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  1. I understand the National Den Award is a single ribbon for the den flag. So why does the Scout shop only sell them in packs of six? Is it OK to give each Scout in the den a ribbon so later on they can include it in their shadow box when they leave Cub Scouts?
  2. Thanks for all the advice everyone. While the uniform inspection guide lists the hat as "optional", the pack does push the purchase of a new hat every year. But like someone said, the blue can appear a bit young looking for these boys. I thought that since the parents were going to go out and buy new hats anyway, why not pick something cool looking that the boys can feel proud of. The unique look may bond them as a team a little more.
  3. My den if getting ready to cross over to Bears. Since the cap is technically an optional item, could we as a den choose to wear the black 2010 cap instead of the blue Bear cap? Who would I need to get this approved by?
  4. Thanks Bulldog. That's what I was hoping for. I was also looking at the requirements for my Leave No Trace award, beacuse the same clean-up activity I did for that award would also work towards the community service ribbon. Setting up a Denner position works for the Leadership ribbon, and the national Den Award. And Character Connection discussions done as part f achievements qualify for the Character ribon as well. On a side note, I did read on the 100yr web site that any activity done after May 2009 can count towards the ribbons even though the ribbons didn't really come out u
  5. Background: Achievement #5 states to use 7 tools to build anything. Elective #7c states to build Foot Racres and use them with a friend. So my den used 7 tools to build foot racers, and then used them as part of an obstacle course as part of achievement #1, Feats of Skill. It was a great den meeting. Question: Can I check off both achievement #5 and elective #7c, or must I decide between the two?
  6. You are right to question this. I have asked it at every Pow-Wow I go to and always receive different answers. My Pack used PackMaster to record each den's advancement. The PackMaster software allows multiple entries for each elective, so I have used this as my answer of "yes". On a related note: I have noticed the free WolfTrax Excel spreadsheet only allows the entry to be made once, so I do not use WolfTrax for that reason. That being said, my den does impose some restrictions. In the spirit geting the boys to try new things, I have set a den limit of "5" for any electives. I do
  7. I am volunteering this weekend for a Habitat for Humanity build. Can I use the build day to earn my 100 Annivarsary Community Service ribbon, and also apply the hours towards the Good Turn for America award? Do I have to select one over the other or work another weekend to count towards both? Is this "conflict" in writing anywhere? thanks
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