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  1. I have a young man in my den that suffers from Aspergers. It has been a challenge. Read the article starwolfmom wrote. Very good.
  2. This wife thing is a new wrinkle. My wife nailed it the other day. She told me she had a feeling the wife was a driving force. That's one smart women I married Thanks.
  3. I have the Eddie Eagle program. The council events are well run and done very safely but they are not presented in a learning enviornment. I'll probably do the class room section now and the rest after they crossover.
  4. Just saw the G2SS. A little disappointed my Webelos aren't even allowed to shoot BB guns. Anything out there that prohibits me from putting them through an NRA gun safety course? I've run it by the parents and no one has a problem with it.
  5. We pay a gentleman to come in and run our Derby Race. He brings a 4 lane track, electronic timers, music and all the other bells and whistles. I think it is a lot easier than building, upkeep and storing a track. That might not be an option for other packs but it is ours.
  6. When our son was 5, I registered in a Pack as a Committee Member. The christened our son a "Beagle Scout" and gave him a badge with Snoopy wearing a campaign cap. Sorry to say, the next year the pack folded and we moved to another one. Exact same thing that happend to me 40 years ago.
  7. Sounds like it's time to get active in OA again. Thanks
  8. Thank you. My shipmates did indeed die on the IOWA. God bless them all. USN(Ret)
  9. Our 8 year old daughter attends most of my Web 2 meetings. She knows the Boy Scout Law, Motto, etc. She can do a flag ceremony, tie a square know and 1/2 way set up a tent. She can identify Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak. She understands the meaning of "Do a good turn daily". She wants to be a Cub Scout so bad she can taste it but she knows she can't. She does not want anything to do with Girl Scouts. She is counting the years down until Ventures.
  10. Anyone ever used the OA for presentation of the Cub Scout Arrow of Light? When I was tapped in 1973, our council had an impressive group of dancers. My Web 2 Den will be getting their AOL this year and I think that would make a very impressive ceremony. Thanks
  11. One of the dads makes a wonder arrows for presentation to the AOL receipents. Side note: Our son will be getting his this year. I will be giving him the patch and pin that my father present me when I was 10 years old (1967).
  12. Non issue tonight, he didn't show. In fact his wife didn't bring their son until 10 minutes before the end of the meeting. The Chair for the B&G came up to me: "The CM told me I could not send emails to anyone without running them through him. What is his problem and when are you going to straighten him out?" Popcorn Colonel was right behind her with the same email story. I got the same look your dog has when you talk to them. Head tilted and the "What are you talking about?" expression. CMs Wife came up to me "You are not to send any emails to parents without runni
  13. I have a couple pairs of Columbia brand pants that look good with my uniform shirt. They wear great and the color just about matches.
  14. The conflict between us has been noticed by several of the parents and it is making some uneasy. The CM is not one to work behind the scenes to work out problems. He tends to make them public, whether or not they need to be. The indcident with the last CC is good example. It should have been handled quietly between the two adult members. Instead, the CM scheduled an emergency committee without the CC present. Told his side of the story. I will continue to push for him not to be present at my den meetings, but not at the point of open warfare. alexsma - You are correct, militar
  15. Please understand, I'm walking a fine line as to what is best for the boys and the pack. If I take total control of my den and destroy the pack in the process, I've accomplished nothing. The reverse holds true. The term "being dead right" comes to mind. An organization can only take some much internal strife before it implodes. Ever seen a pack or troop go up in a ball of flames from something like this? You lose boys forever to Scouting. I've already contacted troops we want to visit. I'm in the early stages of setting up a weekend camp with a troop. I know what I want to do
  16. The only senior officer we have left is a one star. His son is a Bear. I am not on good enough terms to get him involved. I would never back door this guy, as much as I don't like him. My two full birds stood guard at the gate while I tended to the horses. Now, I'm trying to watch the gate and keep the herd together. I retired from the Navy (enlisted) about 10 years ago. So far, I have not used any of my Boy Scout emergency words/Navy language on him. I haven't chewed real hard on someone for a long time. I've let this guy have his way to keep from having problems within th
  17. Sorry, don't agree with that but I do understand what you are saying. This is not about personal power. My goal for these boys has never waivered. This is about getting them to the finish line. Getting them crossed over with their Arrow of Light. Every last one of them. Therein lays the rub. Personally, these guys will have very little long term effects on me. Scouting wise, I am now at the point of not being sure I can do tolerate them and maintain my Scouting Spirit. I think I'm answering my own questions. I have a meeting tonight with our ex Committee Chair.
  18. Why is Pack Management involved in running my den? His son. Dad wants to control every aspect. Like I said, I've tried the talking aspect, even volunteering to let him have the den. Wants to stand on the sidelines and direct from there. I see two options: Do nothing: An option that would benefit the boys, up to a point. If I take this option, I have to be willing to take what he dishes out for another 6 months. That is going to cause a festering wound that might or might night open into something that could possibly hurt the pack. Leave: This is already our 2nd pack, the
  19. CC: We are basically a military pack with a high turnover. The Cubmaster basically forced the CC (7 years with the Pack) out. He and the Ass't Cubmaster came to the last committee meeting and said: "Either I (the Cubmaster) or the Ass't well become CC, which way do you want it?" I spoke up and said that isn't the way the Committee works and attempted to explain proper procedure. Those two didn't want to hear what I had to say. I really fouled up the works when I volunteered to become CC. COR: We are sponsored by the Americal Legion. Very hands off. I've talked to the COR before.
  20. I've had a boy with Aspergers Syndrome in my den for the past three years. This young man is about 5'7" and 160 pounds. I sat down with the dad and we decided it would be best if dad was as all the den meetings. That worked out until dad got deployed to Iraq. Stepmom was not interested in getting involved. I did a lot of soul searching and decided, with the help of another dad, that this young man needed Scouts. For that year, we took turns picking him up and bringing him to Scouts. The young man has come a long way. He's been a handful, but it's been worth it.
  21. Background: I am an Eagle Scout and have 23 years in the Scouts. The past 5 years, I have been involved with our son in Scouts (I signed up early as a Committee Member). I am currently the Webelos 2 Den Leader. 1 year ago, we got a new Cubmaster. He and the Assistant ramrods what they want through the Committee. It's basically "This is how we are going to do it, ready to vote?" No discussion. The committee is mainly Tiger Cub parents with little or no experience. When I try to explain to the parents the proper procedures, I get ignored by the Cubmaster. They have gone as far as hav
  22. I have been through this twice. Once as a Cub myself and again with our son. You have to make a decision on what is best for the boys. I would suggest merging them into your pack.
  23. Regarding one of the most esteemed eagles: http://www.thebiographychannel.co.uk/biography_story/802:589/1/Michael_Moore.htm Another local boy makes good, perhaps helped by values he learned in scouting. Sorry guys, "esteemed" is not the word I would use to describe Michael Moore.
  24. I don't take boys camping unless there are a minimum of 4 adults. Two deep leadership. If we have to take a young man to the hospital or other emergency, that will still leave two in camp.
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