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    Pants crusade?

    Now my suggestion would be to not only change the fabric but the proportions on these things. My hubby wears a larger waist size (50) and not to be crude, but the crotch is almost to his knees. He has a short enough inseam to make this an issue for us. For these dorky pants to fit him I need to do a full resizing of the crotch area and lift it about 5 inches to actually sit where it should. This is horrible--not to mention the price that I had to pay for these pants that are made of some kind of polyester knit junk. I know that in Girl Scouts we used to be able to buy the patterns and
  2. Thanks for all the answers--I'm just a nervous nelly. Probably because I know that this will take time and I'm staring down another Eagle Project from son #2 in about 6 months. If I do blow our own horns here-he is a good kid with a lot of determination and I think he'll do fine. The Scoutmaster conference went well and his scoutmaster was thrilled he had an idea and had thought about his project. In making contacts with the YWCA we found that they didn't need a playground but, a renovation/rejuvenation of the basement to provide an indoor rec area for the older kids (more his age) a
  3. My son is getting ready to do his Scoutmaster Conference and BOR for Life, he has thought through a few project ideas and is strongly leaning towards one that would cost around $2000. He wants to build a play area at the local battered women's shelter for the kids. This is not the average project that is completed around this area and is more costly and labor intensive than most of the Eagle projects I've seen. The question that I'm not able to get my brain around is what is acceptable when it comes to gathering the funds for this project? Can he solicit the local companies for donations,
  4. Our troop got a lottery draw for Philmont-woohoo.
  5. Technically scout "accounts" aren't supposed to happen at any level. There are troops & packs that do this but, my understanding is that if council finds out they come in and can make life heck for us. The only way I have found it to work and be o.k. with the higher ups is to run one or two small fundraisers that the boys don't have to participate in, but can if they would like to earn money for camp. Then whatever profits they earn, are paid directly from the scout troop/pack bank account to the camp.
  6. My W2 leader. She has brought a good group of boys from Tiger to Crossover. That's not the tough part, well it is but not for her. She has early onset MS. She can't see to read, drive, or do any of that stuff. She is legally blind, deals with a plethora of medication on a regular basis. She has bouts where she can barely move or open her eyes with out hurting but she still does scouts. She camps with the boys, marches in parades, chairs the Blue & Gold, is there for everything I need to be done. Especially important is that she knows her boys and cares for each of them, even though
  7. Our lodge,Ku-ni-eh, requires that all elections be completed by the first of February, unless there is some complication then you are granted until the end of February. All boys elected can attend ordeal on one of three designated weekends or can do them at summer camp. They set up the extra weekends in case some of the boys attend summer camp outside of council or don't attend summer camp at all due to conflicts with scheduling. This seems to work well for the lodge and the boys. The problem seems to be located more around the area of we elect boys to the OA and then they don't do the
  8. Well as for my family, we are knee deep in scouts. As stated earlier I am well tethered to the Scouting tradition. Not only do we have all the above mentioned scouts but there are tons more. My uncle regularly talks to me about his time at Jamboree in the 50's and going to Philmont back then. Myself, I was a girl scout for years until my troop folded due to the health of our leader. My grandmother has the Girl Scout Thanks Award (akin to our Silver Beaver). My mother was a Girl Scout, my sisters also. And the list goes on and on and on. As for my generation (my cousins, etc.) I a
  9. As I search for the actual history of the award I'm not coming up with a lot of information. I do know for a fact that instead of the Beaver for women they used to give the Silver Fawn. In the late 60's to early 70's they changed and requested that all women who recieved this turn them in to get a new Beaver. My great aunt refused and kept her silver Fawn. Boy did this create a stink. I will try to find more info on the awards which will be challenging since all the members of my family that recieved them are all deceased now. Proud grandaughter of a Silver Beaver, great neice of a
  10. Thankfully, we have a SM that says when a boy reaches 1st class they are required to do all patch sewing themselves. I have 3 uniformed scouts (a star, a 1st class, and a tiger) and 2 uniformed scouters. This means there are an awful lot of patches to be sewn. For pockets specifically I have taught the boys to use an upholstery needle that is curved. This makes it easier to catch the outer rim of the patch and hook it straight back down. Thus matching thread isn't an issue because you don't go all the way through the patch. If you really want to worry about anybody seeing the stitches use
  11. Every Wednesday evening the Drum & Dance team has an "open" practice at camp. All OA members are invited and seems to be a big social hour or two every week.
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