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  1. Many thanks, again, to my fellow scouters out there. It's great to have a forum like this to seek out sage wisdom from others. When you are close to the situation, you can become jaded a bit. Always good to get feedback from folks not close to the situation. As an "f.y.i.", the SM, Advancement Chair, and I have conferenced on this. I like the idea of us meeting with the boy as a group, and it will be documented. Also a great suggestion to request all the logs from the work he did. One would hope that he did present these to the "new" counselor. YIS, WES
  2. Thanks to all of you who did reply to my post. A lot of good thoughts and things for us to consider as we move forward. A few things I left out of the initial post: -the boy turns 18 this coming weekend. -the boy met with the SM last week and expressed remorse. -the boy has sworn that he did do the requirements (his older brother, who is an Eagle, also called the SM from college and stated they did the requirements together). -he started the work with a counselor from his old troop (we are a start-up troop, 3 years old). This begs the question that I want to ask him "why didn'
  3. I am a C.O.R. for a Troop that has a problem. It was discovered that a Life Scout "forged" the signature of a merit badge counselor for his Personal Fitness merit badge. The boy has admitted it and has now found a counselor who will sign the badge off for him. It is obvious that the boy does not have his heart in the program and is being pushed by mom & dad. I'd like some opinions on whether the troop committee has a valid reason for denying Eagle. P.S. - his attendance at troop meetings and campouts the past 2 years has been WEAK as well.
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