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  1. At this point, I don't feel a need to take any Venturing training. I'm simply asking a question. We're all part of an organization that has dens and squads and patrols. I'm simply looking for a Venturing counterpart. It appears at this point that there is none, and that's fine. Just a fact-seeking mission.

    Thank you,


  2. A question just came up for which I'm sure someone out there has an answer. If one is comparing a crew to a troop, what are the leadership positions? SPL = President, right? What else is there? How about the equivalent of a PL? If there's a large crew, how is it made up, or is it all just one big happy family? Anybody have a crew of 20-30 kids?

    How's it work? Both by the book, and how you do it.

    Thanks, BDPT00

  3. I guess I didn't see the part of the syllabus that said this was a business game or something to do with the NFL.

    We refer to Scouting as a game with a purpose. It's intended to be a game where everybody wins. Everybody has an opportuinty to achieve the Aims of Scouting. I happen to think it would be wonderful if every Scout became a better citizen, and everyone's values were based on the Oath and Law.

    I don't see where your business model fits in Scouting. Are Scouts supposed to compete against each other because there's a limited number of values to go around?

    I'm sure that everyone in the troop had a wonderful time because somebody didn't seem to get the point of the game. I'm glad you think you "won." I'm afraid not many would agree.


  4. Wearing an "employee" patch sounds way off-base to me. That's what Scout Shop folks wear, along with gold loops. That's certainly not what you're describing.

    Yours sounds like a council position, and if nobody can come up with the appropriate patch, then maybe you could suggest "program director" or just "council committee."

    Don't go making something up (and skip the velcro).


  5. Thanks, Eamonn.

    I'm interested now to hear more comments on "boys will be boys" and "It's OK if it's a troop tradition, and nobody really gets hurt." "It's a rite of passage, and helps one feel like they belong."

    There is no place for hazing in Scouting. I guess what one considers "hazing" is debatable, and from reading many previous posts, there's a lot of stuff that happens out there that would never be allowed on my watch. I guess it's all fun and games until somebody has to drink urine.



  6. I'm still annoyed by the last string of hazing comments (about a month ago), so let's just suppose...

    If this same incident had happened to one of the jumpers last year for the same reason, and the "urine" was actually just heated apple juice, would some people think this was OK or maybe even funny? Boys will be boys, you know, and if it's a troop tradition ...


  7. I'm glad you had a good Ordeal weekend.

    It's sad that some outfits still think it's funny to play jokes on candidates. That would never fly in this chapter (not for the past dozen years anyway).

    Welcome to the Brotherhood. Enjoy your journey.




  8. There are some comments regarding ticket-like requirements for NYLT. There is no such thing in the syllabus.

    The "WB Lite" comment is way off base. Could just as easily call Wood Badge NYLT Lite. Neither comment is fair or appropriate. Although much of the classroom content is the same as Wood Badge, NYLT is suitable for young teens. Beyond that, NYLT is far more physical and hands-on.

    Both courses teach leadership, and should be considered valuable for any Scout or Scouter.



  9. Never heard the name before, but it's orienteering to me. I've been putting score orienteering courses together for many years. What I see as the difference is the long time period, and the team aspect. Sounds like great fun to me.



  10. SR540Beaver,

    I'm very glad you said that, because I'm hearing it when I read some of these comments.

    I have a very good friend whose brother has absolutely no interest in attending Wood Badge (he's 50 something). Why should he go?! Afterall, he's an Eagle Scout. End of conversation.


  11. "the patrol method went out of style"

    I'm really curious, because I see it mentioned frequently, when did the patrol method go out of style? It's one of the Methods. It's used in the PL Handbook, SPL Handbook, BS Handbook, SM Handbook, NYLT, NAYLE, and Wood Badge. Apparently, it's not used the way some would wish. I apologize to those who know I've opened up a can of worms, but other than "it ain't the way it used to be," what's the issue?


  12. I'm in Calico's corner on this one. This is a judgement call by the Scoutmaster. Too many questions in this regard seem to put quantity over quality. If the Scout in question has the right stuff, then go for it.

    I've copied what I could easily find on-line....



    The 15 days and nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of six consecutive days and five nights of resident camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America.


    The balance of the camping must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps.




  13. Vicki wrote:

    Local1400 wrote, "Bless us O Lord for these thy gifts we are about to receive from the fruit of thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen."

    Skimming the thread, the two quotes above are the only ones I find which would relate to your possible misquote, "Bless us for these gifts"? You are correct, that doesn't make sense, but then I don't see where anybody but you wrote those words. The two quotes above do absolutely make sense.


    I was paraphrasing the part that makes no sense. Sorry it made no sense to you.

    Try this: the "Bless us O Lord for these thy gifts ... " should have the word "and" instead of "for."


    That's all I was saying. One makes sense. The other does not.

    If I sounded rude, I offer my apologies.

    People learn things one way, and are positive they're right. I suggested the practice so that the old habit disappears. My in-laws are Catholic, and even at the prodding of my wife, the exact same habit won't die.

    I offer the Back to Gilwell song as another example of the same thing. People sing it as they learned it. If the staff sets an incorrect example, then 48 more people will sing it incorrectly forever.

    I questioned whether I should write what I did, because some consider my corrections to be rude. Didn't mean to be. Honest.




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