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  1. A parent or guardian was required to accompany each scout to winter camp. There was lots of down time for tag, playing in the snow, climbing the hill by the cabin, etc. Breakfast and dinner were cooked by a "camp cook" and lunches were prepared by the boys under parental supervision. We also had a summer camping trip that was a family trip as a pack. Each family was responsible for their own tent, food etc. The other type of camping we did was a lock-in at a local hands on science center. There they worked on engineering and another one I can't recall this moment.
  2. We earned Leatherman and Geologist during one weekend camp out. The BSA camp we went to had a demonstration/participation for the whittling chip at another. We went on hikes, cooked on fires the kids built themselves, cooked on buddy burners, had campfire fun at night, it was a great time! The simplest things please boys of cub scout age so easily it's truly a pleasure always.
  3. Some of my son's favorite camp fire foods--Banana Boats--slice into banana 3/4 way through--put peanut butter, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows (optional), wrap in aluminum foil, place in coals for approximately 3-5 minutes. Mountain Pies---using camp fire sandwich maker, butter bread liberally, add cherry pie filling--cook until steam starts to escape--check until nicely browned. He suggests not using the latch hold it together tightly instead. I liked the baked apples alot--core apple, add brown sugar, cinnamon and dab of butter, wrap in foil, cook in coals approximately 15 minutes.
  4. You've mentioned that he has more fun doing things without the troop than with. Are any of his friend in the neighborhood in scouts? Perhaps he could invite a couple of them to attend with him when he returns.
  5. Can't believe I forgot this part, they would be very disappointed in me--they won the firestarting competition when they went on a camp out with the BS Troop! I didn't go with them (the troop preferred all dads which was ok with me). They were sooooo proud. Of course, so was I.
  6. The transition went well for my group. We were actually gaining members as 2nd year Webelos. The way we did it in our Pack was each year the 1st and 2nd year Webelos went Winter Camping. If there was room we invited the younger boys, going in order of rank if more signed up than we had spaces for. The 2nd year Webelos leaders planned the weekend for the 1st year Webelos. When it was our turn to plan, I got the ideas from the boys and then presented them at the committee meeting. They planned all the meals and I simply conveyed that information as well. I also encouraged them to plan the
  7. In our area we have The Gleaning Project, this is an organized effort to make sure all available fruits and vegetables go to good use. So if there is an apple orchard nearby the gleaners go out and pick what is left after the machine pickers go through, same for potato fields, etc., then the food is donated to food banks, shelters, soup kitchens, etc. Great way for scouts to help their community. Has anyone been involved in anything like this?
  8. Might be the ideal way to increase your son's interest in scouting again--Den Chief!
  9. "The first five positions are essential for quality troop operation. Fill those positions first. There is no maximum limit to the number of troop committee members. The minimum number is three adults ages 21 or older." I personally like when people outside of the troop are involved in the committee as well as parents from the troop. Once you get going you'll get an idea of the standing subcommittees you'll want to have and can fill more committee positions as needed.
  10. Thinking of your favorite SM of all times, what one trait stands out in your mind?
  11. "The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true." - James Branch Cabell
  12. Did he enjoy the patrol activities that you were planning before?
  13. From the other thread I can see that there are many opinions on how events are portrayed later...Here's your chance...choose a world event that occurred within your lifetime and write a short synopsis of it without looking at any other posts first(On your honor).
  14. Are you thinking of starting a new troop or is this instead of attending the troop meetings with the founding sm?
  15. Sctmom and Sager Scout, please take this information in the spirit that it is intended; to advocate the best for your children...From Hoagie's website: "ADHD and Gifted. Many gifted children are being mis-diagnosed as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The gifted child's characteristics of intensity, sensitivity, impatience, and high motor activity can easily be mistaken for ADHD. Some gifted children surely do suffer from ADHD, and thus have a dual diagnosis of gifted and ADHD; but in my opinion, most are not. Few health care professionals give sufficient attention to th
  16. "It was the belief of Lord Robert Baden Powell that no person can be complete without a firm belief system of some sort, of their choosing. It also is the stated policy of the BSA that atheists aren't welcome, a policy that I firmly stand behind. I have dealt with many kids like him, they're disturbed, and a holistic approach to this situation should be taken. You can treat the mind and psyche of a person, but unless their soul is also bandaged up in the process than it will all come to naught. Believe me, I do accept that psychiatry works to some degree in some instances, but you'
  17. Sctmom, I did not advocate "getting rid" of the boy with the "strange problem". What I said was there are ramifications here that go further than the boy has a disability. Aggression and autism go hand in hand. Inability to relate. Reacting violently in strange or new circumstances. What I asked was how will this boy's behavior impact the other boys in the troop. I also asked why the family would want the boy in a troop with a sm that didn't feel equipped to handle his needs. Not having a child with this type of disability, I can only hypothesize that I would want my child in the compa
  18. Let's not forget that this autistic boy got in a physical altercation with another scout while at camp. And certainly let's not forget that the mother made inappropriate comments in front of other scouts after the sm told her that her son could not participate in the troop.
  19. ASM7, I looked at the previous thread you were referring to. As a service project, you shouldn't ask for donations for your troop, that is correct. As a fundraiser, to put a container for people to drop money into is okay. The fact that it is a fundraiser and not a service project is the important difference. When the troops in this area do service projects,(i.e. setting up and maintaining an ice skating rink in the local park, setting up and tearing down community fair, setting up fences at a local festival, posting signs on drains in town to not pollute) they do not get paid. They are o
  20. I have to agree that the incident involving OGE's son was taken in the spirit it was meant while the incident with the boy on the camp out was taken as a felony issue. Both insinuated physical harm to the other boy if taken literally. While many were eager to rid the boy scouts of "a predatory, sexual offender who posed a threat to others" no one thought anything of what OGE's son said. Now I ask you how could we on this board be so sure of the tone used by the other boy (the humper) or his intentions as to call for the revocation of his membership and smile and joke on the other incident?
  21. How about a fireman's hat, police hat, and scout hat in the foreground with candles around them. They are all engaged in service to their communities and are all heroes in the way they conduct themselves. Offer a prayer for all those who have suffered because of 9-11 and a celebration of our youth and future leaders by handing out the awards. Before closing explain how important it is to our country and to our fellow man to follow the principles of scouting to continue to improve the world we live in.
  22. I had a boy with serious psychiatric problems in my cub scout den...did I have trouble dealing with him...no. In fact he and my son got along very well. What I did find though was that the boy's parents depending on my son as a companion for their son. Is their anything wrong with this occasionally, not at all that's what friends do but they were becoming more and more demanding of my son's time and his patience. Is this fair to my son--no. Now in reference to this autistic boy, which boys do you put in the tent with him? What reaction can you expect from him when canoeing if he becomes
  23. Several options were offered to this family such as place him in a special needs troop or start a new troop. Why would anyone want their child with special needs to be in a troop with a SM who didn't feel he could handle it? Sounds like putting the child in a situation where he will not be comfortable, welcome or happy.
  24. we used to have a hot dog stand outside of lowe's once a year when our son was in cub scouts. the parents and scouts both enjoyed that one!
  25. Are there other troops in your area? I would suggest having your son visit some of the other troops.
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