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  1. Looking for any information on location (past location) and/or avaliability of Wisconsin State Patrol Explorer Post patches. Thank you for any information.
  2. I have a 17 year old scout who would like to return after over 2 years absence. He left as a Life scout, short only 2 MBs and a project for his Eagle. His absence began following an incident with an asst. scoutmaster ~ neither one was completely right or wrong, but both the scout and his parents were quite upset about some judgemental remarks that were made. Subsequently, the scout's school life got very demanding and the two issues combined contributed to his prolonged absence. Some members of the committe are reluctant to welcome him back, their feelings being to allow his return after so lo
  3. Hello My wife and I have a small problem that we are hoping the readers of the group can help solve. Its is finding games that are suitable for small groups, ie. Between 8 and 10 Cubs. Most of the games we have been using are aimed at a pack of at least 16 or more. Hoping you can help. RegardsVicki and Bill Wyndham Banyule Cub Scouts melbourne Australia.
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