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  1. I am not a person who sews....We just shelled out the $$$$ for the official shorts and pants, as our troop committee recently voted that the boys in my son's troop must now wear the entire official uniform, down to the socks. The size 12 pants we bought are ridiculously long....I don't understand why the sizes can't be at least close to the normal sizes in the department stores. Just venting....
  2. I enjoyed reading the posts about the boys wearing their uniforms in school, etc. I have a story to share, too....(warning: Proud Scout Parent story ahead!) Our middle school principal asked that students who were Boy Scouts would hold a flag ceremony on September 11th. My son was talking with the other Boy Scouts beforehand, and I soon gathered from their conversation that all of the boys had brought clothes to change in to after the ceremony...except mine. I told my son that, if he wanted me to, I would bring him some clothes later. Afterward, as I was leaving, I asked my son if
  3. I haven't been able to find a concrete answer to this from my pack leaders or district: Is a medical form required by the BSA for every outing? Only overnight outings? What about camps? Only particular camps? Does it depend on what state you are in, or who the camps are registered with, etc.? Or does BSA have a blanket policy that requires an updated medical form to accompany a Cub Scout on every scout-related outing/camp? We have a Webelos Outdoor weekend coming up next weekend. When my older son was a Cub Scout (different state) I had to fill out a health form EVERY time he
  4. "What's wrong with a group of men and boys having time together without women around?" I don't remember reading any posts on this thread that stated or even implied this. This thread keeps twisting and turning off of the original idea/question. No one has said guys can't have their guy time. None of us have said something's wrong with the males going camping without the females around. The topic has taken many twists and turns, depending on different people and situations. Although many will say that conditions don't matter (that total and complete 100% exclusionary rules are
  5. Rooster7: "Agreement that female adults, adolescent boys and camping equal potential trouble" This was part of a post (page 1 or 2) in which I listed the various things that the moms I've spoken with on this issue had to say.
  6. "But please don't think having males only on camping trips is a horrible thing, because it is not." I don't recall stating or inferring anything like this. I also have yet to hear that this particular troop decided on this policy based on the boys' wishes: this may or may not be true. Regardless, I never mentioned or suggested that they should change policy. "I am comfortable in my abilities and don't need to make a point of it at BOY Scout camp outs." Boy, now I remember why, until recently, I remained a "lurker" on sites like these. It's a sad thing that people can't exchang
  7. Love the jokes! I just asked my husband if he wanted to wear it for the next pack meeting, and he said "No, I don't think so..." "Parent pin" is the P.C. term...we all know they're mom pins! But, if we have a single dad in our pack,we sure wouldn't want to tell his son to present him with the "mom pin!"
  8. I've been observing the lively discussion, and have a few things to add: 1. The quote about "being in the south" isn't mine, it belongs to a woman who has lived here for 20 years, and considers herself a Texan. 2."What the boys want"? My son just wanted me to come along, maybe once. I camped with him when he was a Cub and a Webelos. He wanted me to come with him because he actually likes his mom around! (Yes, I'm sure it will wear off soon, it's already starting to.) 3. "They shouldn't be able to go because the program wasn't created for them. The progra
  9. ASM1 and Sctmom, I would have loved to show up with my backpack and stir things up! But, as my husband reminded me, joining the troop is for my son, not me. I've asked him if he cares that I can't go camping, and, being a little more independent this year, he says he doesn't mind. I also wouldn't want my son to be ostracised by the other boys due to my actions. I didn't plan to coddle him, though. Like I said, what bothers me is the principle, or the lack of reasoning involved. Sctmom your question, "what's the big deal?" is exactly what I want to know. The sad thing is that the at
  10. I posted this already under "uniforming", but decided it probably belongs here. Does anyone wear their parent ribbon (parent pins) with their leader uniform at pack meetings? I already know it's not a proper part of the uniform. Just curious what people think. Could it be worn as a temporary patch?
  11. Does anyone wear their parent pins with their leader uniform? I know they're not supposed to be included with the leader uniform, but a lot of leaders are parents, too....I want to wear my parent pins (ribbon) at the pack meeting, too! Just 'cause I'm a leader doesn't seem like a reason not to. Just curious to hear others' opinions on this.
  12. We moved to a new state (Texas) and my 6th grader and I were looking for a troop to join. My son's friend was in a particular troop, so we attended a meeting. As soon as I walked in the door, I was directed to where the moms were having a meeting. I decided to ask a couple of questions about the troop. I asked about moms attending campouts.....blank looks from the moms... then, "the fathers go camping with the boys...it's a father/son bonding thing." Well, I'll make a long story as short as I can, but apparently this troop was originally part of another troop, which split into two s
  13. Thanks for the help. I was referring to the "tiger strip".
  14. When I looked on the web for an insignia placement guide for leaders, I was surprised to learn that the leaders are supposed to wear the temporary (optional) patch ABOVE the right pocket, not on the pocket. I have never seen this done(I've been a leader for 3 years, in two different states). I've only seen the temporary patches hang from the button on the right pocket. If this is the wrong way to wear them, how are people affixing their temporary patches and changing them? I have looked at official guides and templates on the web, and they give conflicting information. Some say that
  15. Hello- Our pack decided to have our Webelos wear the new oval Webelos patch, instead of wearing their rank badges in the diamond formation. I am confused as to what can be transferred to my son's tan shirt. Can he still wear his arrow points, recruiter patch, and his (rectangle) tiger patch on the new shirt? Is it safe to assume that the only difference is going to be the left pocket?
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