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  1. I'm a Christian, Vigil Member of the OA, and Freemason. The rituals of Freemasonry and the OA are similar, but there are some similarities that used to exist that have been removed over time. The Ordeal (First Degree) ritual prior to 1921 have been lost. The Ordeal (First Degree) Ritual was rewritten by Dr. William M. Hinkle who was a Freemason in 1921, and he also wrote the Brotherhood (Second Degree) Ritual and started the 3 ritual system we have today, prior to that, the Vigil Honor was the Second Degree. Goodman and Edson were not Masons at the founding, but Goodman later became a Maso
  2. As a District Training Chair, I've only been requested once in the past three years to offer Varsity Training. I said I could do it, but it looks like the Team didn't end up forming so the class wasn't held. You are likely out of the Training Chair's comfort zone since we typically deal primarily with Cub and Boy Scouting and some with Venturing. It's also possible that he feels like training one leader isn't enough to invest the time as it's a eight hour course plus preptime. It's also tough to listen to the same person for that amount of time so he might be worried about presenting it al
  3. It's also important to note that Chartered Organization Representatives are voting members of the Council as well as the Executive Board. Most of the time they don't realize that they are allowed to vote on Council Business.
  4. I don't know if everyone knows, but Cub Scout Training changed over the summer. There are now two modules that are done with all the Cub Leaders, Intro to Cub Scouting and How We Have Fun. Those two modules are 1.5 hours. The next 1.5 hours are the breakouts, there is one for Tiger Den Leaders, Cub Den Leaders, Webelos, Cubmaster, Pack Committee, and Pack Trainer. I'd encourage you to take the training for Cubmaster, your Den Leader position, and other positions you take on. The other you might want to pick up a copy of the syllabus and read it for a better understanding of how the progra
  5. I'm a District Training Chair, and in the Council I serve in, the Trainer Development Course costs $25 includes lunch, snacks, materials, and a training card, it's also eight hours of training plus some Council specific info. The District Committee Workshop is the only training that I've attended for free, that's covered by the Council. Whenever I have helped with a course, there hasn't been a Staff Fee and any costs, primarily food, has been covered by the course budget. That's how I handle it when I run courses as well. I haven't staffed Wood Badge, but I did pay a fee that was half the
  6. Eagle92, I don't know why you couldn't allow him and invite him to see the ceremony. I'm sure it would be an appreciated gesture. There's no requirement that you have to be in a Lodge to see it's Ceremonies. It's also usually very interesting to see how each Lodge does things, there are some differences in each Lodge. The Vigil is probably the one that I've seen the most differences in the execution, I've attended three different Lodge's Vigils. I've visited another Lodge's Vigil when I was a Section Officer and saw their Brotherhood Ceremony when I was there as a ASM during Summer C
  7. I'd encourage you to get active again as well. I'd find a Troop to work with and help if I were you. I'm sure a local Troop would be glad to have you. I think as you start to take training and learn the role, you show the parents that you can do it and are capable. I think that initially they might judge you and question your involvement, but as you get involved and do the right thing, those questions will go away. I'm a 29 year old Scouter who is currently a District Training Chair. I was asked to serve there three years ago after I got involved at the Unit Level again in 2003 when
  8. The National OA Policy for Call-outs is contained in the Guide to Inductions. Chapter 3 of this document discusses the Callout Ceremony and the Callout Guidelines. You can access the Guide at the link below, the password is the admonition. http://www.oa-bsa.org/resources/pubs/gti/Guide-to-Inductions1-6-and-Appendix.pdf The guide doesn't address tapping directly, but it could be argued that the tapping is too rough and is hazing. You can find the words on that on the top of page 21 on the Guide linked above, the guide wouldn't let me copy the words out. The wording of the Policy l
  9. My Council has had some young Wood Badgers as well. I took it when I was 26 and a 20 year old was there at the same time. A couple years later, we had a 18 or 19 year old do it who had served on Youth Staff in prior years. I'd say go ahead and take it if you want to. You'll learn something. It's also similar to the OA's National Leadership Seminar. If you've taken that, you'll see some of the same content used.
  10. It took me about 20-30 minutes I think to finish it, all green. I didn't keep track of how many months though.
  11. Where do you live Belinda? I'm a District Training Chair in Cary, NC, and we're a few hours from the USS Yorktown in Charleston. Occoneechee Council headquartered in Raleigh, NC has one or two BALOO courses coming up that you might be able to attend. I think it's debatable whether or not staying on the aircraft carrier is camping out. I'd personally err on the side of it being considered camping out. I'd also say that complying with BSA Policy and having a tour permit is critical.(This message has been edited by willhi1979)
  12. Is the BALOO patch a round? It doesn't sound like it, but my local National Scout Shop does sell a round patch for BALOO training.
  13. The Section I'm in varies the activities each year, a Lodge is responsible for selecting the events and running it. There has been one fixture the last few years, the Lodge Chief/Lodge Adviser Egg Toss.
  14. The IOLS Syllabus states the type of accepted course formats. Completing the class in one day isn't mentioned. Below is what it has. The District I am in is hosting a two Saturday course in March and April. This is ideal for people who cannot get away from work on Friday or have to be at church on Sunday. The syllabus also has a schedule for Format 1 and 2. It states that each item in the syllabus must be checked off and taught just like a Scout advancement. 1) Full Weekend (Friday evening to Sunday at 2:30pm) 2) Two One-day Weekend Sessions 3) Mentoring program where one ski
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