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  1. Barry wrote: "Adding a Venture patrol was there way of saying I know your bored with the young guys, well go on and play, we will take care of them." This is how it is in the troop that I serve. Some in leadership are encouraging the older boys to join a Venture Crew (not a venturing patrol), giving examples that on their last major outing (a long-distance bike trip), the older boys complained that they had to "babysit" the younger ones. >>You want to judge how boy run a troop is, just watch the older scouts. Do they take charge of the troop or wait for the adults. Do they con
  2. Glad to hear you've experienced success in what you are trying to accomplish! Keep up the good work! Scouter4321
  3. -----------QUOTE: I asked the same question. Apparently it 'takes too much time to set up' and they have decided to only have BORs, quarterly. ------------- In the troop I serve, all the committee members mark the first week on their calendars so they know they COULD be needed that day. (We also have our committee meetings then, so it does make it easier). Then a quick phone call to confirm attendance is all that is needed when a BOR is requested by a scout. Perhaps they need to be reminded that one of the goals of the committee is to facilitate advancement of the scouts, not
  4. I have a copy of the Advancement Committee Guide. Here are some portions of it that may help --------------------- page 17 Boy Scout Advancement Clause 5: Basis for Advancement. The Boy Scout requirements for ranks shall be the basis for the advancement. There shall be four steps in Boy Scout advancement procedure: Learning, testing, REVIEWING (emphasis mine), and recognition. Clause 7: Responsibility of the Troop Committee. It shall be the responsibility of the Troop committee, under the leadership and guidance of the local council, to make sure that the program of the t
  5. Quote: >>Now at last minute parents want other Troops invited and SM is not wanting that. I forgot to mention the other SM won't attend something another Troop is hosting>So, as my hubby and I are discussing a way to include all boys anyway, the SM calls to say he will be happy to bridge all boys just doesn't want the other SM there.
  6. If the scoutmaster is in front of the group more than the SPL is... If the committee is afraid to give scouts a fairly simple job to do because "it needs to be accurate"... If the younger scouts in the troop are being taught by adults while the older scouts form cliques and goof around during a meeting cause they've learned it already... If a member of the PLC has to fill in for the SPL to perform the opening, and none of them willingly volunteers to do so ("I don wanna do it, you do it..." ... If new scouts who crossed over from Webelos in March and April don't know the na
  7. Definitely start planning some cool outing and have the current Webelos all invite a friend. Then sign 'em up! If that doesn't work, I think you should be able to get a "waiver". We have a Venture Crew in our town that rechartered with just 3 youth, with the expectation that they will continue to try and recruit and get the membership back up. Scouter4321
  8. We moved from a city where the troop my son was in limited the number of boys to 50. The number was set by the Chartered Organization, who wanted it limited due to the size of the facilities. Brothers of scouts already in the troop and boys who were members of the Chartered Org. were always accepted, however, even if it made the number go over a bit. This troop REQUIRED that with every boy that wanted to join, a parent had to register as an adult leader or as a committee member, and be involved in the troop. Of course, some parents did sign up, pay the fee, and still not participate mu
  9. Wow, these puns are pretty grizzly.
  10. Dan and OldgreyEagle are correct: technically it is NOT public knowledge because the minor's name was not revealed. But "unofficially" it is common knowledge amoung the other boys, whether it is mistaken knowledge or not (which unfortunately, I don't think it is) Scouter4321
  11. I was thinking "we" as in the troop leaders. But I guess the scoutmaster could decide at the Scoutmaster conference whether he goes on any further after the project is finished. I understand what everyone is saying about not getting into dangerous ground as far as legal issues. But, man, it is just so hard though to just let it slide by. It's particularly difficult hearing some of the other boys laughing about it, thinking it was "cool". I was so appalled, I really didn't know how to react to their comments. I'm glad that I've had some time and some advice from you all to help me sim
  12. He's two months from 18. Do you mean we can defer the BOR until a time after he is 18? Can we ask for this waiver based on the fact that he was charged? This would seem to be a good solution. Scouter4321
  13. Wow, what a situation to be in. I know that Lisabob is right and that with the case still unresolved, we should not ask him about it or to require him to admit guilt. On the other hand, we have most of the town knowing he was involved. Certainly, all the boys in the troop know it. I know this can be construed as gossip, but if this boy gets the Eagle rank, that same gossip will ruin the reputation of the troop. "You commit criminal activities and still earn an Eagle Badge at that troop...." And what about the message this will send to the younger boys in the troop? So, if the commi
  14. Scoutnut asked: "What if "everyone" is wrong? At this point it would just be gossip on your part. " This was my feeling when I asked the question. Although I am pretty sure he has admitted it. I would need to check and make sure. It was a very visible crime and although there were not a lot of details in the paper, it sounded as if the 3 youth involved were caught in the act. It wouldn't be the first time, this youth was in trouble. It wouldn't be the first time he showed unscoutlike behavior. I'm not even sure how he has been passed up the ranks thus far. (I'm new to th
  15. I hope it is okay to just "threadjack" here. I found this thread pertinent to a current situation in the troop I serve. One of our scouts was arrested for something, but being a minor his name was not printed in the paper. He was joined in the offense by a boy who is over 18, so that boy's name was in the paper. As a result, everyone knows that the first boy was the other minor involved. This boy recently had his Eagle project approved and is a few months away from being 18. In our council, Eagle Boards of Review are conducted at the council level. Are we legally allowed to infor
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