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  1. lol - yes the other post was me but I couldnt locate my originalpost and thought I never hit send to enter it on the forums. I will try your fix, thx for reply.
  2. Am trying to update my YPT but the online training program malfunctions. The training starts fine but every time 3 minutes into the training it does not display the NEXT button to continue. I have tried it on windows machine and Mac. I heard its possible National is experiencing a problem but nothing has been placed on the BSA website indicating an issue. It has been three weeks. Does anyone have any insight?
  3. I have been tryingto take YPT to update my records. I get 2 minutes in and no "next" button is present to move forward. It has been two weeks, I have unsuccesfully tried to complete the course from both Safari and Expolrer. No tag has been placed on the national website indicating an issue. Does anyone have any insight?
  4. I couldn't agree with your more regarding recognition and family participation. The question at hand is Pack management software. The parents can simply log into to Scoutrack and input the awards thus having those awards easily communicated to our person that goes to the scout shop. This method in place of missed phone calls, messages, misinterpretations. In addition software like scoutrack has a calendar with auto emails sent to everyone in the pack. Rosters, contact info that can be easily updated by any parent, etc. There are numerous benefits and features. It's simply better th
  5. Well, I could run the pack from a three ring binder but why if an easier way exist? I could also just use a ceiling fan instead of AC but air conditioning is BETTER. We run one campout a month in season. No way that happens without emails and pack management software. Software is less consuming of time and better at organization then a three ring binder, undoubtedly. I could reply upon the parents solely for advancement but this will cause lower long term participation. Why not take this burden away from them and let software do its job? If we make scouting easier on the parent
  6. We are implementing the Indian chant/call. The hoot with your hand tapping the mouth ( from the old cowboy movies).
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied. Your remarks are helpful indeed. This is a good example (btw) of the willingness of the scouting community to share for the benefit of others. Salute! Brad CubMaster Pack 608, Ft Lauderdale
  8. Does anyone that uses Scout Manage use an Apple? anyone in your pack use apple for this site?
  9. Currently we use Scoutrack.com which is a web based pack management program. Its adequate but not great. Since our committee members use MAc and Windows, I believe we need a web based management system. I downloaded the trial version of PackMaster but I could not get it to work on a Mac. Are their any better solutions for us that you may know of? Thanks in advance CubMaster P608
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