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  1. I have heard of the fleece lines and that would probably work out great for my son who doesn't like the synthetic insides of a sleeping bag. Before we left I looked high and low for my fleece balaclava and couldn't find it. Boy was I really missing that. I did have an head band that covered my ears, but I was really wanted that fleece mask. Anyway, thanks. GTeagle
  2. Thanks for the replies. I thought I filled out my location info. I'm in Texas! Just North of Austin.... so, no I'm not getting snow much nor sleep in it...yet. But, since I was cold...and I like being prepared, I figured I would get something warm. I have read on other forums to take about 20 off a rating, and I was thinking that if it was too warm, I could also open it up and vent. So a 0 degree is good, maybe a -15 would work also. Next week I am driving up to Kansas and Colorado, I wouldn't mind having a warm bag just in case... I too read about slumberjack and read some revie
  3. Hi everybody, I haven't found a forum rules and policies page so I am not sure if this is something that can be asked or not. I assume it can, so please read on. This past weekend we got back from our first winter campout and I got the pleasure of sleeping in a bag that was rated for 35 and it got down to the low 20's. Anyway, I have learned a lot today reading here and some other backpacking forums in regards how to get warmer. One of the first things I want to do is get a warmer bag. I am currently considering the BackSide X-fiber -15 or 0 degree bags. I also saw a -40 o
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