeful we will get more GREEN kids at round up so he doesnt feel like and outsider, but what if we don't? I not sure how to deal with
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