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  1. cryskiel

    Lone Scout?

    thank you so much for that! I will contact her and find out if she is still interested in being part of the pack and if not then i will tell her that i will have her removed from charter. If she wants to continue to be a "lone scout" then she will have to get approved at council, right?
  2. cryskiel

    Lone Scout?

    Ok, thanks. I didnt know if i should waste my time sending her information if she doesnt want to participate. Unfortunatly, the UC and the DE were involved in removing both of them and the UC is also part of the other pack in our town, so thats a no go...lol Thank you all for your help! crystal
  3. cryskiel

    Lone Scout?

    I agree it is very sad that because we asked her to step down from being secretary she isolated her son from the pack. When we have tried to talk to her she will become very defensive and stand with her arms folded against her chest. She has told several parents that she runs into that she is not doing anything with the pack anymore and that she has "washed" her hands of us.
  4. cryskiel

    Lone Scout?

    Back in December we were having problems with 2 parents in our committee and they had to be removed. One was our secretary and the other was our treasurer. Well our treasurer was relieved to be removed, but our secretary on the other hand didnt take it so well and decided that she was going to let her son finish the year up at home and has not participated in ANY acitvities or meetings since. I would like to know how he can earn his rank and cross over to wolf if he doesnt have a trained leader signing off on his book? My UC said that since she hasnt made an effort to attend pack meetings then she pretty much took her son out of scouts, and doesnt qualify as a lone scout because a lone scout only does the book activities alone but participates in other activities and the pack meets with a pack. I really dont know what to do or how to handle this situation. Is he still part of the pack? PLEASE HELP!
  5. cryskiel

    being stepped over

    well, our meeting was last night and not only did our UC come out but also our DC. Our secretary was unable to make it and our treasurer didnt even show up. here is what happened...UC said that he thinks it is best for the secretary to step down because she has been causing waves for a while now..then because our treasurer was not there and we are having a LOT of money issues DC and UC think she is unreliable and will be told to step down also. I offered to step down but my UC told me no because since our pack is so small me and my husband are the only ones keeping it going. He told me to wait until next year and see what happens. I have to come up with some bylaws and once they are approved upon they will take affect immediatly. hopefully in 6 months we will be better.
  6. cryskiel

    being stepped over

    Thank you all for your advice. I have gotten hold of our unit commisioner and he will be at our committee meeting tuesday night to get this and a few other issues straitened out.
  7. cryskiel

    being stepped over

    Our town does an annual "parade of lights" to start the christmas season off. Well our secretary wanted to be in it and we all agreed to do it(Im the CC)I was asked to fill out the application, which I did. I was told I would receive all the information that following weekend it never came...I called the parks department and they told me I should have recieved it already, and gave me the information on the phone. The day of the parade our secretary had the letter!?! Well we ended up winning 4th place and 25 dollars! My husband called the parks department today to ask them a question and about why we didnt get the letter but she did...the lady told my husband that a lady called and had it changed to her address, and told him the address, and said it was ok by me!?!?! So the lady apoligized and said she would leave a note saying that everything must be mailed to me. So when I called the secretary and asked why she did that she said that since we did the float at her house it would only be appropriate for everything to go to her house. I would've been fine with the letter being sent to her house if she would have told me in the first place she wanted it sent there, but to call and lie to get things changed her way wihout telling me??? I am so angry!! This person keeps doing things like this to me and my husband(CM). I feel like stepping down because I feel like she doesnt think I can do this job I volunteered for, any ideas how I can handle this without stepping down?
  8. cryskiel

    CC at den meetings

    does the CC have to be at Every single den meeting for all the dens
  9. cryskiel


    we just elected new committee members. we asked the old CC to stay on to train our new CC. When does the new CC actual take over? The tresury doesnt get along with the old CC witch is causing problems. Between the old CC, tres., ahd sec., there is nothing but a power struggle. They all want to plan everything. Last night our next. The next pack meeting was planned without any info coming from the CM. From what i was told by the Unit Com. is that the CM is in charge of planning the pack meeting. CC is in charge of the pack Tres. is in charge of the funds Sec. keeps records and informs leaders CM plans pack meeting. If i am wrong with any of this please let me know i sure can use the help
  10. cryskiel

    committee chair question

    I just got voted in as the new committee chair because our old one is crossing over to boy scouts with her son in Feb. I had asked her if she would train me until she crossed over. Do I take over now or do I take the lead when she crosses over?
  11. cryskiel

    new cc needing help

    hi, i just got voted in as the new CC since our old one is crossing over in Feb. w/ her son. My husband is the CM. We are a small pack and only have roughly 15 kids total. Our pack has got a LOT of drama and that has made parents go to the other pack in town (they have 80 kids)or just quit all together. Basically there has been a power struggle between our old CC and secretary. The secretary has been trying to take over the pack (planning and cancelling events and fundraisers without discussing it with the committee first or by having everyone call her for help instead of the CM)and by doing so has basically left my husband out of doing anything. When you volunteer to do something she will basically tell you that she will do it. She sends out emails informing everyone of our events, but then starts putting in her own personal opinions, her emails end up being about 2-3 pages long and it is all mixed up and people are always calling us to find out what is going on because they get lost in the emails. When we are asking for volunteers or if anyone is interested in doing something her emails can come off as very demanding and it turns people off of wanting to be involved. She interupts my husband and the CC when they are talking/planning up coming events, we never get anything planned at our parent meetings because when we discuss things she starts talking about other things. Our old CC has also had a problem with our treasurer about money issues. The old CC will not turn in any of her receipts until after we do a fundraiser and then turn in 600 dollars worth of photocopied receipts when we may have only made $300 and drain our account. We dont even have $1000 in our pack account because of this. Our treasurer cant even keep a balanced record! We have a few people who last year wrote checks for dues and the checks have bounced and they still have not paid! When my husband asks the treasurer about how much money we have she doesnt tell us she just starts naming off people who stil owe. Its just a complete mess! So lucky me being the new CC (as of last night) I want to change things and add some structure and guidelines to the way things are run. We had our commissioner there last night and he told me that EVERYTHING that goes on in this pack is my responsibility. The good, bad and ugly. I would just love to know how to handle these issues. I know that there are a few things i am thinking of doing and i know that there may be some issues in getting some cooperation, but i am just trying to make it a better pack for the boys.