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  1. THEY BROUGHT BACK THE OLD SIZE NECKERCHIEF!!!!!!!!! And they where square!!!!!!!!
  2. I have notice on e-bay several shoulder loops with wood badge critters on them
  3. Wish your wife a speedy recovery. When I grow up, not sure I want to, but at this stage the body is already descending rapidly to the inurn of dust
  4. How about Caubeens for the lads, then we could have the kilts, thumbstaffs, and all the rest.
  5. Last time I looked there was a Dean of Merit Badge for each District; they are to approved each merit badge counselor in the District. On approval, the Dean is to send a letter to the Counselor . They are require to keep the Counselor list up todate. The Dean comes under the Advancement Chair for the District. As for Council MB Counselors, they are approved by the Council Advancement Committee. The Advancement Committee Recruit and train an adequate group of Merit badge counselors. Publish a current list of MB Counselors. Units need to submit any MB counselors to the Dean of MB. All MB Coun
  6. My First book I had was from 1963 I believe the last one is 1992. Yours in Service and Brotherhood
  7. In some school systems, just pointing a finger and going bang can have a child removed from school. In this day and age, just carrying a stick could land a boy in trouble with someone; there will always be someone whom will complain. Safety is the concern, or is it the possible expose to violence that is the real concern? Some of the survival skills and outdoor lore has skip the knowledge of hunting, uses of spears,slings, bows, throwing sticks,etc...When I was a young scout, we set snares for rabbits,gig for frogs, caught birds in nets ( which we made) fished, and gather edible plants on a
  8. Congratulations to OJ and to you Eamonn, now that he got the easy one done when will OJ start on the Quartermaster ? Aris!Go n-eiri an t-adh leat
  9. If I remember correctly, there was a law past in London; that an Irishman could not carry a stick nor stone within the City limits of London. Why? It is time that we get back to Traditional Scouting, of Outdoor Lore and Woodcraft, back to the basics, there are times when a folding knife is all that is needed then there are times when a sheath knife is called for, these are tools.
  10. It's a Pirates Life for Me! Most of my ship mates are there. Yes , it is the youth that we serve where our efforts should be placed, for what is scouting... If tommorrow BSA disappeares, the concept of scouting will still be here , the principles and the practices, the skills and lore. There will still be boys wanting to explore, to learn to grow; there will still be adults that would give up their time and efforts to help out these youth. As for me, I still enjoy watching the boys grow into men, love the smell of woodsmoke in the mornin a spot of tea while watching the sun set. I
  11. Brotherhood,Pals,Friends,Team,.... But it seems as there are already some words that fit TROOP, Patrol, Crew, Ship, Scouts.
  12. Read the post on this, at this time, my thoughts are why? ... Why this program, why now, is this to boast the falling numbers of the scouting programs, for sure it will do that. Will it create more funding , I believe so. Having not seen any text on this; it is hard to say anything about the program . As for the naming of the program, well the no one at National has came up with any new names for many years now( just look at the Venturing Program ). As for Learning for Life, why was this program developed what has it done for scouting? As for girls in the program, will we be hearing from t
  13. Well other than being a dad and a husband, Im retired, Brown Water River Rat for a short time VN, USN Commercial Fisherman ( Masterharpooner , sharks, swordfish, tuna)Some hardhat diving (some would say that Ive been smuggler ,pirate) But not true Park Ranger, Wildlife Game Warden, Police office Toy maker I know there where a few more jobs in there somewhere
  14. Here we have done Crab races( live crabs), kids love them. Have done the Turtle races, kids love them too. Done fish races ( live fish) kids went wild
  15. Not sure, but I think every position that I had the honor to served as; the best was being with the kids. I held most of the positions from Council up to the Units: Packs, Troops, Posts, Ships, Crews, and Teams .46 years now that rocking chair patrol looks better every day now.
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