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  1. Just one recommendation. I've found that slumberjack has a tendancy of over-rating their bags. The 0 degree bag I bought was really more of a 20-32 degree bag. I don't know that this is true of all their bags but it was in my case and I've read a few reviews that mention the same thing. Check around at department stores for clearances. I'm in the Air Force and one day while browsing the base exchange I noticed they had TNF 0 degree bags they had purchased but couldn't sell. I researched the model and found they were pretty good bags that sold for $89-$165 depending on where you bough
  2. If I had the moey to design a campground for boy scouts... I would want 15 miles of trail, broken down so a troop could hike 5, 10, or all 15 on a weekend or long weekend. I would have semi-developed sites set up to support these hikes. The sites would have potable water, composting toilets, and small fire pits. Of course, I would want it in a location where there is plenty of firewood and a pond or stream. I would set up an emergency access road but restrict all users to foot traffic only. If you could build your "perfect" scout campground, what would you include?
  3. National says no homosexuals. If you want to be a boyscout, folow their rules. The NBA wouldn't let you use a tennis ball, The NFL wouldn't let you wear a leather helmet, and NASCAR is not going to let you drive a funny car. If you want to be in an established organization you follow their rules. If you disagree with the rules you either work to change them or, if they are too far from your own beliefs, you leave the organization. You don't join and then decide to just break the rules when they don't suit you. What happened to our training in good citizenship and working within the syste
  4. I own two of them. I love them...wouldn't sell them. I am trying to figure out how to make them out of silnylon. Using Canvas and the 4-piece aluminum pole (plus stakes) they weigh in at about 5 1/2 pounds. They have no floor, I carry a sheet of black plastic cut to half the floor size. They are great for two scouts or one adult. In the 8 years I used them as a scout in the 70's I only had 1 blow down once. Shincatink(sp) Island in a serious wind storm without sand/snow anchors. Tent blew down about 0300 and we ended up sleeping on the bottoms of the walls to hold it up the rest of the
  5. The only place I'm not real big on having extra adults is at the PLC. This is a time for the boys to work out THEIR plan for the troop. I've found that the more adults present the less that gets accomplished and the less the boys own the program. I try to limit adult participation to myself and on occassion 1 other active adult. (youth protection note: My wife, a registered scouter, is always present during the PLC but is in a non-participatory role). Other than that I welcome parents at all activities.
  6. Bush Addresses the Nation Saturday, February 01, 2003 The following is the text of President Bush's speech to the nation on the tragic loss of the Shuttle Columbia: My fellow Americans, this day has brought terrible news and great sadness to our country. At 9:00 a.m. this morning, Mission Control in Houston lost contact with our Space Shuttle Columbia. A short time later, debris was seen falling from the skies above Texas. The Columbia is lost; there are no survivors. On board was a crew of seven: Colonel Rick Husband; Lt. Colonel Michael Anderson; Commander Laurel Clar
  7. I bought mine in the military clothing store at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul korea about 4 years ago. My sons I bought at a surplus store here in the states for about $12.
  8. I generally use both the camelback and a water bottle. I have a slip-on water bottle holder that rides on my hip belt (purchased thru campmor) where I keep a 1 liter bottle. The only down side to this set-up is the bottle sometimes rubs my arm while hiking. I put my camel back just under the upper flap of my pack. If the 1 liter runs dry (rare) I can pull the hose out the top of my pack and press on. The camelback I use for short side trips and around camp. It gives me plenty of water without tying up my hands or weighing down one side of my britches (like a canteen) Mine also has a smal
  9. Rooster, I tend to lean in your direction on this issue. The one addition I would make is that the scout needs to have a scoutmasters conference specifically about his returning to active service. (Having read your posts for while, I know this would happen anyway, but it should be mentioned) He needs to know that he is welcome and the troop is glad to have him. He also needs to know what is expected of him in the way of fulfilling all remaining requirements and what is required of him in the way of being an ACTIVE member of the troop. If he is willing to commit to being a full fledged
  10. Hawk, The mink oil sounds interesting...I've used it on leather but never canvas. I know with a tent the size of yours wieght is not an issue but mine is a backpacking canvas tent a little under 6 lbs (I think) it seems the mink oil would increase the weight significantly...what do you think? Weekender
  11. This is for those donating to BSA through the United Way. Our scout exec told me that the UW gave our council a set amount of money each year (lets just pick a number...say $45,000). If an individual gives $120 to UW and sepcifies that it is to go to our council the council still gets $45,000. $120 of which was from specified donations. The only way for the council to get more than the $45,000 is if people specify more than $45,000 to them. If the same person gives their $120 and specifies a troop then the council must take $120 out of the $45,000 and give it to the troop...The counci
  12. (This message has been edited by Weekender)
  13. Acco, They are not good role models...it really is a simple concept.
  14. KWC57, LittleBillie, I agree with both of your last statements. All sin is based in disobedience of God's will. However, not all disobedience is sinful. The United States was born in disobedience and rebellion to England and much of our understanding of human rights was born in civil disobedience to our own government. Were Meshach, Shadrach, and Abed Nego correct in disobeying Nebuchanezzar? Was Daniel have obeyed King Darius?
  15. At a Church CHRISTmas party and gift exchange one person wrapped their gift in duct tape. It was very well done with a bow and everything. It took the recipient quite a while pulling and tearing to gain access to the contents...a utility knife.
  16. Isn't it odd that Adam's sin (original sin) was also one of rebellion and disobedience. Hmmm. The thing that initially separated man from God is the same thing hurting and pulling our families apart now. I guess when something works you stick with it...even if you're Satan.
  17. Ten years as a Boy Scout taught Darrell Lambert to be honest, strong and inquisitive; to respect his parents, his country and nature; to help people and of course to always be prepared. Honest? The author may want to rethink that one. Trustworthy (No) Loyal (maybe, but only if he agrees with your position) Helpful Freindly Courteous Kind Obedient (doesn't seem to be) Cheerful Thrifty Brave (some would say yes...I think brave would have come years ago) Clean Reverent (Right!) By my count I get maybe 7 out of 12
  18. Sctmom, I have to assume that if you claim to be a Christian then you beleive in the bible...after all, how else would you know what a christian is? The Bible says that beleif in Jesus is the ONLY way into heaven. I'm sure you love your sister, but the bible says she isn't going to make it. If you truly beleive in Christ and you truly love your family, shouldn't you warn them? If I see a man building his house on a railroad track and I know the track is active shouldn't I warn him that he is making a mistake? If he's my brother and I say I love him and I don't tell him...I'd have to
  19. LittleBillie, Your question on unclean foods is a good question. If I may, I'd like to broaden that just a bit to include most old testament instructions. I see the books of the old testiment having two main purposes. First, God uses all of the old testiment, the historical books, books of poetry, and the books of prophecy to point to Jesus Christ as the final fulfillment of man's need for reconciliation wih this creator. Second, the Israelites were very stuburn (stiff necked) people who, after being chosen by God to show the world His power, grace, and mercy, began to see themselves
  20. Littlebillie, All argumentativeness aside for a moment, I used to be a "religeous evolutionist" but I came to the conclusion at some point that if my reason for believing in God at all was based on what the Bible said then to believe in God I had to believe in the Bible and if I'm going to believe in the Bible I have to believe in all of it not just the parts that fit the way I think things should be. God said He created the world in 6 days. By my human logic that seems imposible but if I'm going to believe that God exists then I have to believe that He is exactly who He says He is and
  21. FirstPusk, If evolution is the accepted belief in your church why don't you just have it taught there. Why force it on kids whose church teaches creation. Seems to me forcing a captive school audience to listen to and even study a principle that directly conflicts with their religeous belief in a PUBLIC school is a violation of separation of church and state. By the way...Separation of church and state was intended to keep the state out of church business not the other way around. And yes, maybe I'm claiming to know what the founders had in mind when they wrote it. There doesn't s
  22. I've heard that Thompson's water seal is good for waterproofing canvas tents, tarps, etc. Anyone had experience with it? I used to carry a sturdy but lightweight frisbee and paper plates to eat on. Line the frisbee with the plate and after the meal throw the plate in the fire and the frisbee with your friends.
  23. Scoutmom you make a good point. The state does have a right and perhaps an obligation to PROVIDE an education system to their citizens. They do not have the right to require that anyone use their system nor do they have the right to put forth one belief system (evolution) over another. I'm just suggesting equal time...If you say the two are of equal value they should have equal time. Based on the time alotted I would have to say the public school system favors evolutionary theory.
  24. Rooster7, I enjoyed all the quotes but particularly liked Patrick Henry's "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." I have a question for the rest...If my and my family's religeous beliefs hold that God created the world then doesn't forcing evolution down my kid's throats as if it were a fact violate my religeous freedom? When a
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