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  1. You are so predictable FirstPusk. I do understand evolution and disagree that it occurred to bring about present day humans. In the name of preserving the myth of evolution, people have committed huge atrocities against each other such as the 10,000+ australian aboriginals that were beheaded so they could be displayed as "living fossils" in museums in this country and throughtout the world; such as 6 million Jews being killed in an effort to bring about "a master race", such as Planned Parenthood sanctioning eliminating undesireables through abortion, or 100,000 retarded people as well as bla
  2. L.V. writes: "Why the trap, well when Scout Parent started banging away with arguments based on eugenics, I know that it will only be a matter of time before we're headed down that ugly dark alley of racism." What a gross misrepresentation of the facts. The whole basis for evolution is for some traits to be more desirable than others. If it makes you uncomfortable to think about that idea in human terms then maybe you should give serious consideration to the theory of evolution. You are clearly out of bounds making such illfounded remarks about me.
  3. First Pusk wrote: "Evolution works on populations. Those individuals within a population that are better adapted survive and breed those that aren't, don't. Any change in a poplation over time constitutes evolution. Given the right conditions, populations that are isolated for long enough could become a new species." Now let's assume the words that meet with your approval are better adapted rather than superior, how does that apply to humans and the theory of evolution? After FirstPusk explains that we are all brothers and one race he states: "Morphological characteristics o
  4. l.v. states on page 4: "As a paradox, the concept requires that Christianity be an absolute truth. And as such, all other religions, and creation storys as an absolute false. Thus, Judism, the foundation of Christianity would be false, and if Judism is a false religion, then Christianity falls like a house of cards." lv: Might I suggest you take a comparative religion course and a logic one as well.
  5. l.v.: your posts certainly don't seem consistent with these goals "Seven major goals are commonly associated with Project COPE activities: Leadership development Problem solving Communication Self-esteem Trust Decision making Teamwork"
  6. Police officers in our area have been assaulted by homosexual men conducting lewd behavior in the trees. Families are becoming more and more apprehensive to go to the parks.
  7. Same thing happening in parks in our area. We kind of had a "heads up" about this though didn't we?
  8. FirstPusk: Read the following information from PUBMED 04/04/2002 : "Genetic distance data indicate that Caucasoid and Mongoloid are closer to each other than to Negroid."..............." The extent of genetic differentiation between human races is not always correlated with the degree of morphologic differentiation. The genetic differentiation at protein loci seems to occur largely by mutation, genetic drift, and isolation, whereas morphologic characters are apparently subject to stronger natural selection than "average protein loci."" http://www26.brinkster.com/archived/v
  9. My original question: "Merlyn and FirstPusk: Which human race is genetically superior to the others?" Firstpusk's answer "We are all brothers no matter the race. The differences between the races genetically are miniscule. It is a worthless measure and a pointless discussion that provides cover for closet racists." What scientic basis do you have for believing you are my brother? The differences between the races genetically are miniscule....there are at least 60 differences...what scientific measurement is miniscule equivalent to? Otos a worthless measure and a
  10. This seems like a topic many of the single moms could benefit from addressing...Are there any single moms out there that were successful in getting their exhusbands to carry his weight with the kid's activiites. How did you accomplish this? Laura and Sctmom, I applaud the time and effort you spend on your children! If only your ex's knew the extent of what they're missing, they'd be jumping right in. Have your sons fill them in on how much fun scouting is. Maybe they'll catch the bug.
  11. Webelosmom, please don't start a quote halfway through a sentence or thought---sort of is misleading and turns it into something it isn't. No put down was implied. Read my posts again and tell me why you assume that. I empathize with the way you feel but I suspect that it is more your feelings than your son's. The boys seem to have an easier time going without us than we do letting them go. No put down implied just an observation. The idea that moms are great for cub scouts and off limits in boy scouts was offensive to me too. Ideally, I think men should get more involved in the cu
  12. Merlyn, are the different groups of humans all in the same species and subspecies, scientifically speaking? What about the Australian Aboriginals? Where do they fit into the evolutionary tree? Are you familiar with the idea that some humans have higher intelligence than others? What is the scientific explanation for the differing levels of intelligence? Do you agree that someone who has an iq of 170 has more reasoning ability than someone who has an iq of 100? Merlyn what macroevolution have evolutionary scientists actually observed or recreated in the laboratory? What evide
  13. Merlyn, Since you're a reasonable intelligent person why don't you take a chance and read the Bible through once? What could it hurt? At least you would see the perspective that you are arguing against. Now I'm kind of curious what you have observed evolve? Could you site specific examples of plants, animals or humans that you have personally observed evolving? Also, I posed a question for you on human evolution the other day: Which human race is genetically superior to the others? Merlyn, I don't find any substantiation for the flat earth theory in the Bible--do you
  14. Merlyn, I'm sorry if you thought I was implying you were obligated to share your viewpoint of reality with us. I certainly didn't intend for you to think that! I was just inviting you to give an alternate view point so we as rational adult human beings could view two sides to the ideas presented. So let me ask it a different way, Merlyn, what do you think emotions are? Do you have any thoughts on this subject? The other thing that I was hoping you would answer for us is what part of the theory of evolution did you find compelling? Which particular idea caused you to know it was true
  15. Mothers are generally the primary caretakers of a child when they are young; as they mature and gain independence they seek time without their moms tagging along. I just see this as a natural progression and a step towards independence. Got open those wings a little and let them go. Doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a close relationship with my son; I think if anything it is closer because I know when to give him the space he needs to grow both as a young man and as an individual. Certainly if there were no qualified men willing to lead the troop, I would step in but ideally it should be men
  16. Have a certified instructor come in and teach them cpr. Let them show initiative in scheduling with the counselor to finish the rest.
  17. I direct your attention to pages 19 and 22 of the Cub Scout Leader Book. On page 19: "Webelos Scouts are capable of doing a lot of their own planning for meetings, projects, or campouts. They thrive on recognition of new organizing abilities and will generally enter into activities they have planned themselves with greater enthusiasm." On page 22: "Give boys opportunities to make choices as often as possible. Provide real options and involve them in the planning of your group activities. Shring the power as well as the fun gives boys a feeling of ownership of the group's success (
  18. I personally prefer the breakfast Courts of Honor. Seems like everyone is more alert and generally more congenial.
  19. I like the idea of being a merit badge counselor or a council position. It is a big switch from being a active in Webelos with your child and then having the men take over in Boy Scouts. It's hard at first but it does get easier. Might just be a cultural difference or it might be a clause established because of particular moms too. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the conversations they alluded to but I would ask my son casually the first couple camp outs what they talked about. Some men think women don't know about burps or other such bodily noises. Still since it
  20. "It's just a list of assertions based on what you want reality to be like." what is reality like then Merlyn? could you explain it please?
  21. Merlyn and FirstPusk: Which human race is genetically superior to the others?
  22. The Cub Scout Leader Book lists deductible expenses and gives the publication number for the appropriate IRS resources as well.
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